Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cousins= best friends

A few weekends ago Zach was gone on a weekend boys trip so Marisa came up w/ the kids to have a slumber party. We had so much fun and the kiddos got along great!  It sure made the weekend waaaay more enjoyable...I was sorta dreading a whole weekend as a single mama but having Ris up here too made it a par-tay!  :). I really loved it--thanks Ris for coming to play with us. We all love you and your babes!

Of course the kids and I had to show them our fave spot--the Station Pizzeria (and Gorman Winery next door). It was a little crazy at din but we took it in stride and then headed next door for some wine tasting while the boys played with the pinball machine. Don cracks me up in the below pic...get into it!
Unfortunately we forgot the Ergo Pack and it really could have come in handy!
Abs thought it was pretty cool that she could stand under the table. She also enjoyed some "water" tastings. :)
Walking back to the car we had to cross the street so Don and Abs held hands. We didn't even tell them to. Could they be any cuter?!?!?
Khaleesi Lou kept messing up her outfits while she was here so Abs shared some of her old clothes with her. Look at this doll-baby...seriously, those eyes and dimples are gonna be dangerous!  :)
We ended the night with bath time. K-Lou was so excited to be in the tub with the big kids. 
After we got everyone down K-Lou decided she wanted to be up with mom and Auntie. She played around on the blow up mattress (aka-Bouncy House) for awhile and finally wore herself out snuggled on Mama. 
I love having slumber parties and can't wait for the next one. Thanks again Ris, Don and Khaleesi Boo!!

Getting ready for school...

Yesterday Abs and I had a fun day preparing for her first day of Preschool. This will be her second year at Vaulting Frogs and she's very excited to get back and see her teachers and friends!  
She kept telling me she needed a hair trim because her beautiful hair was getting soo long and it was always in her eyes...really she just wanted to sit in the Thomas Train chair!
She had to start in a different chair for a sec and thankfully Thomas was available shortly after!
Then we had to go buy her sparkly, light up shoes...she saw them last weekend but they didn't have her size so we had to go to Lynnwood this weekend. She loves them, especially with her new Princess socks. 
She's dancing around to show me how they light up!!  People constantly told her how awesome her shoes were all day. I have to admit, I think they're pretty cute too. :)
After these two outings we had lunch w/ the boys and sent them on their way so we could get our nails done. Abby loves having her toes painted now and actually does really well being patient and still. 
We love our girls days!  Next up will be to get a few new things for her dance class. I'm so excited. It will be a ballet, tap, baton, tumbling mix which I thought she would enjoy as her intro to the dance world!