Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wow. . .it's been awhile

I feel so horrible that I haven't blogged like every day since Ty's arrival. . .I practically did that with Abby. . .BUT with a two year old running around I just don't have as much time as I did when it was just a newborn SLEEPING all day. :)
Our little man is a month old and I'm starting to feel like I finally have a bit of sanity. I'm getting used to a little less sleep than usual and I feel like I am finally figuring out how to juggle two babies and a full time job. . .well, I've figured out how to juggle it while Zach is home---kinda scared for him to leave me alone to fend for myself. AAAAHHHH :)
These pictures are a little backwards so we'll start talking about now and work our way back. Last weekend we visited Alderbrook Resort & Spa to enjoy their Winter Wonderland and Santa. Seriously, anyone living in this area w/ kids--you need to start planning a night out there in December. The place is magical with tons of decorations, lights, an indoor swimming pool--a child's dream!! Us adults had a really fun time too. Ty's first visit with the big man in red. So far so good--we'll see how he does next year. :)
Abby didn't want anything to do with Santa. . .again. I thought she would maybe be okay with him this year since we've talked about him and she says his name whenever she sees pictures of him. . .well, her version of his name which sounds more like "peepee cock." tee hee hee, LOVE when she says it. She also calls anything Christmas related, "Christmas lights" and gets very excited.

Since Dad has been home he has taken Abby swimming once each week. She loves it and gets so excited to go. She couldn't wait to get in the pool w/ Daddy and her cousins. Now whenever we talk about going to the pool she says "Sophes?". . .I so wish we lived closer so Sophes could actually go swimming with her more often. Abigail LOVES her cousins and gets sooo excited to see them. When she walked into their hotel room she just stopped and screamed w/ excitement. It's so fun to watch and I hope they always stay this close.
Our little baby model walking to the pool-could this picture be any cuter?
On Friday when we got the resort I had to meet with a client so Dad was in charge! When I got back to the room they were all just waking up from a nap in our hotel room that was a sauna--Dad had turned the heat up!
Abby took the pillow off the bed and laid on the floor to fall asleep. . .with one boot on.
This is just a random pick of Ty looking so dang adorable. My mom got this sweater along with a Cougar one like it for Abigail but she never wore them. . .we didn't have a jacket for Ty so I tried this on him and it looks great. . .well besides the fact that its purple and gold. :) He is totally smiling already and really studies things when he is awake.
My little babies under the tree. Abigail LOVES her baby brother. I was so worried how she was going to react after his arrival but she has been so good with him. She has her 2 year old moments but they usually have nothing to do with Ty. She kisses him good night every night and is always worried about where he is. She helps burp him after he eats and she always asks "whats that" when he toots. She says "Hi Ty" in her own special voice. . .I think she is trying to say it in a grown up voice. . .it sounds really cute.
I wonder what he is dreaming about--seems to be making him really happy. This is Abs wearing my hat while hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. She had tons of fun walking through all the trees and puddles with her boots.
Daddy and Ty just like to watch and critique the tree decorating.
And the tree all decorated with Miss Abigail in her morning lounge spot.
Another cute shot of our little man. Gosh, I find myself just wanting to stare at him and kiss him all the time. He is just so cute and he's getting so chunky--I love it. I have some beautiful babies, that is for sure. Yes, I have to brag. :)
When we give Ty a bath Abigail is always right there to help and then she gets to bathe her baby too.
Ty right after his first bath--He loves the bath. . .wish he loved his carseat as much!!
So that was a quick recap of our month as a family of four. I will try to post more often!!