Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How do I do it all?

I work full time from home, I am also a stay at home mom with Abigail. I used to work out on a very regular basis. . .biking, Pilate's, body pump, treadmill. . .I felt great. I know there are people who work out all through their pregnancy---I'm not one of those people. I started to slack on working out full time during my 3rd trimester because I got winded very easily and was scared I would pass out in class (those who know me, know I have a track record for passing out). Well actually I slacked on the 1st trimester too because I felt like crap. Then Abby was born and of course I couldn't do anything for 6 weeks due to the c-section. When she was still real little I tried getting back into the gym but had to go in the evenings when Zach got home which I hated because I was tired and just wanted to eat dinner and veg as a family together. I used to do all my working out in the middle of the day since I worked from home which was perfect for me because I could get my day started and then take a break to work out which helped me through the rest of the day. . .evening would come and I could hang out with Zach. With Abby though, I didn't want to take her to the gym daycare when she was that young because I was scared. NOW I feel like I am just too busy during the day with work and Abby. ..if she is sleeping I am working my ass off to get as much done as possible before she wakes up and when she is awake I am still working while also feeding her, playing with her and making sure she doesn't get hurt or break something or whatever.
With all of that being said--how the hell do mom's out there find time to work out again??? What do you do to motivate yourself? I don't feel like waking up extra early or working out at night because after Abs goes to sleep I usually work a little more, clean up the house from the day and VEG--I am so exhausted that working out sounds horrible. . .but I feel so out of shape compared to how I felt before getting pregers.
I just don't feel like guys understand what we go through with this battle so to all of you working moms out there--HELP! What do you do? How do you fit it all in each day? I need motivation, words of encouragement, anything as long as it is coming from a girl--I can't take advice on this from a male. . .unless of course you are a stay at home dad who also works full time. . .then maybe I'll listen a little. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A weekend in Oly

This weekend Abby and I made a trek to Olympia/Tenino to visit the fam before Grammy/Grampy and Kyle/Amy and the kids left for a week long getaway in Hawaii. Abigail hadn't seen her cousins since Christmas!! It was gorgeous on Saturday so we took advantage of that and played outside with the kids for awhile. It was so refreshing to be out in the crisp winter air. Kyle and Amy's home and property are so beautiful to run around on.
Here's Abigail with Grammy. Can you even believe my parents are celebrating their 60/40 this year? 60 years of life and 40 years of that life together!!! WOW I think my mama looks so young in these pics--60? You gotta be joking me! :)

Amy and Kyle's "Mother in Law" cottage--just the perfect size for Mom. . .please make note--they're all standing in this house. . .HAHAHA--KIDDING. .. Only Abs and Griff are. :) We thought that was such a funny joke when we saw this pic. hee heeI think this is Abby's first swing ride and she loved it. She figured out how to pump it to make the swing go all on her own w/ no pushing. So smart. :)Ahh, now it's Sunday night and I am sad the weekend is over. I'm just not ready to start another week. . .at least we are supposed to get sun for quite a few of the days.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A nice little Saturday

A few Saturdays ago I was up with Abby and she decided to sit in the chair with me to look at her book while I was reading mine. I got my Iphone out and videoed it and she could see what I was filming cuz it has that awesome feature on it. . .which Abby loves--she is so into watching videos of herself. Enjoy! :)

She's getting ready to watch it with me again now. hee hee, such a ham

Monday, January 17, 2011

My little shaggerdoodle

So I'll warn you this video is a little long but I wanted to capture how Abigail just sits amongst her books and toys and plays so quietly and nicely. . .especially when I turn her new music CD on. The basket of toys is like a surprise every time. You just never know what you're gonna get when you reach in and grab. If you listen real close towards the end you can hear me nose laughing because Abby is cracking me up for some reason. . .she soon hears me and giggles too. How much is that doggy in the window?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jingle Bells

So Christmas songs are over and done with but Abby and I worked on this one quite a bit over the holidays. I think we should go on the road together. This is the exact reason why she is going to music classes starting tomorrow. . .the girls loves to gig!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Abs got these sunglasses as a hand me down from her cousin Sophia but they are still a little big even for Abby's huge head. We've played with them so much, putting them on her head and ours that she knows to do that now so she'll stick them on and think she is just hilarious. . .and she is. :) Here's the little goofball at snack time just sportin the shades even though its dark outside. Her personality cracks me up every day. She is really starting to figure things out. Her little wheels are spinning all the time and I love watching it. Every night she literally conks out and I think its because she not only goes, goes, goes physically but mentally as well. Our little busy body. :)

My work holiday party

Since I work in the hospitality industry we always have our holiday party in January when all the holidays are over since we get so many parties that time of year. This year Zach and I dropped Abigail off at Grammy and Grampy's and headed out to the resort for a "lovers" get away. hee hee We had a waterfront view room so this is what we looked out to--sooo beautiful! The party was actually tons of fun and I even won a night stay to Salish Lodge so we were both VERY excited about that. We are hoping to use the gift certificate this month to take advantage of the cozy fireplaces in each of the guestrooms. I can't wait!The Grinch even made an appearance to our party. . .weird--he never left the bar!Zach didn't like that I snuck a kiss in. . .Always one that has a few too many--oops. I'm scared to see what her dress looks like in the front. I feel like we could possibly see nips as it appears the dress has shifted down--YIKES.Such a fun party. Thanks Grams and Gramps for letting Abigail have a sleepover at your place and thanks Aunt Kora for watching her in the morning til we got there. . .wish you could have watched her all day. Mama was a little tired, a little headachy!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life w/ the Wyckoffs

This is Abigail's new favorite place to go and play. . .what fun toys. . .and so many!Abby is pretty good about trying new foods. . .here she is having a pickle for the first time. She seemed to really enjoy "licking the pickle". Sophia said that once and we all about died so I couldn't help myself. :)

I love this shot of Abs. As you've probably realized, she really likes looking out the window. I just think the COLD snow outside looks awesome. . .and by the way--we still have snow here since its been so cold. We finally got some melting today.A cute pic of Dad and babe. Abby always tries to type on our computers and is a genius with the remote control. She gets the TV to do things we didn't even know were possible.Over Christmas break we had people over to meet Andrew Yasenak for the first time. I liked this shot since we got 4 different babies and age groups--Abby, Gwen, Anderson and Drew. It was really fun seeing everyone and sorta having a little play date. Abby just loves being around other kids so it was perfect. We signed up for a music class that we'll start going to once a week for the next 10 weeks. I think Abigail is going to love it--I'm so excited.

Just a few random pics I had and wanted to share. Hope everyone's week back after break has been going well.