Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm tired. . .

Someone finally popped a tooth. . .its kinda hard to see since it has barely surfaced but I felt it and wow, that sucker is sharp! New tooth=at least three shirts each day. . .Abby hasn't seemed too phased by this which is good. . .my tough little girl is still all smiley and silly. So the blog title says "I'm tired" and I'm does mean ME but as you can see in the pic below--Abigail is also tired. . .finally! Since she can now stand in the crib its basically party time each time I try to put her down for a nap. . .which meant yesterday she took a whopping 30 minute nap ALL day. Thank God I had plans to meet Jamie for dinner because after a day working and running after a mobile almost 1 year old mama needed a few glasses of wine and relaxation--thanks Jamie for the date! Today wasn't much better--she finally fell asleep in the playpen for about 30 minutes in the morning, took a 15 minute snoozer in the car and lastly decided to call it quits in the playpen again at 5pm. . .I know that's a little late but hey, I was beat so I took it. It was a shorty and she is now fast asleep for bed where she is at least sleeping through the night til 8ish--Thank you God for that!!!!

When you're standing and standing and getting sooo tired, this is how you sometimes fall asleep. :)
No this hair was not a run through for Halloween. . .that's how it was when Abby woke up this morning. I thought I was going to die. She likes to scootch all the way to the top of her crib so her head just rubs up against the bumper all night--hence producing this. Such a masterpiece, someone get the spray!
Abby loves to ride in the hamper when I am doing laundry. . .and then she likes to topple my clothes piles over--not okay Miss Abigail!
So this is my make-shift baby gate until ours arrives from Amazon hopefully this week. It's been great other than the fact that its in the way for Zach and I half the time. We deal since its saving our child and heck, I can throw her in it for awhile and she is totally entertained. . .even falls asleep every once in awhile.
Look at this cutie in the tu-tu Aunt Amy made her. Aunt Amy is so creative and is always making little things for Abs like this and bows for her hair--we love it! :) Thanks Am.
OMG--the cutest cousins ever! Seriously, these guys LOVE to be around each other. Griffin gets so excited to see Abby that he practically shakes. He really likes to sit on her lap. . .which he is doing in this picture even though its hard to tell from this angle and Abby doesn't care at all. :)

Just a quick post of fun, random pics to hopefully make you smile. I am gonna put some clothes away, change my bedding and watch Greys and the Project Runway Finale so I better get going!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Annual Fall Drive

A few weekends ago when it was actually sunny Zach, Abby and I did our annual fall drive out to Fall City and the Snoqualmie Falls. It was so bright that it was really hard to get good pictures. Last year I was REALLY pregnant with this little one and now I can't believe she is almost a year old--so crazy! Abs is getting ready to eat some hay--disgusting. . .I had to quickly grab it out of her hand but it was kinda cute--such a little farm girl. :) This sweater and shirt are compliments of Bird and Avery who passed it down to Abs for the autumn season. It was so cute on her.

Here's the fam at the pumpkin patch...where we just went to look around and take pics only--once again because the line to purchase your pumpkins was sooooo long. We do realize that soon we will have to actually stand in line but for now pictures is all we need and we can buy the pumpkins at the grocery store! :)
Love the ErgoPack!
The beautiful trees across the street from Salish Lodge where we had a drink and salad at The Attic overlooking the falls.

We like to get pics of our babe sleeping at all the tourist sites we take her to so here she is on her first visit to Snoqualmie Falls. . .she was so excited! hee hee
Yet another beautiful drive and wonderful day spent with my family.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

She's mobile!

...which means I am exhausted! I am literally up and down all day chasing after Abby now that she has figured out how to crawl. In one week she went from barely moving forward to not sitting still at all. She loves this new found freedom and explores everything. Some of her favorite things to go after are drawers as seen below, chords, picture frames and books. Her little butt looks so cute when she is crawling around and now she is so close to pulling herself up. She has figured out how to do that in her crib but can't quite get it when she is out by the coffee table or ottoman--so close though. I am purchasing the baby gate and big girl car seat tomorrow morning--I can't even believe we are already to this phase--where does time go? I also think she is going to have a tooth tomorrow morning when we wake up. It looks like the tooth is right at the surface ready to pop. . .poor baby. She's also discovered the bows in her hair so those get pulled out all the time. :(

This is the shot of her after she finally figured out how to stand up in her crib--WOW, she was sooo excited!

Abby is trying to get caught up on my Book Club books--she pulls them out and reads every day. . .and every night I line them all back up so she can do it all over again the next day. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mom & Dad's. . .

As soon as I got back from Montana Zach left for a work trip to Dallas so I decided to pack up and go to Mom & Dad's for a few days w/ Abigail. I felt like we hadn't seen them in forever (forever in Hussey time so probably not that long to everyone else) :). Abby got some good quality time with Grammy, Gramps, her aunties, Uncle Joe and her cousins--it was so much fun. Uncle Kyle was so busy with work that we didn't get to see him but hopefully soon.We decided her baths were just going to be in the sink while we were there. She loved it and man, it is so much easier on Mama's (and Grammy's) back.Sophia was taking pictures of all of us and then wanted to be in one--so cute. Love that girl sooooo much.Abby's hair is getting so long that I just had to post this pic--look how cute it flips out over her ears. She's at the stage of ripping the bows out of her hair. :( Hate it!So Mom and I watched Griff one day while Amy got her hair done and Sophes was at preschool. My mom was going to take him on a drive so he would fall asleep. . .for those of you who don't know--he has some issues with going to bed right now so it can be a but of a struggle. I got Abby down for her nap and said I was just going to put Griff in her car seat and rock him. I knew he was totes tired so I snugged him up with a blankie since we didn't even have his bink and rocked away--literally 5 minutes into it I looked under the canopy and eyes were closed. Once again Amy called me the Baby Whisperer. He slept there for almost 2 hours. I felt pretty proud of myself. :)It was fun being in Oly with the fam since usually I am the only one that lives somewhere else but it was also VERY nice to come home and finally be a family again. We missed Daddy!

A trip to Montana

Another airplane ride for Abby and Mama only. . .this one was actually MUCH easier because the flight was only 2 hours and it wasn't full so I was able to bring her car seat right onto the plane. Abs had her own seat and loved it--can you tell?!?! She did great once again.While we were in Billings visiting Leah, Mike and Drew we had a full Saturday of football watching--unfortunately we couldn't get the Coug game on but Abby still sported her school pride!Adorable Andrew--I mean, look at that sweet little face! Personally I think he looks a lot like his Daddy but I definitely see some Leah in him for sure.Here's the mama and baby snugglin it up in the recliner and boppy--can it get any more comfy?TOO CUTE--look at those lips!I got to sit back with the little ones on our way to lunch--apparently I wasn't too exciting. . .Love this pic of Leah and her babe--so precious.Witch, witch your a b*%tch. Lur, that pic is for you! That quote is from one of my fave movies--Practical Magic...midnight margaritas anyone???? I am so glad I got to finally see where my BFFAE and her family live. It was a wonderful visit but it did make me wish even more that they lived closer to me so we could get together like this waaay more often. The play date weekend was so much fun. Abby loved Drew and would giggle anytime he made a noise. I miss you dearly friend. Thank you for a fabo weekend! XOXOXO

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Someone found a finger pocket. . .

Need I say more.

Also, check out pics from September at the link to the right.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A day of tantrums. . .

As promised, here are some clips of the tantrums Abby had last week. It was pretty short lived which is nice. I think the combination of her teething and us just getting back from vaca sparked these little guys. She is still so dang cute even while whining. . .well at least she was that day. :)