Saturday, March 27, 2010

The many looks of Miss Abigail. . .

The first ever female Pope. . .she says "Only Milk on Fridays during Lent"Hey, could someone get me my cocktail and cigi?
Nobody wears slobber on their chin quite as cute as I do.Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?I love life!Yeah, it's Saturday! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. My babies are sleeping still so I'm doing my favorite thing--drinking coffee, watching TV and reading. . .well and Posting. :) A year ago this weekend is when Zach and I found out we were pregnant with our beautiful baby girl. Man, how time flies--next weekend is our 1 year anniversary. We are headed back to the Alexis Hotel for our first overnight away from Abigail. My parents are going to take care of her ALL night which means I can celebrate w/ more than 1 glass of wine--I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our visit w/ Miss Birdie

So I finally booked a flight to NC to visit Bird. Ever since she moved out there I have been saying I would go see her and her new home. . .it never happened until now! Abigail joined me which was interesting. It is a big job flying across the country with a little one by yourself. I never thought I would use the bathroom with a baby strapped to the Bjorn. . .FUN. Abs did pretty good on the plane. Cried a little right at the beginning of each flight but then did great. Slept a little, played a little. I, of course, didn't sleep at all though on the flight out there which was a red eye and I had been up since 4:30am so ended up being awake for more than 24hours--haven't pulled an all nighter in quite some time.
Here is a shot of Abs and I on Bird's front porch. Her neighborhood is so cute w/ all these Southern little houses. Everyone has a porch w/ rockers! We enjoyed a glass of wine out front while the sun was setting. It was beautiful and we got lucky with the temp being in the 70's all weekend--loved it! You'll also notice the Huge A*@ bow in Abby' hair. . .another big thing in the South are bows--big bows. . .so we had to get one for Abby. This particular bow also has an A embroidered in it. Everyone down there are also REALLY into embroidering their initials on EVERYTHING. Bird said if they could embroider their sh*t they would. :) While Bird makes fun of it, she has also embraced it and has initials on quite a bit of her things as well. hee heeMiss Bird and Avery enjoying lunch w/ Abby and I outside. There was a little shopping center like U Village near Bird's house so we took the girls up there for a day of shopping. It was basically a girls weekend because Kelly had to work and Reese stayed at a friends house all weekend. We didn't get any pics of all of us unfortunately. :( Avery and Reese LOVED Abby. The girls and their bows. Isn't Avery's hair just beautiful?Bird and the girls. . .so while in NC w/ Bird I noticed something quite freaky--she is a younger version of my mother!! Notice the apron she has on. . .I got that for her as a "hostess gift" because she wears an apron all day long just like my mother. She was so excited when she opened this gift because the apron she usually wears was a wedding present which means its 8 years old. . .now she has a few to choose from. :) She also never sits down, drinks Diet Coke, put an ice cube in our wine, is diligent about using place mats w/ every meal and irons every day--all traits of my mother. . .too scary. My mom said "well at least I know you are being taken good care of" and we were, we definitely were. Another cute shot of the girls before bedtime.Thanks Kristy for such a fun weekend. I still wish you lived near me so we could play together more often--not real sure I can make that cross country trip w/ Abs again--whew! Everything was just perfect. XOXOXO

Lovin on Daddy

Such a sweet moment. . .

This cute little outfit is from Tanya. It looked so big in the drawer that I can't believe my baby is big enough to wear it. It is so soft and adorable and you know me--I love red so this is a perfect little outfit for Miss Abigail. :) Thanks Tans

Happy St. Patty's Day

This is a little late but since I left for NC on St. Patrick's Day I didn't get a chance to post yet. My mom took care of Abigail all day and had her all dressed up in her greens. . .including the cute barrette Amy made her. If you look closely you can see that her pants had shamrocks all over them. Too cute.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bunny Feet

How could you not want to constantly squeeze this little one?? Those cute bunny feet are to die for.

My little snuggy-bug just doin her "sleepy talk" She does this when she is about to fall asleep. Please note she is in her swing in this video so it may make you a little dizzy--sorry. :)

Slobber Bobber

If you look real close you can see the frothy, slobbery bubbles coming out of Abby's mouth--it reminds me of when you put too much soap in the washing machine--WOW! Abby has this frothy concoction coming out of her mouth pretty much 24/7 so we let her hold onto a burp cloth all the time--it's like her blankie which is actually really cute. By the end of the day it is soaking wet!I love this pic--The little scowl on her face cracks me up. . .Still glistening w/ slobber on the chin.And here's our happy baby girl doing her new favorite trick--standing! Check out her right thigh--it looks disjointed. HA She's so strong.On Saturday we had a nice visit w/ Zach's mom. It was fun hearing stories about when Zach was little. . .like how he used to store food in his cheeks, fall asleep, wake up and continue eating. hee hee You can get rull, rull tired when you're eating. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

She did it. . .

Abby slept in her crib last night!! We did our nighttime routine of her sitting in our bed while I get ready for bed, read a few books, one last feeding and then usually she is out like a light. After she fell asleep I moved her to her crib. . .she opened her eyes for a sec and then went right back to sleep. Slept til 2:30am, ate, and slept again til 6:30am. Abby actually did better than us--Zach was awake pretty much all night and I kept finding myself staring at the video monitor making sure I could see her breathing. When she woke up at 2:30 Zach jumped up to get her as soon as he heard the first tiny sound. I think tonight will be easier. :) I always let her sleep in our bed after the early morning feeding since Zach and I usually get up shortly after so below is a shot of her empty bed where she slept like a big girl all night. . .and here is a shot of her snuggled in our big ol bed--she loves it and she always looks so cute.I just have to post these next pics taken after bath time today. Hairs all combed and cheesy smile is in place--snap the shot mom!Does this white t-shirt make my legs look big?Me being a dork and trying to capture a pic of us together. . .she kept smiling as soon as the camera flashed so I would miss it every time.I know I post a gazillion pictures of Abby but I just have to show her off because I think she is so stinking adorable. I'm a pretty proud mama.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 month check up

Abby had her 4 mo. check up today and did great! Her stats are:
Length: 25 1/4in. 85th%
Weight: 14lbs. 12oz. 75th%
Head: 16 1/2in. 75th%
So all in all, a pretty big baby girl!! She has grown 3 inches in the past 2 months and gained about 3lbs. Dr. Miller said she is right on developmentally as well. . .we are so proud of our little premie. :) I was much more prepared for her immunizations this time. . .I knew she needed 5 but wasn't sure how many shots that meant so was a little scared. Come to find out she only needed 2 shots and one oral immunization. She actually took the shots like a champ but didn't really want anything to do w/ the oral one. . .she wouldn't swallow! It was actually kinda sad because she was looking at me like "why are you doing this to me? w/ her crocodile tear". She only cried for a sec w/ the shots and we were on our way. She definitely deserves a new Barbie for good behavior. hee hee

This is our happy baby AFTER the appointment so as you can see--it didn't phase her at all, happy as a clam! I always like to have her wear snuggly outfits to the doc in case her legs hurt afterwards so she sported this cute pant onesie from Becky. . .it is the softest little outfit ever--I wish I had more!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A perfect Saturday...

Saturday was so beautiful!! Zach, Abby and I had a late breakfast at our fave spot--Woodinville Cafe, and then decided to drive into Redmond so Zach could rent his snow shoes for a hike he took on Sunday. On our way to REI we had to pass Matthews Winery so we decided we should probably have a taste. . .nothin like gettin them started early! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just talkin away. . .

She has been talking our ears off today. . .take a listen. :)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

This time 4 months ago I was about to head into the operating room for my C-Section. I can't even believe it's been 4 months. Here is a shot of Abs sleeping under her toys. I think it's so cute when babies play til they zonk.Of course, Abby rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time while mom and dad were on date night so Grams and Gramps saw it first. We aren't sure if we believe Gram though since they didn't catch it on video. :) Kidding, we know she did it. hee heeHere's a shot of the mobile Amy, my mom, Marisa and I made for Abby. There was already a hook in that spot so we just tried it out there but I think we will end up hanging it closer to Abby's bed. She does love laying in bed looking at it and the light of course. :)A shot of her looking at her new mobile. Isn't this shirt so cute, especially paired w/ her Baby Legs? Uncle Charlie and Aunt Julie bought her that cutie-tute shirt. (Zach's cousin and girlfriend but we call him Uncle since Zach doesn't have any brothers) I just want to squeeze her every time I look at this pic. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

My sweet ballerina

Uh mom, I don't want to dance, I just want another cookie--gah!

My twinner's cute family

Sometimes the cutest pics are the unexpected ones. . .as you can see no one was too dressed up for this pic but as I was leaving their house they were all standing there like that so I had to hop back out of the car and capture the shot. Doesn't their house look so cute in the background? Amy does a wonderful job on the little garden area.