Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wyckoff Easter 2012

Easter morning with my babes. They each loved their baskets, especially the light spinners! Abby got a Dora one and Ty's was a baseball. We will head to our good friends, Mike and Molly's for Easter dinner later today. . .

Abby loved painting Easter eggs this year--it was her first time! I can't wait til Ty can join in on the fun. Last weekend the kids enjoyed their first Easter Egg Hunt. Abby cracked me up because she ran past a ton of eggs just to get close to the bunny. So funny that she isn't scared of the bunny but wants nothing to do with the man in red!

Happy Easter everyone!

Griffin turns 3!

Yesterday we took a trip to Tenino to celebrate cousin Griffin's 3rd birthday! What a beautiful day for a drive and a birthday party. We actually got to play outside even though it was still a bit chilly. . .hey, in Washington we'll take what we can get and if that means bundling up so we can soak up the Vitamin D, then we will!

Abby and Griffin are only about 7 months apart so when they are together they look like little twins and they LOVE each other sooo much. Griffin is a "workin man" all the time hence the hard hat--gosh, even workin on his birthday--no breaks for him! :)
Abby loved playing with her cousins toys and being able to run around outside--she zonked in the car on the way home.Daddy helped get the kite up in the air!Since Abby started preschool she won't stop jumping so how much fun was it that Griffin and Sophia had a trampoline?!?!?! Here she is jumping with Lincoln. I love that her ponies are flying up in the air!Now here are just some cute pics of my beautiful family that I couldn't resist sharing. The kids LOVE their daddy and of course Dad is pretty smitten with his babes. :)

My happy baby boy, always smiling!Abby is reading bedtime stories to her little brother. . .they are so dang cute together!

A new cousin!!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 brought another new cousin to this crazy five-some. :) Auntie Tora (Kora) was dilated to a 9.5 soooo early in the day that we all thought she would have the baby by the late afternoon. . .we were wrong! Little Miss Nina Christine Minton didn't want to make her arrival to the chaos until almost 8pm that night!! The cousins all waited as long as they could in the hospital to meet Nina but by the time Kora, Nick and baby were able to have visitors it was almost 11pm!! Abby was determined to see them though so she just fell asleep for a bit before going in for the big visit. . .which ended up being a quick hello and back to sleep. :)

The new Mama and Baby Nina--exhausted after having her water break at 2am, hanging out at the hospital w/ contractions all day and pushing for 4 1/2 hours. Even though my recovery time after my c-sections was a little longer I think I'm okay with not having to go through all of that--we were in and out and enjoying the new babes in no time. :) The nurses said Kora and Nick were a good team and that they can tell Nina is a feisty one. . .hmmn, what Hussey girl doesn't have a little "feist" in them. :) It's to be expected I think.

Beautiful Nina Christine weighing in at 6 lbs. 11 oz. and only a wee 18 1/2 inches long--much smaller than we all thought this baby was going to be! Kora and Nick are the tallest in our fam and they had the shortest baby. . .I love it. I'm sure my babes will stop growing in the 6th grade and their cousin will continue to sprout long after that! HA We also thought little Nina was going to be a baby boy so it was priceless when Nick came out to tell us all the news. . .we all jumped up and down with excitement and disbelief. I even scared poor Ty because I couldn't hold in my excitement. I already sent a bag of Abby's old clothes to Nina. . .we couldn't wait to share.
We love you little Nina. We all can't wait to see you again soon and be able to spend more time with you!