Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Boy!

Some of you may have seen this already if you check out my sister-in-law's blog but if not the news is KYLE AND AMY ARE EXPECTING A BABY BOY!! I am so excited that they'll have a ballerina and a ball player! Amy's due date is still April 6th. . .2 days after my wedding--YIKES, it could be an eventful evening. Hee hee They think they have a name picked out which is quite an accomplishment beings it took them forever to decide on Sophia. I'm sure Amy wouldn't care if I mentioned what that name is but just in case, I'll save that for them to announce. :) I'm just so excited for them and excited to be an Auntie again. . .and again in June when Marisa is due. It is going to be so fun watching my baby sisters tum grow--I know she is going to be an adorable pregnant person. Ah, babies, babies-I love it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lucky Dog

For those of you who know me well, you know I didn't grow up with dogs and to put it nicely, was a little hesitant about ever having one myself. . .until I met Lucky Dog. He is Zach's dad's dog who lives above us. He is 98 years old in dog years which is perfect for me. He doesn't jump up on me or try to lick me. :) Rudy, Zach's dad is in Thailand for a month so we offered to take care of Lucky while he is gone. . .I mean, he would come in and hang out with us regularly anyway so it seemed the best thing to do. I LOVE IT. It is so nice having a little companion here with me during the day and I love taking him on walks. We went on a walk today down to the water facing good ol' Vashon Island. I got some pretty shots I thought I would share with you. I like to be the one holding the leash but we walk much faster than Zach. I told Zach I probably shouldn't own a dog younger than Lucky because I would have to run with him the entire time. . .for a 98 year old we walk pretty fast!

Mr. Lucky Dog

Zach and Lucky playin in the leaves

Me givin Lucky some love even though it looks like I'm strangling him, I'm really scratching him behind his ears.

The beautiful sunset and lovely Vashon Island

Monday, November 10, 2008

You gotta love em. ..

So, those of you that live with men might appreciate this story. One day I was overwhelmed with the mess we had acquired in our lovely little home so I said to Zach, "I wish sometimes you would just NOTICE that there are piles of clothes on the couch that have been there all week, I wish you would NOTICE that the floors are filthy and need to be swept and vacuumed, or that the recycling and garbage need to be taken out. I feel like a nagger when I have to ask you to do those things. . .as I am ranting on, he quietly gets up and starts putting the clothes away. . .I don't usually separate our piles because I usually am the one that puts the clothes away and can easily tell what is his and what is mine. He, on the other hand, doesn't realize these things quite so easily so he put my jeans, the only jeans I have that are short enough to wear with tennis shoes or flats with his pile of jeans. At the time, I was like, thanks Zach for doing that. . .so that same night I remembered that the Big Blue Truck was coming around our neighborhood to pick up used clothing. You leave a bag out on the street by 7:30am and they'll pick up your stuff--I love this because I never seem to make it to Goodwill, clothes sit in my trunk for months. I reminded Zach of this and said, "go through your closet and take whatever out you don't need and don't forget jeans since we just got you some new ones. He looks in his closet and grabs some things and brings them to me, literally in 2 minutes. I said, as I have the 2 pairs of jeans in my hand, "how did you choose these two pairs to give away?" He said, I just know they're old. "Okay," I think and stuff them into the bag and put it out on the street. Next day I go to grab that pair of jeans I know is clean and they are nowhere to be found. I instantly know what has happened. I was frantic, livid and trying to be a calm 32 year old. I knew I had two football games to go to that weekend that clearly I was not going to wear high heels to so I had to take the jeans I was planning on getting hemmed eventually so I would actually have 2 pairs of short jeans to a lady that could actually get the hemming done in one day. I was scared because I had never been there but she came through for me in the clutch and had the jeans done in a few hours! I don't let Zach live this story down, I definitely remind him of it every day but he also reminds me that I actually touched the jeans last before going into the give away bag. Ladies, my tip to you--let them help around the house but always thoroughly check everything they have done. I love this guy to death so I can at least laugh about it now but boy, was I mad that day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Marisa & Richie sittin in a tree. . .

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes BABY IN A BABY CARRIAGE!!!! That's right, Marisa just announced on Friday that she is pregnant. Well, I guessed it because she wasn't having our normal Friday afternoon, game day drink so when she got in my car to go to the game, I asked "so why weren't you having any drinks, are you pregnant or something?" and she just stared at me with a smile on her face. . .we aren't very good at lying. :) I grabbed her by the hair (which is hilarious) and hugged her and started crying of course. Zach was in his car behind us and all of a sudden he came knocking on the window and asked if Marisa was pregnant too because he saw us hugging too. She then announced it at Joe's game since most of the fam was there. Everyone is very excited for them!! She is very newly pregnant so we think she will be due in early June. . .which means she should have a cute tummy at my wedding. :) Sophia and Hussey Baby #2 will have another cousin to play with soon. FUN, FUN

Congratulations Marisa and Richie!!