Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve and morning. . .

Christmas started with Rudy (Zach's dad) and Roma coming over for Christmas Eve dinner. They got Abby some cute new clothes and a Fraggle Rock puppet. She had lots of fun entertaining them during their visit.

The tree after Santa visited the Wyckoff house. . .Abigail on Christmas morning playing with her new toy from the Sniders, our next door neighbors, who she LOVES. We actually went over to their house on Christmas Eve for a little cheer and so Abby could play with everyone and the animals. She was very excited and Zach and I had a great time chatting with everyone.Look what Santa brought Abby--a new Walker Wagon. She can scoot all around the house with this thing. It's so great. We just load it up with her toys and send her on her way. When she gets to the end we turn her around and let her go at it again. We can tell that she thinks she's pretty hot just walkin all around the house on her own. :)

A Hussey Family Christmas. . .

or should I say "A Crazy Family Christmas!" :) The Hussey Christmas's are always full of noise, "cheer", presents, family and friends. We had such a great day. This is how it started out. Abigail in her Christmas jammies on the way to Grammy n Grampy's. Gotta get the nap in now because there are presents to be opened and played with.The happy Faatoafe family. Baby Don is hiding behind Mama's present. He's starting to finally pop out a little bit. Richie has TV Ears on which is the greatest thing ever. We had the Lakers game on because he is a fanatic fan and they play on Christmas for some reason and he got to hear what was going on while the rest of us opened in silence. . .well not really silence but at least no extra TV noise. :)The geeky Minton family. Uhhh, where's Waldo? hee hee This was Nick's first Hussey Christmas experience. . .I think he enjoyed it. I mean, how could he not--we're awesome and fun. :)Our little bulldog--she keeps doing this with her mouth. I think she likes how it feels on her little toofers. The end of the night--my husband had quite a lot of "holiday cheer" ALL day and I think my brother had a little as well so they got all snuggly. Zach wanted to go to the casino so badly that he tried to bribe Kyle by telling him he'd give him $100 to go. . .uh, hon--NO. :) Needless to say, he never made it to the casino and he slept most of the next day. hmmn too much cheer isn't so cheery sometimes. :)And finally, a very quick glimpse into our crazy family Christmas. Listen to the noise and chaos---this is what Christmas with 6 kids and their families looks like. Our family friends, the Flukes, always come over to have some holiday cheer with us on Christmas as well so the house was extra full and fun. I love our Christmas's and can't imagine it any less chaotic. . .that has been my life for 34 years and I LOVE IT.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost Christmas. . .

Grammy came up this week to watch Abby so I could work and get some Christmas things done. We went to Redmond Town Center for a quick errand. Before we got there I told Sophia that there was a train they would get to ride. It is so cute w/ lights and music and it takes the passengers on a ride all around the town center. Grammy had to go solo with the girls because Zach and I were on our way to date night. Abby was so tired but my mom said that as soon as the train took off Abby hung out the window and waived to everyone! Wish I could have seen it.

Here's a shot of Sophes by the biggest wreath ever. Abigail LOVES to play with her cousin and was so excited to wake up from her morning nap to Grammy and Sophes both there to play all day!Our half dead Christmas tree. . .we bought it a week ago and when we got it home I realized there were a ton of needles falling off every time we touched it. It was hard to really inspect the tree since it was raining and dark when we bought it so I waited for it to dry and then realized a ton of branches were broken. :( I also brushed off an entire grocery sack full of needles and they still come off. Oh well, only a few more days til Christmas and with all the lights and ornaments its not so bad. . .just NEVER buying a tree at Home Depot last minute again. Next year--the U-Cut Tree Farm, thank you very much!Here's our daughter looking out the window, which she loves to do. I think she's got a little captain in her. :)I realized I haven't taken a ton of pics lately because we have been so busy and Abby is always all over the place. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am so excited because I took the day off and plan on baking and wrapping. Zach's dad will join us for dinner and then on Christmas day we'll head to Oly after we have our little family Christmas morning together. I can't wait for the weekend. Merry Christmas everyone!

Makin Grammy & Aunt Ris giggle

A few weeks ago Abby and I went to Oly to visit and Abby had a great time making everyone laugh. She sure knows how to put on a show. She is seriously such a rag-a-muffin in all my pics lately but I guess that's the stage right now. :)

Cracker Angel

Need I say more?

Sorry it has been a few days since I last posted. . .I'll get us all caught up now.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ummm not so sure about Santa. . .

We went to see Santa yesterday and Abby was a little tired but quite happy in line watching the other children. . .even seemed okay w/ Santa when we got up to him. . .until I sat her on his lap. She pretty much freaked out and started arching and crying. I'm surprised they actually got a shot of her with her mouth closed because she was crying pretty hard. . .it was kinda funny. As soon as we took her off Santa's lap which was like 5 seconds long, she stopped crying and was totally fine again.Our little winter baby in her winter sweater from Bird. We finally went to get our tree today. Of course it started raining as soon as we got in the car to go. Luckily we were mostly under cover since we just got the tree at Home Depot. It's in the house but we're letting it dry out before we decorate it. I can't wait til its done so it really starts to feel like Christmas.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Rag-a-muffin

Our little terror is into everything and hates wearing her bows. Her hair is always in her eyes which I hate. During the day I pretty much let her destroy our house but every night I clean it up again so she can do it all the next day. She loves it and the clean up is actually really easy--books, diapers and toys back on shelves--piece of cake. . . and someday she will be helping!! 5 minute blitzes. :) I'm sorta scared to see what she does when we get out Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone loves their mobility

Now that Abby is a crawling master she is everywhere! She loves to head down the hall to her bedroom and look at books or grab all the diapers out of her changing table. She will actually sit quite content with her books for a long time. It's so cute. I have to keep our bedroom door and the bathroom door closed all the time because she loves going into both of those rooms. In our room she likes to tug on the curtains and in the bathroom she likes to push her toys into the tub. Another favorite thing to do is open and close the doors which scares me to death--worried her poor fingers will get smashed so hence the box of books in front of it. When she hears me open the bathroom door you would be amazed at how fast she gets to me with a HUGE smile on her face like "yeah, yeah a new place to play!"

I can't be in the kitchen without someone wanting to help as well. Every time the dishwasher is open Abigail crawls over at Mach 10 speed and practically climbs right in. Makes me a nervous wreck because now she is pulling herself up on everything but doesn't totally realize that falling backwards will hurt A LOT. . .we're trying to teach her how to plop down on her buns instead but she thinks its kinda fun to play the trusting game--crazy kid!

And of course the pantry--has to venture in there if the door is open. Just grab what you can and start dumping it out and making noise with the bags and boxes--ah, so much fun. . .I guess. :)
Abby just cracks Zach and I up even more every day. I've had a cold and Abby laughs when I blow my nose--thanks little girl. Then she'll fake cough after I for reals cough. . .total ham!

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving weekend was absolutely perfect aside from the fact that I was sick with a cold. The Hussey's and the Minton's all came together for a wonderful celebration at Kora and Nick's. . .I think its the 3rd year we've gone there and I love it. Everyone contributes so my Mom isn't the only one cooking all day. Nick and Zach each cooked a turkey and they were both delicious. Thanks again N&K for hosting! We bought matching dresses for Abs and Sophes and got a matching sweater vest for Griff so decided we would do family pictures all wearing the same color scheme. I think we did actually get one good picture of everyone that will be a framer--it is kinda hard with so many people!

Abby looked so cute in her little dress and sweater. I loved how poofy it was but Abs hated it--makes it so she can't crawl so I have to tuck it all in to her tights. . .low and behold we soon changed her into a comfy Thanksgiving outfit more suitable for her mobility.

Griff on his way out w/ his stocking cap and jammies. The jammies were so cute but kept falling off his buns.
We stayed the night at Kora's and celebrated Zach's birthday on Friday. We went out to dinner at the Fishtale Brewery in Olympia and then headed to P's & Q's for drinks. . .Abby went to Grammy & Grampy's for the night so we both really got to let loose. . .which meant that we also stayed in Oly on Saturday night since neither one of us wanted to drive the next day from being a "little headachy and a little tired". It was a really fun night!
On Saturday we all went to Grammy and Grampy's to watch the Husky game and hang out. The kids are sooo dang cute together. Love this shot. . .who are their parents anyway??? Chips, cell phones, obviously watching TV. . .ahh the kids of 2010! :)

This was seriously one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever because we just got to Oly and vegged and hung out all weekend. . .we weren't in a rush to get back home so really got to enjoy our time together as a big ol happy family. I love my family so much and am thankful everyday for our friendships. husband, my baby, siblings and mom and dad are truly the best friends I am not only stuck with for life but more so are blessed to have for life. I love you guys.