Sunday, November 27, 2011

On The Day You Were Born. . .

. . .I had just planned on going in for my last doctor's appointment before your due date. It was at 4:30pm on Nov. 15th. That morning I told your Dad that if he didn't want to get off work early to watch Abby that it was no big deal because the appointment would be quick and she was really good when we went--she always knew she got chips when it was over and she got to play w/ all the Sesame Street stuffed animals in the gift shop. Abby was saying "doctor" the whole way there and was super excited. . .so was I--I was hoping the doctor would tell me that I had progressed a bunch and you would be making your arrival very soon. . .instead she told me your heart rate was lower than she liked. . .low 100's. The lowest you had ever been was in the 130's and they really don't like babies to go lower than the 120's. Dr. Stemmerman seemed calm but did want me to get hooked up to monitors to see if your heart rate would bounce back up or not. This meant my quick appointment w/ an impatient 2 year old was going to be longer than planned. We got Abby a doctor kit to play w/ and some chips in a cup (she likes them in the bag so that didn't last long--she dumped them in the garbage). I had to sit in a recliner and get the monitor's hooked up. . .all this while Dr. Abby was also checking me. She likes to put things on my tummy to act like she is also listening for a heart rate. She was starting to lose her patience and I felt horrible that I decided to bring her because the nurses were trying to entertain her. . .I called Zach and told him what was going on and to please come play w/ Abby as I didn't know how long I was going to be there. I was hoping that by the time he got there things would have improved and we would just be able to go to dinner together. . .not so fast! Your heart rate didn't go back up and Dr. Stemmerman wanted to deliver you right then--she just didn't want to risk it so she grabbed my stuff and I grabbed your sister and we walked over to triage (however you spell that!). Once I got there about 5 nurses took over and hooked me up to monitors, IV's and asked me questions all while a nurse student kept Abby entertained in the chair next to me. I wasn't that scared because I felt you move A TON during the day but I was very concerned about Abs--what the heck was I going to do with her and when was Daddy going to get there??? I had to call him and tell him we had moved and I was going into an emergency c-section. Thankfully he was in the parking lot so was only minutes away but wait--I was going to want him in the surgery w/ me so what are we going to do w/ Abby. . .I quickly called Carol, our neighbor, who knew she was on call for if I went in to labor. I had to tell her to please come to Evergreen Hospital ASAP blah, blah, blah and thankfully she was able to. I then called my mom and told her what was going on as they were taking my clothes off and getting me prepped for surgery. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to her long so she had to have been very worried for me and for you as she drove up to see us. As they wheeled me away in my bed I could hear your sister screaming and crying and I was horrified. . .I just wanted to cry. To top it all off I wasn't sure Zach was going to be able to be in the operating room w/ me when I got my spinal or heck, the entire c-section and I knew I needed him there to hold my hand and be my support--I did not want to do it alone. Thankfully he showed up just in time. . .but said he had to leave Abby w/ the nurses and she was not happy. It's all I could think about--when was Carol going to get there, how was she going to know where to go etc. Finally one of the nurses told me she had arrived and sis was w/ her. . .that definitely gave me a little sense of ease.

The c-section got started very quickly as they did not want to waste any time--they wanted to get you out and make sure you were okay! They said they had to start even before the spinal had fully kicked in--this scared me to death but I knew they had to do it. Now, for the last 3 weeks you had been at a plus 1 with your head position meaning you were kinda trying to make your way out already so you were really wedged in there. . .it took a lot of pushing on my tum to get you out. It was so uncomfortable and did not feel good at all. Mama was definitely groaning--it felt like someone was sitting on me!! Daddy watched the whole thing but I only looked when they finally pulled you out and you were beautiful. Once I heard you cry I broke down--all the craziness of the day finally hit me and the tears just flowed. Thankfully doctor said your heart rate had gone up to 185 as soon as you were pulled out and they just don't know why it had dropped because you were perfect--you didn't even have to go to the NICU. Better to be safe than sorry so I am glad Dr. Stemmerman decided to do what she did--I wouldn't want anything to have happened to you!!! And, you truly are just perfect--just like your sister!!

It was so nice being able to have you in the room w/ me while they finished up surgery. Abby had to be taken to the NICU w/ daddy right after she was born so I was very thankful to have you both w/ me the entire time. We soon got to head to our room where Carol and Abby were waiting for us!! It was so good to see that Abs was okay although I couldn't do much since I was numb from the waste down. About 5 minutes after we got to our room my mom, Risa and Don showed up--they were already half way here visiting one of Risa's friends so they got here real quick. Abby was so thrilled to see them. . .and so was I! Grandpa showed up shortly after as well so they all took your sister to eat and go home for the night. She had to be starving. . .especially since she never got her chips. :) hee hee

Ty Alexander--you were born via c-section on Nov. 15th at 6:21pm weighing 7lbs 13oz and measuring 20 3/4in long. You are my perfect baby boy who just wanted to enter this world w/ a little excitement. . .I'm sure this is just the first of many more exciting moments!

Your sister is so great with you and calls you Baby Ty. She loves holding you and kissing your forehead. You guys are going to be the best of buds--always taking care of each other, I just know it.

Your proud Daddy! He is so excited to have a little girl and now a little boy too. . .and he didn't have to miss any football games--heehee. :)

After a few days in the hospital it was time to head home to reality. Mommy was kinda scared of this as the hospital was so calm and relaxing--what was it going to be like when we got home???

Well, it was/is a bit more chaotic than the hospital but its our life so we are adjusting. Mama has been a bit emotional this past week just dealing with all the changes. . .your sister is soooo good with you which makes me so happy but she is 2 and has definitely been acting like a 2 year old at times so that can be overwhelming and exhausting. Grandma stayed with us for a few days to help and now Daddy has lots of time off to take care of his family--thankfully! I'm trying to take it easy as much as possible so I heal properly but with a screaming 2 year old, it can be difficult at times. . .hence why I was hoping to have a VBAC. . .but that wasn't in God's plan so we just do the best we can and keep on, keep on truckin. :)

My little family of 4 right after we got home from the hospital. I am so blessed we are all healthy. . .life is good!

So Baby Ty, that is your story. . .I love you little guy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our 2 Year Old!

Our little baby girl turned 2 on Sunday!! I can't even believe it. We had a really nice birthday just the three (almost 4) of us. We went out to breakfast where Abby got to play w/ some other kids and toys, we walked around Target, had birthday cake and presents when she woke up from her nap and ended the day w/ a yummy dinner and play time at Redmond Town Center. Even though it was just our little fam, I still decorated like it was a big ol party and of course since Abs is infatuated w/ Elmo her party decor was Elmo! She loved it!!! She kept saying "Happy Day!" instead of "Happy Birthday" although by the next day she could say it all. It was soooo cute!I made the cake which isn't anything special--NO Amy cake, but it was perfect for her and I. We even got to eat right off the cake plate since no one else was here. :) Abigail loved the frosting and kept saying "cake", "cake". She was spoiled and got to have a little for breakfast the next day too. :) I mean, who doesn't want to have birthday cake for breakfast--I love it! :)

So, since Abs has turned 2 she has become quite the little hot shot. . .and sometimes terror. . .she definitely has her tantrums and has had to be put in time out a few times lately. :( Not my favorite thing to do and deal with, let me tell you. It is really exhausting to be a mama when your child is acting out. . .and then in a second, they turn and are complete angels again. Sheesh! Here is our hot shot shopping at the party store w/ sunglasses--seriously?? :)Abigail also thinks she is as small as her toys and will sit on or in everything. Here she is in her baby doll crib--my big giant baby!Our cutie-pa-tootie headed to Zach's bosses house to make apple cider. She was soooo excited because she wanted an "apple"--all she could say the whole way there. When we go grocery shopping I let her nibble on an apple so anytime we drive past Safeway she starts saying "apple". Any time we drive past Subway she starts saying "chips". My girl knows what she loves and doesn't forget a thing!Aunt Michelle got Abs these cute Elmo slippers. She makes me put them on every once in awhile too.Being goofy for Grandpa--boy does she love her Grandpa. . .and Grandma. They came to visit a few weeks ago and when she realized Grandpa was here too she started going crazy. I wish I had it on camera! It was so dang cute. I love hearing them play together. Our little entertainer, comedian loves to pretend like she just falls asleep. She especially likes to do this when we are trying to get her to do something. She thinks she is so funny. The little chair in the background was her birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa. It says her name on it and she loves to free fall backwards into it. Drives me nuts because she really has no fear and one of these days she is going to free fall into the ground!!! uggghhh I can't believe how much Abigail has grown even just in these past few months. Her vocabulary grows tons each day. She is so good w/ the alphabet and getting better and better w/ numbers too. She just amazes us more every day. Mama and Daddy love you little girl. . .even when you act like a pistol. :)