Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last night. . .

. . .was kinda rough. Abby started off not wanting to take a bath. . .so I gave in and didn't give it to her. Then she didn't want to sleep in her bed. . .so I gave in and let her lay in bed w/ me while I watched TV. . .but then as the night went on she was obviously tired and wouldn't fall asleep w/ the TV on so I had to switch it to music (and quit watching my shows)--Finally-she fell asleep. . .. . .on Zach's side of the bed. Sorry Dad. He wanted to come to bed so I moved her to the middle. . .sweet little angel :)and as soon as he got in bed she rolled over right on top of him and was just sleepin. He, on the other hand, was practically falling off the bed. Again, sorry Dad. :)I tried to move Abby to her bed but she woke up and got REALLY mad so I gave in AGAIN and brought her back to bed w/ us where she then decided to snuggle up w/ me. In the end, Zach decided he just wasn't fitting so Abs and I had a slumber party in the bed and Dad slept on the couch. Sometimes there are gonna be nights like this. . .thankfully they are very few and far between at our house or we wouldn't be dorks taking pics and smiling all while our poor baby is trying to sleep. :)

Finally a sunny day!

On Saturday we finally got some sun so of course we had to get out in it! Thank God for the Zofran because I was actually feeling well enough to get up and out! We took Abby to a park in Bellevue because we also had to run to B Square. She loved just running around in the grass with no shoes and socks on. I loved the feeling of the sun on my back.
This picture cracks me up-looks like she is about to do a cartwheel. Notice the pony--first one. :) She still needs a little hair cut. . .Here's our cool cat w/ her shades on!At Bellevue Square there is a wonderful children's play area on the 3rd floor so we took her up there to play for a bit--uum, she loved it--can you tell?!?! :)This was a cute ferry that she could crawl all around on. She really liked the freedom of being able to climb around on stuff and I liked the fact that everything was soft!! We had a really fun day and can't wait for summer so we can play like this more.

A fun ferry ride. . .

A few Sundays ago we headed out to Alderbrook Resort & Spa via ferry to spend the night since I had to be there for an early morning meeting on Monday. We got to the ferry really early so Abby just wanted to run around. It made me a little nervous because she is so independent now that she won't let us hold her hand and I was worried she was going to fall on the pavement. She did great though. Our little adventurer. :) She walked around on the ferry saying "Hi" to everyone thinking she was so cool.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bathroom Remodel Completed!

The bathroom remodel has been done for awhile but I just haven't been motivated to post anything lately. It's hard to get good pics of the bathroom because it's not huge but here goes. . . Okay, well first a pic of Abigail and Uncle Joe because it is too cute not to post. This is at my mom and dad's house from a few weeks ago. Abs loves to walk in loops around their house--this girl can't get enough of being outside! Such a northwest baby.We chose natural slate for the floors. It apparently is pretty difficult to install due to its irregular heights etc. but the tile layer did a great job and we love it. We still need to get a new vent cover that isn't white. . .The new vanity is hickory wood w/ a granite counter top. All of our fixtures are brushed satin. We decided to keep the medicine cabinet/mirror that was already here because both Zach and I kinda liked it and it's very useful for storage. Someday maybe I'll have some more decorative pieces in here but for now it'll have to be lotion and toothpaste. :)Our new subway tile--seriously who doesn't love subway tile??? We chose to have the tile go all the way up to the ceiling--I highly recommend it! The best shot I could get of the whole bathroom. Dark blue walls w/ white wainscoting. Our shower curtain is white w/ blue leaves (from Pottery Barn years ago) which has always inspired me to want a bathroom to actually match. People thought this blue was going to be too dark but with the white lower half and the skylight it actually works wonderfully! I knew it would. :) Now I just need to hang my pictures back up and we should be good to go. All in all I love the final product although I've decided I HATE the process of remodeling!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank goodness for my husband. . .

Soo sorry for the lack of posts lately. . .this morning sickness (or should I say--"all day" sickness) is to blame. I don't feel like doing anything except the bare minimums which usually entails work and watching Abby. . .everything besides those two things has been put to the way side. If it weren't for Zach, our house and Abby and I would be in shambles! He has done the grocery shopping every day for the past few weeks, makes dinner, gives Abby her bath at night, comes home from work early just so he can watch Abby (while working still) to give me a break, doesn't mind that there could be cracker crumbs in bed and most importantly puts up with my awesome mood. :) I'm hoping to start feeling better soon and get back to my normal self! Everyone keeps telling me that sickness means a healthy pregnancy so I hope it's true!! We have our doctor appointment this afternoon so I'll try to muster up energy to post afterwards AND we also have pics of our bathroom remodel I still need to post. . . Thanks Hon for being so wonderful. I love you!