Monday, November 26, 2007

100 years of Apple Cup!

GO COUGS! Apple Cup 2007 was AWESOME. You can tell we are maturing as we partied all day with Huskies. . .and we all got along just fine--even after the WIN. :) Here are some pics of the fun day.

Us Coug Gals with Kyle (twinner) and Jason
Zach and Mike played with us too!
The Three Stooges
All fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out
Ah Sweet Victory!
Thanks Zach and crew for letting us tailgate with you!
Maybe in two years, I'll submit a chile for the cook off. . .and not come in last place. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Club (BC)

Last night was our monthly Book Club meeting. . .which we bookclubers like to call BC. We met at Julia's on Queen Anne. We've been doing BC for almost 3 years now!!! We decided that instead of having it at someone's house each month, we'd pick a new restaurant to try out each month. It's great, not only do we get to read some interesting books but we get to try out some awesome restaurants and no one is left having to clean up afterwards. Last Christmas we even held our 1st Used Book Exchange. It's perfect and I look forward to it every month. . .a great group of gals. Meet the crew:

Molly-always has great things to add at BC and usually the group calculator for bill time
Annie-one of the newer BC members, had to be jumped in, she is the Group Socialite--usually doesn't read, but loves to meet for dinner and good convo!
Tanya-also a newer member jumped in with Annie. . .although she is doing much better at finishing the books than Annie
Laura-BC Secretary, always keeps track of everything in her little Book Journal and saves great quotes from each book
Kora-BC last minute car reader--usually finishes the book in the car before heading into the restaurant (also has a book journal for quotes)
Sara-usually gets stuck in traffic on her way to the restaurant, :( but we're always glad she can make it
Marcy-you can always count on a light hearted, somewhat romantic read from Marcy, which we tend to need here and again, and she always looks fab, dressed to the T
Marisa-The Hussey Lil Sis, newest member, doing great at finishing the books, not so great on making the meetings--she's gonna need to try a little harder or we'll jump her out of BC :)
Me-the BC follow up email sender outer (HA, do you like that name?) I always make sure everyone knows which book we are reading, when the next BC is and who is picking the next book/restaurant, I've also been known to get on tangents and turn BC into Dream Club (not allowed--oops)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I noticed my friend Molly wondered why I didn't have any pics of us in our spandex from this summer. For those of you who didn't know, we trained since February to compete in the STP (Seattle to Portland bicycle ride) 204 miles (thanks Molly) riding on a freaking bike!!!!! We did it and it was awesome, one of my proudest moments. So, here is a pic of us at the finish line. . .

Of course I had to get a pic of us with a beer in hand, believe me the water came first.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Last Minute Leavenworth Trip

Zach and I decided on Friday that we wanted to get away for the weekend so I got the last room at the Enzian Inn (very nice) and we headed out early Saturday morning. It was so gorgeous! We shopped at all the little stores and wine tasted at all the wine shops. (If you haven't been there in awhile, go back--there are a ton of wine tasting rooms!) Of course we had to watch the Cougs and the Huskies (yah, he's a Husky) so we plopped down at a cozy bar for the rest of the day to watch our teams. GO COUGS!
This picture was taken after lots of wine tasting.

First Posting

I finally did it, I finally created a BLOG for myself. I love reading everyone elses and feel I can provide you all with some fun stories and pictures too so here goes. It may end up looking more like a "Hussey Family Blog" as most of my stories will be about my mom, dad, sisters, brothers and my beautiful niece. . .and I'm sure my friends will also see themselves on here too. :)
This is my Grandpa Hussey's 85th Birthday Party out at Kyle and Amy' house.