Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday of course meant football. Kyle and Jason came up to go to the Husky game and I also went to this game with Zach. While tailgating I turned around and said, "Hey isn't that Don James or something?" The guys turned around to see Coach Lambright (Lambo). . .so it wasn't Don James, I was pretty impressed that I at least recognized him to be a Husky Coach from the past. :) Well, a few drinks in and Kyle and Jason were ready to introduce themselves (and bring me along to take pictures). Then Jeff and Zach thought they better go over and talk to the Coach as well. It was very fun for these guys--a true highlight of their day.Today Zach and I decided to take a drive to Snohomish to look at the trees as they start changing colors and then to go antiquing. I love that Zach likes to do this too!! We were surprised to see that there was an old car show going on so lots of action and lots of fun cars to look at. Zach is not much of a car person but I was loving it. Here are a few shots. . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Great to be an Auntie

I just had to post this picture because I think it is so dang cute. As usual, I am holding Sophia because all I ever want to do is hold her and squeeze her (just like how I used to be with Joe) :) She is at such a fun age. (Wish Michelle was here for the Auntie pic but we'll get another one) For some reason it does look like I have chipmunk cheeks or I'm playing chubbie bunny. Oh well. hee hee

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hussey Ram Fans

Joe had his first HOME game of the season last night against Black Hills. North Thurston played a great game and Joe had some wonderful passes which helped NT take away the 34-6 victory!! On the way into the game, we spotted Big Blue and got some snapshots in front of it--GO RAMS Here's the link to the Olympian's article: