Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family of 4 on its way. . .

That's right--we're (I'm) having a baby. . .again! Pretty much exactly 2 years apart from Abigail. I am in my 7th week so its still very early. If we've done our figuring correctly the due date will be about Nov. 18th (Abby's birthday is Nov. 6th). If this baby comes early like Abs we could have him/her in October otherwise my whole fam will have November birthdays except me since Z is Nov. 26th. :) Our first doc appointment is April 12th. Please send us prayers and good thoughts that everything continues to go well and baby is healthy. I am just starting to get into the "sick" phase which I hate (told Z I don't know if I can do this again. . .he was ok with that :)). I puked twice last night. Not fun. . .especially with a full time job and a little one who has been sick too. Soooo, here we go again--can't wait to get into the 2nd trimester when I feel better. We're excited for our family to grow and for Abigail to have a brother or sister to play with soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

16 months and counting. . .

I thought I better post about some of Abigail's milestones since I have been neglecting her baby book the past few months. So little girl here's some things you do and say--
you walk, climb--the other day I found you standing on the fireplace!! NO NO NO, you have tantrums to get your way. . .and it works some of the time, you snuggle on my chest before bed time and I love it so much, you dance when a beat comes on that inspires you, you pat your legs when our music class music comes on, you kiss me on the lips, you blow kisses although most of the time you forget to blow--you just keep the kiss to yourself, you like putting stickers in your Fancy Nancy book, you still LOVE flipping through books especially ones with flaps and things to feel, you'll even grab my finger (or Daddy's, Uncle Kyle's or Grammy or Grampy's) to have us touch the page too, you eat pretty much everything we offer you but when you are done--you are definitely done, you let us know that by shaking your head side to side while closing your eyes, ha, you're not dramatic at all :), you sleep through the night and you still take two naps during the day--Mama loves it! You love brushing your teeth. You say Daddy, Dada, Mama, kitty, woof woof, uh-oh and are so close to saying so much more!! Mom and Dad love you so much and can't believe how big you are getting. You are such a strong, tough little girl (which your dad loves. . .and so do I actually :). I definitely think you already have your mama's "spunk" which can be very humorous but also challenging at times.
Here are some great pics from the past week. Last night Zach put my head lamp on Abby and she LOVED it--we were dying!!!(yes, Z and I have head lamps for when the lights go out---great for playing board games in the dark)This picture is priceless!Zonked after a long weekend at Grammy & Grampy's with all the fam!Oh yes, you also color now. It keeps you pretty busy when we go out to eat which is nice. Sometimes you like to throw the crayons though. Notice--Abs is a lefty just like her Dad and Grandpa Rudy!!Ahh, another thing you love to do---go up and down the stairs. . .All. the. time. Sometimes we have to carry you up or else you would NEVER get off of them.So many new things--all fun and exciting, that's for sure!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our little toddler

All Abby wants to do lately is walk. She wouldn't go to bed the other night because she wanted to walk, walk, and walk some more. It's really cute. By the end of the night though she looked like a drunk college student because she was so tired she could barely walk or stand. Here she is enjoying a stroll w/ Dad after dinner on Friday.She's got a tight grip on his finger. :)This picture makes me wonder where my baby went?? I think she looks like such a toddler and not so much baby anymore. :( She is in a HUGE snuggle phase w/ me right now which most of the time I absolutely love. . .most of the time. :)WOW--Uncle George is going to love how much Abigail adores her toothbrush and toothpaste. When we let her get a hold of the toothpaste she WON'T put it down. . .here she is carrying it around in her mouth so she can crawl.And here she is with it in her mouth again. . .just cuz that's how she rolls. ???? I literally have to hide it from her and start doing something else to distract her or she gets REALLY mad and this girl loves her some yelling and tantrums from time to time lately :( which is AWESOME. I can't believe Abs is 16 months old! Time flies when you're having fun.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A girl and her baskets

Abigail is in full toddler mode. . .crawling and climbing into and onto everything. She is really getting the walking thing down too. She particularly loves climbing into baskets like she is a little kitty. . .
The laundry basket. . .The paper recycling basket. . .The toy basket--she really tried hard to get into this one but only ended up on one side of it. . .And the blanket basket. . .which I've moved from the floor because it is not sturdy enough to hold her and with the weight of her noggin, she topples over very easily. hee hee

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The bathroom remodel begins

Okay, so I have to start with a pic of Abs even though this has nothing to do with the bathroom remodel. :) She is a total toddler now. . .climbing on everything, walking even more and becoming ever so vocal. HA
My little helper always right at my heels.Now on to the bathroom. . .A before pic. I've always wanted a blue and white bathroom as you can see w/ the towels--just not the color blue that was already on the wall. Goodbye Crayola Crayon Blue and goodbye awesome floor and vanity!

Oh yah and goodbye Tetris tile--what were they thinking??? They did the same thing in the master bathroom too. . .which means that will be our next project.
Zach was in charge of demo. . .
which led to this. :) C'mon--most DIY projects have at least one mistake. Here's ours and the great thing is--Zach is the master at patching up holes so I didn't even stress. A little baseball hole--no big deal!And onto the NEW--white subway tile for the bathtub. I'm in love with subway tile and am sooo excited for this to be complete. Zach also repainted the walls a darker more navy style blue and the ceilings a new bright white. We will do white wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls and get a new Hickory vanity. There will be new slate tile on the floor that I am also really excited about. They are rectangular shaped instead of large squares. More pics to come as we progress through this transformation. It all should be done sometime next week. . .And of course I have to end with a pic of my little munchkin. This is where Abigail is getting baths during this remodel. I actually like it a lot because there is less bending over so my back thanks me but I think Abby still likes her big tub. :)