Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy evening

Abby had a busy day today which meant she didn't get a whole lot of good, quality naps in. She went to yoga, then practiced sitting up. . .Then pooed out the top of her diaper which meant an early bathtime. This really confused her because as soon as she was done with her bath and dressed in her jammies she started rooting around mama's chest area even though she had just eaten. Zach and I were making dinner for ourselves and when we sat down to eat. . .She had had enough. She just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. Check out the videos below. One is of her sitting for a sec. Every time she looked at the camera she flailed backwards and landed on the pillow behind her. I was a nervous wreck, hence the short video. The next vid is absolutely hilarious. . .poor Abs was just sooo tired.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Deck Project

Okay, so this obviously isn't our deck but c'mon, I have to put at least one pic of Abigail on this post. :) She laughs and talks so much that I can hardly stand doing anything else but play with her. It is the best making her laugh out loud. When she was in Oly w/ my fam last week while I was at work Sophia started singing "Aaaabby, sweet little muffin" or sometimes it was "sweet little cupcake". So freaking cute. . .so now I sing that song to her too.Here's the fam all decked out (pardon the pun) in our finest attire for the deck demolition. I got these Hunter rain boots for Christmas and am always lookin for an exuse to put them on. I told Zach I needed them so I could do yard work. . .which hasn't happened a ton yet but it will--I promise! :) Don't look too close at this pic, I had just gotten out of the shower so my hair and face look a little scary.This picture makes our house look so Ghetto. Do you love the spot of lighter paint where the hot tub used to be??? Awesome. New paint is definitely something we will be looking into this year as well!! I can't wait. K, how cute is this? Abby would sit in her bumbo and watch Z and his Dad work outside. I think they loved it even more than she did. :)The first stages of demolition. They already have the framing all done by now because these shots were taken on Thursday. I'm so exited to have it all finished!! More pics soon. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer is right around the corner. . .

We had some pretty weather last week so Abby and I played outside on a blanket. We were out there when Zach got home from work so we all hung out for awhile. She loves being outside! Zach and his dad start building our new deck this week so soon we will have a great area to play during the day--I can't wait.

I have no make up on in this pic. . .working from home usually gives me no reason to wear make up so I don't. :) Zach prefers the natural look which is kinda funny--I always feel like a little eye make up makes me look a little better but I hate putting it on so I love that he is okay with a make-upless wife. This is the last pic I have of me without my new bangs--that I hate! I just got some thin little ones but I can't stand them. I had to cut them or else I would have talked about wanting to do it forever so now I just have to work on the grow out process. FUNLast night I had yoga so Abs got a night alone with Dad. This is a cute pic of her after bath helping Dad get dinner ready. All of her jammies were in the wash so she is just in a onesie--which actually was okay because it was warm last night in the kitchen! She loves eating her finger lately.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Infant & Me Yoga

Can I just say that I love this class! I went today with Abigail for the first time since she was born. I did my prenatal yoga classes at the same place so knew eventually I would want to come back with Abby someday. . .there were a few gals there that I actually took prenatal yoga with so it was kind of fun to see some familiar faces. We did a few things just for baby, a few things just for mama and a few things together for the both of us. Abby loved watching us and stared at the other babies if they cried or talked. I got to give her a massage. . .which she gets every night before bed already so she was in heaven getting a second one. . .and she fell asleep shortly after when Zach and I met for lunch. :) She did baby sit ups. . .which we actually do quite a bit too--She holds onto my thumbs and I pull her up to a sitting position. She's very good at this and likes to sometimes take it into a standing position. I also got to put her on my legs and do crunches up to her for a kiss. We've done something like this with her before as well so she was a yoga pro. It was just fun being in a class with other moms and babies about Abby's age. . .especially a fairly relaxing environment. We also took advantage of the warm weather and played out on a blanket (in the shade--don't worry) for awhile. When I went to pilates this evening Zach got to clean up TWO blow outs. hee hee, she did this for him the other night too and he texted me a pic of Abby in the bath with "emergency bath" as the caption. Hilarious. . .to me at least. :) He is such a good daddy cleaning her all up, combing her hair, feeding her and getting her all ready for beddy by all by the time I got home. She is so dang cute after a bath. I love my little family. . .

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Birthday!

This weekend was wonderful! It was my birthday, Kyle's birthday, Mother's Day and Val's wedding. . .so many things to celebrate!! Here is the Wyckoff family in front of Kora and Nick's house getting ready to head out for Val and Des's wedding. Abigail stayed back w/ Kora and my parents. She had a great time although she was a pill and wouldn't eat! I am trying to get her to eat formula every once in awhile because I am tired of pumping and don't have any more milk back up but. . .ABBY DOES NOT LIKE FORMULA--If anyone has any tips on how to make this transition easier please give it to me. She takes the bottle just fine when its my pumped milk but the formula really ticks her off. If I can't get her to start eating it then my trip to Napa in June is going to be a bust. . .and I really want to go to Napa. I love my baby soooo much but mama loves her some wine too and time away w/ the girls so would really love to escape for this little short getaway. . .we'll see though. . .Napa may have to wait.Blowing out my candles. I had my fave cake--cherry chip w/ pink frosting! I then had a piece of cake at Val's wedding which was AWESOME. . .probs the best wedding cake I've had ever or at least that I can remember.Abigail w/ Gramps in ah over Kora's ceiling fan. She couldn't take her eyes off it. We might have to get one for our house. :) Another cutie-tootie pic of Abs and her Gramps. . .gosh, she is so freaking cute.

We celebrated Mother's Day at the Olympia Golf & Country Club where Kora and Nick are going to get married. . .It was sooooo beautiful. The view is absolutely amazing. I can't believe I've lived in Oly for most of my life and I never knew that place was there. Can't wait for their wedding--beautiful views, great weather, family, friends and a huge celebration--it's going to be perfect!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our bigga 6th Month Old!

Our little girl celebrated her 6 month birthday yesterday-wow, how time flies! She had her doc check up yesterday too and did great once again. Here are the stats--she's a bigga girl!
Height-27 in. 90th %
Weight-17lbs. 75th %
Head-17 3/8th 90th %
She has grown about 2 inches in the past two months and gained a little over 2 lbs. The doc asked how tall I was and how tall Zach was and seemed a bit surprised at how tall Abs was. hee hee--we definitely did not get tall genes so aren't sure where her height is coming from. We are going to start feeding her solids this month--exciting. Doc thinks maybe she needs more calories. . .did she see Abby's thighs?? kidding
This cute pic is of Abby in the morning. Zach is holding her and had the same hairdo as her but wouldn't let me post him in the pic even though it was adorable so here is Abby at least just lookin so cute. . .and knowing it. :) "oh hi Mom, I'm so cute, aren't I?"

A fun video I captured one morning. I absolutely love getting Abby in the morning because she is always so happy and excited to see us. This particular morning she had a massively HUGE diaper full of lots of treats for Mommy to clean up. . .what a great way to start the day. :)