Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leah Yasenak!

Last weekend we all had a fantastic time out at Alderbrook Resort & Spa celebrating Leah & Mike!! It was so much fun beginning with the rehearsal dinner on the cottage lawn to the wedding and reception on the waterfront lawn and ballroom to hanging out by the water and taking a Sunset Cruise on Saturday. . .everything was perfect. It was so much fun seeing friends I haven't seen in forever--Jinx/Pete/Ryan & Sara!! Now my BFFAE is on her honeymoon in this extreme heat. . .possibly w/ no air conditioning--yikes! I am so happy for this wonderful couple and excited that they finally get to live together and start this fun journey we call marriage--you are both going to love it. love you guys---

The Happy Couple The Groomsmen
& Bridesmaids

I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Mike Yasenak

I had to put a pic of the flowers in since I did them all. It was fun once again and I personally thought they all turned out quite beautiful. :) Can't wait to see Shan's pics!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's A Girl!

Zach and I had the ultrasound today to find out the sex of our baby and it's a girl. The little one was being stubborn with her legs crossed (she's so modest--weird!) :) and she kept staying all tucked tight and low. . .I said she's like momma--still wanting to be all snuggled up even when it's 90 degrees out. We did get a shot (finally) of in between her legs and there was nothin there so we're pretty sure it's a girl although the technician did put a ? in our file which is a bit scary but the way she was acting--I'm saying girl all the way. :) Apparently baby is growing "generously" in our docs words, with measurements that actually put me ahead of my due date by 4 days. She isn't changing the due date or anything but it looks like little Abigail (Abby) Kristine (Kristine after Aunt Kora) loves her donuts, cake, pies, scones and cookies as much as Mom does. :) I've also gained 6lbs since my last appointment which brings my total weight gain to 11lbs I believe. I told Zach Abby is going to have him wrapped around her finger in no time and he said she already does. . .so sweet. :) We are just so excited to bring her into this world.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More home improvements

First, we cut the trees down. Next we excavated the yard so it was not as sloped in the front and back and had dirt delivered. Lastly, we had sod delivered and Zach installed it early on Saturday morning. The backyard just got seed and fertilizer since it was so big but the front is done. All I need to do is get beauty bark and plants/flowers for the edges of the grass and we need to shape it around the edge. It is sooooo awesome having a yard to look at instead of dirt!!! Of course, I still want a new driveway, new paint and a new front porch but that will all come within the next few years. . . :) I'd really love new garage doors too but who knows if that will happen while we live here--This is a pic of the living room with our new paint color--nothing too exciting. We are getting all new trim installed this summer by Zach's dad so that will really add a nice finishing touch. Right now we have ripped out the old so there is nothing. I also wanted to show off my new Pottery Barn rug that I love. I originally bought it in a smaller size but thought we would need more comfy floor space for the little one to have tummy time on so Zach said okay on buying the next size up and we both love it. It really pulls the room together.A close up shot of the rug so you can see the detail. I'll try to get some nice pics of our basement now that the trim is done down there. . .

19 weeks. . .

Zach and I worked on some house projects this weekend but found time to go to lunch at the Blue Water Bistro at Carillon Point in Kirkland. It was a beautiful day to eat by the water. I finally bought some new clothes so my expanding tummy has room to grow. A few new summer dresses and I finally purchased my first maternity clothes--two pairs of shorts. They may not be the cutest shorts out right now but they are sooo comfortable!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our little Mexican Momma. . .

Sophia knows how to stay cool in this crazy heat-just pull your hair in little piggy-buns and throw on your Mexican dress/cover up. :) Kora and Nick go to Mexico every year w/ his parents--FUN, and they brought this home for Sophes last time. I called my mom the other day and talked to Sophia for a second. She said "Hi Kim, I have my dress on from Mexico!" She was very excited about wearing it and doesn't she look so dang cute in it? I can't wait to see her and my entire family next weekend at Alderbrook for Leah's wedding. It is going to be so much fun. On other news, we have dirt layed in the front and back yards, the sprinkler system in and today Zach is doing the preparation work so he can lay sod tomorrow in the front and spread seed in the back (the backyard is so huge, we'd be broke if we bought sod for that-although it would be REALLY nice). I will post pics once its done. I will lather him up with sunscreen and make sure he has lots of water while he is out working in this heat. I'll be finishing up painting the trim downstairs and cleaning bathrooms--a homeowners work is never done. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Leah's Bach Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Leah's bachelorette party on Whidbey Island at Carrie's family cabin. The weather was amazing and the location perfect! We all sat out on the deck and caught some rays while sipping on Lorissa's lemonade concoction (mine was lemonade only) and being silly.

Here's the bride to be with her little veil on. . .even if we didn't go anywhere you still have to wear the veil! Kora in her Director's chair. . . There were two chairs like that so whoever sat in the other one was Kora's talk show guest on "Beach Talk". Check out that beautiful background.The girls out on the deck overlooking the beach and water. It just couldn't be more perfect!! Kora as the day rolled on. . .You can see the sun is starting to set and we are still relaxing and enjoying each other's company. It was such a great weekend w/ the girls.Beautiful!This is where Leah wanted her jeans all night. . .we decided it was most likely because she burned her legs but we didn't figure that out til the next day. We thought maybe she was just trying to be like Sophia. :)Kora almost forgot to eat. ..weird, but no worries--we all made sure she ate. . .and no, those are not both her drinks although she did keep stealing Marisa's which is why one has a blue string on it. :) She's showin us all why we are there--to celebrate Leah and Mike. Lorissa planned a little skit for us all to partake in where we had to dress up as different roles of the wedding party. Jamie is the mother of the groom. We also had a bride, groom, maid of honor, pregnant bridesmaid, father of the groom and a DJ. . .some of the actor's outfits can't be shown to everyone but they did make me almost pee my pants I was laughing so hard. . .Thanks again Carrie for letting us stay at your family cabin, thanks to Lorissa for hosting such a fabo bach party and thanks everyone else for a wonderful memory. It was a very fun weekend that still makes me giggle when I think about it. Now. . .on to the wedding!!! Leah, the countdown is on. Yippee

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another fun Vashon 4th of July

A bunch of us headed to Vashon Island again this year to celebrate the 4th of July on the water. We had lots of great food, sunshine, fireworks and best of all comany!! Thanks again to Ray (Luke's dad) for letting us take over the house! I look so forward to this weekend because its super casual and festive with the never ending amounts of food, fireworks across the water and a bon fire with fireworks of our own. Here is a cute pic of Hunter chillin by the fire eating a marshmallow. . .of course by the end of the night every kid fell asleep and had to be carried back to the house which means going up a ton of stairs--thankfully we have lots of guys to help out with that! Could Piper be any cuter in her 4th of July tu-tu??? A shot down by the fire before it got too dark. . .We even made it to a few wineries for wine tasting. . .I only had a sip. :) Can you see the guy taking the pic in the window?? Perfect way to get yourself in the shot! Happy 4th of July!! Thanks again Jamie and Luke for hosting us all and thanks to the entire crew for wonderful food and memories.