Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pure Happiness. . .

Lovin that we are getting some nicer weather. . .or at least days without rain.  The kiddos LOVE playing outside and we LOVE that it zonks them out when we are done playing.  :)  At the park the two could have us push them on the swings all day.  Abby lets us get her really high!

I love how big their smiles are in some of these pics. 
A trip to B Square always means a few rides on the escalator--it keeps them entertained while we wait for a table at the Nordi's Grill.  :)
Abby's preschool has a gym for gymnastics.  We got there early one day so she got to show Ty and I some of her tricks.  Ty would love to stay there as well but he's just not quite old enough.
Ty LOVES his ice cream.  It makes a BIG mess but keeps him pretty happy while we finish our meals. 
Abby is old enough to actually pose and smile for pictures and tries to help get Ty in them for me too.  It is so fun watching these two play together.  We all call Ty "Buddy"--so freaking cute to hear Abs call him Buddy when she's talking to him.
Again, love how big the smiles are in the next few pics.  These two can really make each other laugh!  So cute.

Seriously, to be a kid again--eyes closed, spinning, spinning=so much joy and happiness!
This bigga boy gets to eat breakfast in the big chair every once in awhile.  He looks so cute and big just chillin with his Shredded Wheat in his mouth.  :)
He loves when Abs is not on her bed--means he gets to play with her toys. . .and she has a lot of them!
The Children's Museum in Everett was so much fun.  Abs could have played at the trains the entire time while Ty could have stayed at the water table.  He got so wet even w/ the apron on, that I had to take his shirt off and have him roll w/ his jacket only for awhile.
Love this pic of Ty--such a sweet boy. . .a busy boy too!

A beautiful day to go to the park.  Abs got us all moving yesterday and even started packing lunches so we could have a picnic.  What a great idea!  We had so much fun and the kids slept great last night after all that running around and fresh air.
Hmmn, someone thinks she is so funny!  Thankfully these markers come off very easy but why, why, why do kids have to color on themselves???
These two were having one of those days where they each wanted what the other had so I got them set up w/ rice and rice krispy's--kept them happy for a pretty long time. . .although it also kept me busy too--we had rice and cereal everywhere so I was cleaning quite a bit. . .oh well!  The things you do to keep your babes happy!
Abs is truly my daughter--just decided to lay down and enjoy the sunshine while we were at the park yesterday.  If the rest of us didn't want to run around I'm sure she would have fallen asleep, she was tired!
And their off!
This was that crazy day from above--I finally just had to throw them in the bath in the middle of the day to try to settle them down. . .It kinda worked for awhile.  :)
Life has been pretty dang great lately.  These two babes make me smile so much.  I treasure our weekends together as a family. . .always makes Sunday nights a bit depressing because I want more weekend!  This weekend Zach and I even got a date night in to The Metropolitan Grill.  The kids were excited to have our neighbor, Carol, watch them.  It always feels good driving away without crying kids!  These pics just make my heart want to burst. . .I love you little family!