Sunday, May 6, 2012

April highlights

I can't believe its been almost a month since I last posted!  April has been a busy month.  Ty turned 5 months old on April 15th so gosh, he is almost 6 months already--so hard to believe!  My two babes just continue to amaze me with their love for each other and their dang cuteness. . .I sometimes want to squeeze them so hard cuz they are so cute. . .I was telling Kora, I feel like Lenny from Of Mice & Men.  :) hee hee

 As I keep mentioning, Abigail LOVES her brother and is very protective of him.  In fact, we just had Tom, Terri and Ella over for dinner last night and Tom wanted to hold Ty--Abs started crying and came running to me yelling "Ty, Ty". She wasn't sure about a stranger holding her brother. . .we assured her Tom was not a stranger and that it was okay so she soon got over it. :)
 Abby also loves when Ty wakes up from bedtime.  She always says with excitement "Ty wakin up!" and runs to his room, climbs on his crib and says "Hi Ty" and then of course wants to get in the crib with him for a bit.  As you can see, Ty is pretty smitten with his sister too.  I hope it always stays this way!!
We took the kids to the Husky Spring Game last weekend and as soon as Abby spotted Harry the Husky she wanted to go take her picture with him. . .Dad would not go with her because he was busy watching the game so I had to.  Hmmmn--remember, I am a Cougar!!  Abby got down to Harry and turned all shy on us so I had to be in the picture with her or else she wouldn't even stand next to him.  Zach was watching from afar just giggling because he knew I was doing this with lots of hesitation. . .the things you do for your children.  :)
 Another cute shot of my babes--Abs just wanted to lay in her brothers lap. . .poor girl lost a clump of hair at this sitting though.  OOPS 
 I love this pic of Abs--she got stuck in my Hunters--she reminds me of the Vlasic Pickle bird.  hee hee
 We had a random hot day this month so Abs took advantage of her water table. . .who says you can't get in and use it like a small pool.  We will be buying a small plastic pool for this summer--she LOVES the water and swimming.
 Our little guy could stay in the Jump n Go all day just jumpin away. . .even when he falls asleep. . .all of a sudden he'll jump again.  It's hilarious.
Apparently Abby thought Ty had a boo-boo on his forehead.  :)

It is so fun watching these two with each other. . .it will be so fun when they can really "play" together.  I won't say "I can't wait" because I don't want to rush them growing up. . .the time has already gone too fast.

May is already underway!  Zach planned a getaway for us to Vegas for May 13-16--it will be our first trip away without the children for more than one night since Abigail was born.  We are both very excited to veg by the pool, go out to fabulous dinners and take our time to eat and sleep as late as we want.  I know we'll still talk about our babes tons and will be so excited to see them come Wednesday afternoon but at the same time--we will enjoy every minute of it being just the two of us for a few days!!  I can't wait.