Wednesday, August 29, 2012

He's been out as long as he was in. . .

Well the little guy is 9+ months old. . .he's officially been out about as long as he was in--WOW!  I can't believe how fast these past 9 months have gone.  I am absolutely loving life right now with my little babes...yah, I have a stressful day here and there and I still haven't figured out how to fit in working out (but I actually think I am close with that one--a few early mornings are in store and some Sunday morning bike rides w/ my neighbor hopefully) but my family makes me smile and giggle all the time and it just doesn't get much better than that.  I'm not gonna sugar coat anything--the first three months of Ty's life I was a wreck. . .I was trying to do waaaay too much, waaaay too quickly and with all the crazy hormones, whoa. . .sooo glad that is a thing of the past, lets just put it that way.  :)  
Ty wants to do everything his big sister does which means he will probably be walking before his first birthday!  He is already pulling himself up on things and walking down the length of the couch and behind the walker wagon (which you'll see in a video below). 
I love how low our front window is because the kiddos can look out no problem.  Ty is really trying to look at something. . .and maybe climb the wall too, I'm not sure.  :)  He likes to climb on me, his dad and his sister whenever he gets the chance.  That usually involves some scratching of the face and/or hair pulling.  Thankfully Abby thinks its kind of funny and doesn't get mad. . .most of the time. :)
Ty also always wants to play with anything his sister is playing with.  Abs hit her knee on the coffee table so I gave her a cold pack--clearly they both wanted it in their mouth more than she needed it on her knee.
Ty Buggy has 2 bottom teeth and one on top.  He loves to chomp on anything including grass and anything that might be on the floor which means I am constantly running around after Abigail to make sure there isn't a choking hazard on the floor!
He also loves to zerbert his food out of his mouth all over whoever is feeding him--ask Janice, she knows what I am talking about.  :)  We have to make sure to strap this boy in his high chair because he already acts like he is going to climb out. .. we never had to worry about that with Abs.  I seriously get a work out all day long with these two babes.  It's crazy but I love it.  They both have been doing so good with a babysitter too so it's so much easier for me to plan things--gosh, Zach and I had two date nights within like 4 days--uuuhh, that's more than we've had the last two years I think!  AND we're going to the Husky game on Saturday together with no kids--whoa!  Both babes are at such a fun age right now-I love it.
Ty had his 9 month check up on the 17th but I can't find his sheet with the stats.  :(  I think he was 35th percentile for weight and I wanna say like 70th for height.  So funny because I don't think of him as being tall but I do think of him as being a chunker munker and apparently he's the opposite.  HA  No shots this time so it was a pretty painless appointment.  We won't head back to the doc til he is 1 and Abs is 3.  Holy cow. . .
He is starting to really talk although the only word I have made out so far is dada. . .hmmn, I guess he is saving the best for last.  hee hee  I just love this guy to pieces. . .when I am putting him to bed and he is grabbing my hair or nose or trying to use my arm as a chew toy I start to giggle which makes him giggle so it ends up taking a little longer than it should. . .I try to hold it in but can't help myself--he is just so cute.
Here's a video to end with of Ty walking behind the walker wagon.  There is no sound for some reason but I kind of like it that way--reminds me of the videos of me and my siblings from when we were this age.  I so wanted to add comments in this post about Abigail but I told myself I was devoting this one to Ty Bug. . .she is the best big sis a brother could ask for though, that is for sure!  I love you baby boy.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Fun!

This summer has been a blast so far and I feel like its just begun (probably because we are just now starting to get nice weather).  Last weekend Abby had her cousins up for a slumber party!  We had a great time in Kirkland watching the Blue Angels.  I met Kyle, Amy and the kids at the marina in downtown Kirkland and while Kyle and Amy boated off for a date day/night, I whisked the kids away to go pick out their favorite ice cream!  

After ice cream we found a little park to play at where we could see some big planes.  The kids were sticky and filthy with sand by the end but I think they all had a great time.  I felt like my mom back in the day with a 6 yr old, 3yr old, 2 1/2 yr old and 8 mo old--It was like when she would go out with Michelle, Kyle, me and Kora!  People looked at me like I was crazy--probably because I had a baby in the front pack and 3 kids in a double stroller.  heehee
All bathed and ready for a movie and popcorn w/ Uncle Zach!  The kiddos LOVE popcorn and Uncle Zach loves watching movies.
This is how they slept. Sophia was in Abby's bed and Abby and Griff shared a queen size mattress.  Of course Abby and Griff also used her bed and the mattress as jumping stations.  Griff would jump off of Abby's bed onto the mattress.  When Kyle and Amy got to our house and saw that they were playing like this Kyle was a little nervous but I just had to tell him I don't look and just hope its all okay.  :)
The newly landscaped backyard has been wonderful.  Abby loves to run around back there and we don't have to have boots on to do it.  The other day Shasta and Quinn came over to say hello.  Abby LOVES playing w/ the dogs. . .Ty, on the other hand, was a little apprehensive.  You can sorta tell by the lines by his eyes that he is crying.  :)
This summer Abby's preschool has 4 summer camps that she can go to.  So far she's done 3 and loves them.  Here she is eating lunch w/ her friends, McKenna and Sarah.  I just love picking her up and seeing her sitting at the table w/ her lunch for some reason.  It's just so cute.
 The other evening I took Abs and Ty on a run/walk at the Burke Gilman trail and ended at the park in Woodinville.  I finally remembered to bring sand toys for the sand box.  Abby was a little disappointed that the sand wasn't firm enough for her to make sand castles but I think she still had fun.  Ty, of course, ate a handful of sand right after this picture!  YUK
My pretty little lady sportin one of Sophia's old outfits.  She looked so cute in it. . .and she is just getting so old, I can't even believe she will be 3 this year!
Ty is also getting so big.  He'll be 9 months Aug. 15th!  He is crawling everywhere and he is fast!  He is also pulling himself up onto things and then thinks he can stand/walk on his own.  I feel like I am all over the place trying to protect him from biting the dust.  He is so proud that he can almost do the same things as his sister.  He wants to be just like her!  Yesterday they both wore me out--she likes to sit and lay on him and he likes to try to climb her and pull her hair.  They both don't care that the other is doing it but I care. . .it's so hard keeping them apart though!
Last night I took the kids to Redmond Town Center for dinner and to play.  Zach was at a work out competition type thing at the gym and we were stir crazy from being home all day so we ventured out.  I was so tired though and kind of worried my idea would backfire on me and dinner w/ two babes would be a disaster.  I prayed it would all be okay because I really wanted a nice dinner. . .and they were both soooo good.  I had each one in a highchair on either side of me.  After dinner we went to get ice cream and play w/ the toys.  There was a concert too so we listened to that for awhile.  Abby and Ty loved being outside enjoying the warm summer evening.  Ty fell asleep on the way home and Abby was close!
I'm so glad we still have some summer left to play in the sun!  I just wish I got summer break like the kids so we could play all day every day!  :)