Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The date is set. . .

This little Buddha Belly is will be no longer as of November 13th at 9:15am!! Aaaahhh, we just scheduled our c-section for that day and I instantly got emotional, anxious and teary eyed. :) I'm soooo excited to meet little Ty Alexander. I was reading through all the information we got on our first appointment last night and was just thinking "holy cow--I can't believe we are about to do this again!". November is going to be a very busy month for me from this point on--Nov. 6th is Abby's birthday, Nov. 13th will be Ty's (unless he chooses to come earlier), Nov.26th is Zachs and we also have Apple Cup and Thanksgiving to throw in the mix. I told Z that the ENTIRE month of May is mine for celebrating and pampering since I will be so busy in November. :) He laughed. . .I wore this shirt to my doc appointment yesterday and everyone loved it. Z and I saw it when I was pregs w/ Abs but when we went to buy it, it was sold out so Abby and he got it for me this time and gave it to me on Mother's Day--we just think it is too funny. . .and it really does fit around my Buddha Belly perfectly! Speaking of doc appointment, Ty's heartbeat is in the 150's and my blood pressure was great again. :) Everything is measuring right on and she couldn't tell how he was positioned at this point. . .he moves all the time!!!Now some cute pics of Abs--she is such a little hot shot these days. Seems so old laying on her tum to watch TV. :)We finished her two week swim class on Thursday. Daddy got to take her that day but my last day with her she decided she wanted to get out a little early. She just climbed out and walked to her towel and started bringing it to me. Okay. :) She was also the only one in class that would never high-five the teacher and she wouldn't put a life jacket on during that lesson. hmmn--little pistol!Our little reader--we do this before nap and bedtime every day. She gets soooo excited to pick out her book and get on my lap. I absolutely love it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Third Trimester!

WOW--I'm there. . .I've made it to my 3rd trimester!! woop woop I've been feeling great for the most part but am just now starting to feel like the tum is getting in the way. Bending down to pick up Abby's toys or trying to put shoes on is not the most comfortable thing right now. I am however, very thankful that sleeping has not been an issue so far. . .with Abby I was in pure misery in bed--her head was jammed right up in my ribs making it hard to breath!

This is a pic taken this morning of me in work clothes which doesn't happen very often so I had to have Z snap a shot. . .it's usually yoga pants and a tank. :) I'm almost 28 weeks along so will do my glucose test this coming week at my appointment. I'm definitely tired by the end of the day. . .in fact--I'll be beddin down here as soon as I make this post and it's only 8:15! I am also starting to feel very anxious about everything--I want Ty's bedroom done and the deck/porch done badly so I can start to feel a little more settled knowing projects are done. Since Abby came so early I just want to be prepared in case Ty follows in her footsteps. I've also been a little emotional lately just thinking about having another newborn--I love newborns and all the snuggle time you get with them. . .but I am also emotional thinking it won't just be me and my Abs anymore. I know she is going to be a wonderful big sister although it could take some getting used to--she doesn't typically like to share me with a lot of other people--especially babies! :)

Notice Abigail needing to be in the pic too. . .kinda looks like she is about to bust a move.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ocean Shores!

Kyle and Amy invited us to join them at one of their time shares in Ocean Shores. . .I don't think I've been there since college so I was really excited to go back!! The condo was great w/ 3 bedrooms and a beautiful view of the ocean. We were so close to the beach and couldn't have asked for better weather! Abby, Sophia and Griffin were so excited to be with each other that the first night us adults were definitely ready for all of them to go to bed. :) The second night was much calmer. Zach made a yummy spaghetti dinner the first night--Abby LOVED it, can you tell???? Do these beautiful girls have blue eyes or what?

Abby is really into eating everything we eat especially fruit. Here she is diggin into a nectarine. I think she thought it was an apple at first but still totally enjoyed her snack. She likes to graze all day with a little buffet of snackies on the coffee table. :)Abby's first day at the beach (aside from San Diego last September but she wasn't walking then). She really LOOOOOVED the water which was ICE COLD but she was a little unsure about the sand getting her dirty. She doesn't like stuff on her hands. . .such a prissy little girl. :) Sophia and Kyle also loved the water and stayed out in it much longer than any of us. Kyle even tried body surfing the second day when there was more sunshine--CRAZY!Finally Abby decided it was okay to get dirty!Miss Sophia modeling her beachwear. She has Abby's hat on since Abs doesn't really care to wear it and I don't really care either. Her hair is getting so blonde from the sun.Griffin could have played in the sand the entire weekend. He loved it!!More scooping. . .The fam on the beach. . .in the sun--PERFECT! We even got a kite which Abigail loved. It's clipped to the basket and just overhead of us while we played.More snacking--I thought this was hilarious because she is practically doing the splits. It was a great weekend. Even though it can get a little overwhelming with all the kids together, I do love that they have so much fun together. Thank you Kyle and Amy for inviting us! We had a wonderful time.

On other news--I had a 26 week check up yesterday and everything looks good. I've gained about 21 pounds so far. Ty's heartrate was in the 140's and he had the hiccups. My next appointment is when I have to do the Glucose test--not my favorite thing to do but the lemon lime when cold isn't horrible. . .if I drink it real fast. :) I also scheduled 2 more appointments that will put me through my 34th week. . .which is the last appointment I had with Abigail since she was born at 35 weeks. So weird to think about. . .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

24 weeks. . .

I'm 24 weeks along with this pregnancy. I feel like all I remember from being pregnant w/ Abigail is feeling uncomfortable all the time like I needed to sit straight so I could breath better but I don't know if that was when I was bigger or if it started right away. So far with Ty, I don't feel that way although bending over is getting really difficult which means picking up Abby's toys a gazillion times a day wears me out!! I also could never get comfortable sleeping with Miss Abigail but so far so good on the sleeping front with Ty--thank goodness!! I am starting to feel a little acid reflux in my throat which worries me that I am going to start getting terrible heartburn like I did with Abs. . .not looking forward to that--and I'm sure Z isn't either. :)

These are pics of me at 24 weeks with Abigail. . .in the same outfit. :) I like to compare. So far I have been a pound behind with Ty but I also started out a pound behind so I am pretty much the same. We'll see how that goes as I grow in my 3rd trimester.