Monday, March 31, 2008

This weekend

Westport was great! As planned, Zach and I didn't do much but laze around and watch the waves and movies all weekend. The weather was stormy one minute and sunny the next the whole time we were there. I love going to the condos because they are BIG and have a huge kitchen, something I lack. :) It's fun playing house there. AND, there was a Grand Opening of the Wesport Winery so we did go there to do some wine tasting. . .and bought some wine of course!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vacations by the Sea

Westport here we come! Zach and I decided we needed a little vacation and my mom's best friend has a condo at Westport so we're on our way. We stayed there this summer and loved it. . .there's not much to the town but the condo's are beautiful and so close to the water. We plan on just bringing some movies, snuggly clothes and having a few days of total relaxation. I can't wait! It will be pretty stormy there but that's fine by me. . .blustery weather is fun to watch when you're inside by a fire. Below are some pics from the website. . .MaryBeth's condo doesn't look exactly like that but it gives you an idea. . .Thanks MaryBeth and Don!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I can barely even work today I'm so nervous about this afternoon's game. It would be so awesome for the Cougs to beat the #1 team. . .
East Bracket
No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels (34-2, 14-2 in the ACC)No. 4 Washington State Cougars (25-8, 11-7 in the Pac 10)
Why North Carolina could win: The offense has kicked it into high gear at just the right time. Just when it seemed like the Tar Heels were mortal with a rough run through the ACC tournament, they blew up for 221 points in the first two games. Washington State has been playing unbelievable defense so far, but now it has to show it can keep up with an athletic team that can run. Even with Wazzu's terrific performance, Luke Harangody still owned the boards. UNC should dominate on the glass; the Cougars won't get any offensive rebounds.
Why Washington State could win: Can the Cougars keep the pace slow? Notre Dame has a high-octane attack that was kept under wraps. If they could hold the Irish to 24 percent shooting, they can keep the Tar Heels from coming up with a big day from the perimeter. This is a grinding Wazzu team that tends to force teams to play at its level. If the Cougars can keep the Tar Heels from getting on the move and can hit outside shots, they have a chance. Tony Bennett's team does all the little things right; it's not going to lose the free throw battle.
What will happen: With several days to prepare, UNC will get the offense moving a bit too much for Wazzu to keep up. This won't be another 100-point night for the Tar Heels, but they'll be able to pull away late and the Cougars won't be able to respond. Whatever!! We will be able to respond! Bring it!!
Prediction: North Carolina 73 ... Washington State 64
Line: North Carolina -8

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter was so fun this year because Sophia was just too dang cute. I got her red cowboy boots for Christmas and they fit now so she wore them all day on Saturday at my cousin's horse show. She was very proud of them so we made her put them on at Easter dinner with her Easter outfit. . .she's also showing us her teeth.Now it was time for her to perform. We turn on orchestra type music and she does ballet for us. Check out her pigtails. . .
Now it's time for a quick yoga session. . .Nice Chatteronga! (however you spell it)Lastly, it was time for her to show us her jewelry. . .she wore it all day. :) Can you see it (a ring and a bracelet) I love Sophes sooo much! Her personality is hilarious.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Moving Day

Well, Kora and I are going to be near (more near) each other again soon. Today we are moving her into the apartment next door. Her kitchen will look into my bedroom. . .guess I should make sure my bllinds are always shut! When she graduated from college we lived together in Factoria, then moved to Kirkland together (my favorite apartment), then to Queen Anne together. I broke up with her to live with a guy--BIG MISTAKE! although it did lead us to finally living on our own and loving it. For the past few years she's lived on top of the hill and I've lived on the lower Westside of the hill. We can walk to each other's places. Anyways, her apartment building is being torn down so they can build nicer condos and the apartment next door to me was available. It's very similar to mine (I actually think its a little cuter) :). It will be fun to be so close again. ..almost like we live together. My family jokes and calls us Aunt Katherine & Mary because we had Great Aunts that lived together til they both passed. . .we're kinda the new generation of that. We used to call our old apartment on QA, the K & K B & B because my mom and family members came up and stayed with us so much. It will be fun to be together (kinda) again. Praying for dry weather for the next couple of hours while we move. . .

Aunt Katherine & Mary playing with Sophes

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last year all the Hussey sisters and my Mom went to see Tim and Faith in concert. We all had a little drinky-poo before the concert started. I actually sat with some friends so when I finished my wine I went to my seats. My mom and sisters decided to get another glass of wine before heading in to see T & F. . .my mom carefully put all the glasses in her purse so they could drink in the arena (which you are not supposed to do). She's 56 years old and pulling shananagans like that! She tends to get a little excited for 1. being with all her daughters at one time, 2. being in the big city, 3. being at a concert, especially one with Tim. . .I got tickets to see Alan Jackson on May 9th so Zach and I, Kyle and Amy and I thought Kora and Nick would go but my mom found out because we assumed she would be the babysitter for Sophes. . .she couldn't believe we didn't ask if she would want to go. OOPS! So, now I'm letting Kora and her figure out who is going to use the 2 extra tickets. My dad hates concerts so I'm anxious to see what happens. Maybe Gramps will babysit and Kora and my Mom will go.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I really hope the Luck of the Irish is with us this week. . .I'm already nervous about Thursday's game. GO COUGS! Here are some shots of last St. Patrick's Day. . .We went to Port Angeles to Working Girl Winery. I know it's not Green Beer but it sure was good! Aren't these glasses great? Leah bought them for us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's My BFFAE

Would you still be my friend if I looked like this?I found this picture and it made me laugh. I love that we are in our 30's and still acting like dorks. We think we're soooo funny! Yes, I'll still be your friend. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bearded Lady

I walked all through the Whistler Village like this. . .Zach and Lorissa about peed their pants laughing at all the stares I got. I think I should try out to be the Sonics Mascot.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're Done. . .Kinda

The Dry Month is done! So, I'm not perfect. . .I ended up sneaking a drink or two 3 times out of 29 days. Still pretty good I'd say! I am trying to not drink on the weekdays for Lent so I have a few more weeks of discipline to go.