Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maui 2012

Our first vacation as a family. . .what an experience! :) It was definitely different traveling to Hawaii with children. I am used to laying by the pool all day with a cocktail in my hand. . .and that was NOT in my agenda this time. You can barely even tell I was out in the sun. That's okay though--I had a wonderful time and I know my family did as well. Abigail LOVED the beach, the pool, being there with her cousins, uncle, aunts and Grandma & Grandpa, and having her Mommy and Daddy's attention 24/7 with no interruption of a computer! It was her heaven for sure. :) It was soooo nice only having to focus on my family without any worries of work. . .I only wish I could have stayed even longer--it was the life!A few of my fave pictures from the trip. . . above--Abby and Griffin playing in the sand. Griff could have been on the beach in the sand all day. Below--Daddy and Abs in the pool at our condo at The Whaler. It was a standard pool very close to the beach and our building so I could see them from our deck. Abby loved being able to wake up and head down for a morning swim.Best decision we made for this trip was bringing our double stroller. We used it every day a ton either for Abs and Ty or Abs and Griff. Griffin had a hard time staying awake at dinner most nights so would end up in the stroller w/ his side reclined. It was perfect.Amy celebrated her birthday while we were on vacation so we made reservations at Kimo's for the entire crew. Always a bit chaotic when you get all the kids together for a meal (well anytime Abby goes to a restaurant its a bit chaotic) :) but we had a great time and delicious food! Zach ate his 32 oz. prime rib again. . .pretty much all he wanted to do since we booked this trip was get back to Kimo's! :)The Old Lahaina Luau was so much fun even though we got down poured on for about 5 minutes. It was so horrible that all we could do was laugh. Here is Abby before the rain looking so cute in her Hawaiian shirt that was a gift a year ago from our neighbors, Tom & Carol. She looked so cute in it!The cute cousins. . .My beautiful family--wish you could see Ty better but he basically lived in the front pack this vacation. Every time I put him in it, he would zonk out. He really enjoyed being all snuggled up next to mama.My cute boys!The rain was not going to stop Z from getting his drink on. He was on a mission to get as many free cocktails as he could before we potentially left because of rain. Thankfully it stopped and we got to enjoy the show. . .a little wet. :)The rain also didn't bother Abby one bit. She just hung out and ate all her food. . .soup style! HAWe had beautiful weather aside from the last day of our trip but being from Seattle a little rain wasn't going to ruin our day. We still went to the pool and played. The kids (and Uncle Zach) loved it. Ty and I stayed under cover though.Uncle Zach (and Daddy) taking the kids on rides under the waterfall--they thought it was so much fun!But all that swimming and sun really wore the kids out. As mentioned earlier, Griff had no problem falling asleep in his chair at dinner.The last night of our trip--Abs slept great the entire vacation. The sun, the salt air, the beach and playing hard wore our little babe out every day. . .I LOVED IT!I can't wait to plan our next family vacation and I think we will highly consider adding more nights to our stay. . .we were definitely not ready to go home.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A big boy bed

Since Abigail transitioned so nicely to her big girl bed I finally got to put Ty's room together! I love it so much. The colors are primarily blue and white with a splash of red. It is just so cozy and my new Land of Nod rocking chair is awesome. I literally could just sit in here and veg all day long. . .that is if I actually had the opportunity to do that--yah right!

When we got back from Hawaii Ty slept in his bassinet one night and then I did the big transition to the crib for him at night and he did great! He sleeps the whole night through usually waking up around 5am or 6am for a quick feeding and then back to bed. I only wish he would sleep that well during the day! My little guy really likes to sleep and snuggle on mama during the day which doesn't work too well since I am supposed to work and also take care of his sister. Every time I put him down he sleeps for about a 1/2 hour and then wakes up. :( Sooo not okay with this and will continue to work on his sleeping schedule. I am really trying to get him and Abs to take a nap during the afternoon at the same time. . .we'll see if that ever happens.

Now I just need to get the bassinet all cleaned up for Kora and Nick's little arrival! Kyle and Amy passed it on to us when Griffin outgrew it and it has been so nice to have for our little ones the first few months of their lives. It is a slim little thing so it fits nicely in our bedroom. . .we've actually had a pack n play and the bassinet at the end of our bed since Ty was born because Abby loves to play in her Joovy while watching movies on the big screen in our bedroom. Can't wait for the day when we have our room completely back to ourselves. . .will that ever happen??? :)

So before you look at the pic below I'll warn you--I let my child sleep on his tum. . .I know, I'm crazy and shouldn't and when the nurse asked if he was sleeping on his back I flat out lied and said yes. . .but he doesn't. Please don't judge. . . :)