Monday, December 10, 2007

Eat Drink & Be Merry

Ornament Exchange 2008-a tradition we have been doing for 6-7 years now!
Remember how everyone would "over-indulge" for special occasions like Cruise or Chi-O's Christmas Party??? Well, years later you'd think we would have grown up a little but no. . .we use the Ornament Exchange as an excuse to Over-Indulge!



I just thought this last picture was funny. . .Zach is tall. :)


Shannon said...

Okay, who is annie snuggled up with on the couch?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she and Burb like pretty cozy ;)


Shannon said...

okay...out of the loop here...who's Burb?

Anonymous said...

We definitely ate, drank and were happy! Great photos!

Unknown said...

I'm so bummed I couldn't come! It looks like everyone had tons of fun!

Unknown said...

Oh how I miss the annual ornament exchange!! I dream of the days when I passed out under the tree at 12122!! Ha haa...looks like everyone had a great time. Lee, singing and posing as usual is always fun to see! Miss you guys all tonz. Merry Christmas.