Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Baby Shower For Tanya

On Sunday, Oct. 26th us girls all got together to celebrate Baby Farrow! Tanya got lots of snuggly, fun things for the baby due at the end of November. She looked great and we are all so excited that the pregnancy has gone so well and all are healthy!!! We look forward to the new addition, another girl for our "girl get togethers". :)
I just had to add a pic of little Ellie--we were all excited she was able to join us!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Drive

Zach and I decided we wanted to drive to Carnation today to look at the pretty fall colors. We stopped off for breakfast at the Fall City Roadside Inn (I think that was the name) for breakfast. It brought back lots of memories of training for the STP because we used to stop off in Fall City when we did long bike rides to use the bathroom, grab some more liquids and food and take a break. We then drove up to Salish Lodge to look at the Falls--gorgeous this time of year. . .our drive then took us to North Bend via Snolqualmie and back towards Carnation. On our way to Carnation we found a pumpkin patch. Zach has never been to a pumpkin patch so I really wanted to show him what it was all about--so much better than going to Safeway to get a pumpkin. The last picture is on Beach Drive on Alki--that's what I get to look at when I go on runs, I love it! It was a really fun and beautiful day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

And the planning continues. . .

As many of you know, Zach and I picked our wedding site long before we actually got engaged. I mean, when you know its going to happen and you find the place of your dreams--book it Dano! It is called Sodo Park by Herban Feast and its located just south of the stadiums. It's an old warehouse that they converted into a beautiful event space. Here's a few pictures:
This weekend Leah and I did some wedding dress shopping. . .nothing like sharing all this with your Best Friend. It's been really fun. Leah went to 2 stores on Saturday. I Do Bridal was the first place and was very unsuccessful. The service was horrible, the space too small for all the people that were there and they only book 1 hour appointments so you barely get into the dressing rooms and you're being kicked out. On to the next store--Princess Bride in Bothell. A HUGE sigh of relief. . .we walk in, its bigger, cleaner, and the service 10 times better! Leah found her dress and it is soooo beautiful. I had scheduled two appointments for Sunday, 1. I Do Bridal and 2. Cynderellies Closet. While I was at Princess Bride I checked to see if they had openings the next day and they did so I canceled I Do and scheduled an appointment at PB. While Leah was trying on dresses I was poking around to see if I liked anything and I showed Londa (Leah's Mom) a dress I thought was pretty. It was the first one I ended up trying on on Sunday and it was also the one I ended up buying! I cancelled my second appointment and called it a day. I highly recommend Princess Bride to anyone getting married. The customer service is excellent. I'm so excited that Leah and I both found our dresses this weekend. (I'm glad I did since my wedding is in 6 months--barely enough time for the dress to get here)