Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Buddy, My Buddy and me. . .

Abigail is definitely my buddy. She loves to do everything I do and be everywhere I am from putting on make up w/ me to cleaning out the dishwasher with me. She's my little shadow and most of the time I think it's absolutely adorable. . .there are only a few times when it gets to be a little much and I need my space--not very often though. :) Here we are being silly for a text pic to Daddy!And here we are on a little walk up at Salish Lodge. . .she loves going on walks and will hold my finger most of the time. Sometimes she gets bold and confident and decides she doesn't need to hold my hand. . .like when we are walking around together in the front yard/street.And this is our little Ewok who loves her blankie as much as I love mine. . .Yah, I still sleep w/ mine at age 35, no big deal. :) She was getting quite upset every time her blankie fell off her head so I had to clip it and she would walk around sorta looking up with her hands in what looked like a folded position--total Virgin Mary. hee hee I love my Buddy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Compare. . .

Here I am at 19 weeks w/ Baby Dubs. . .And here I am at 19 weeks w/ Abigail Kristine. . . What do you think? Do I look bigger now? the same? riding lower? higher? Do you think it's a boy or girl? Tell me, tell me. :)

I think in the pic I actually look a little bigger now although I am actually weighing a little less than I was w/ Abs (smaller boobs this time and less muscles) :(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend I had a baby shower to go to on Saturday so Zach and Abby had a fun day in downtown Seattle going to Ivars and the Aquarium. They both love their one on one time together. Even though I missed Abs it felt so nice being able to go to a shower that I wasn't hosting and not have my little buddy w/ me. . .I was able to relax and enjoy hanging out with the gals--a nice little break for mama and a great opportunity for daddy/dot bonding time. :)
Abby is now big enough to get on her rocking horse and rock back and forth all on her own. She will rock and say "wee, wee, wee". She is also a trick rider and often stands on the back of the horse. I keep trying to capture a pic but never get the camera out quick enough. She seriously loves climbing and has NO fear!!Today all the kids/grandkids headed to Oly to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad. My parents both said this is the last time they will ask us all to get together for Mother's or Father's Day as they realize we have our own families and will probably want to do our own things too. While it's fun to all get together it will be fun to start some new traditions with my little fam.

We had brownies and ice cream for dessert after an "indoor style" BBQ. Sophia enjoyed the dessert BEFORE eating dinner and ended up w/ some chocolate on her face and hair--what cares!?!?! :)Abby has totally learned how to say "baby" and knows what a "baby" is so whenever we see one now in the store she will point and say "baby". Here she is saying it to Little Don. I am still using LD to prepare Abigail for what is to come in her near future. :) I think she is getting more and more used to the idea that Mama is sometimes going to be holding another baby.Of course, my mother had to get a family pic of the fam since we were all together. With this many people it is hard to get a great shot of everyone and let me tell you--it is quite chaotic!!! I'm sure we won't be doing another family shot til after Baby Dubs is born. (Baby #2-named that by Cousin Sophia for the "W" in Wyckoff-too cute) It was a nice Father's Day weekend. . .and the celebrating isn't stopping here--The Wyckoff family plans on doing a little day trip to Snoqualmie Falls w/ lunch or dinner at Salish to celebrate with just our little fam next weekend. I love you Dad and I love you Zach--Happy Father's Day to you both.

Monday, June 13, 2011

17 weeks

I just had my 17 week check up today and everything is great! Baby's heartbeat is in the 150's and I'm measuring right on track. I've gained 6 pounds total so far since my first appointment. I'm getting really excited to find out what I am having and to have an addition to our family. I have to admit that while I was feeling so horrible I was not the most positive thinker but now I'm definitely in the stage of thinking being pregnant is pretty cute and fun. I do find that I miss my wine more this time and even beer sounds good which is making me think BOY. hee hee I don't crave sweets like I did with Abby but I do love salads w/ ranch dressing, sandwiches (which I always love) and crispy crust pizza. . .okay so I kinda crave sweets--I guess I did have a package of powder donets on Friday, 2 doughnuts from Safeway on Saturday and a scone on Sunday. . .love me some pastries still!! :) Every morning I have an English muffin w/ peanut butter and I usually end my day with the same thing. I did read that too many nuts can cause asthma--praying that doesn't happen cuz I'm not going to stop eating them--they are my staple. I did the same thing with Abby and so far she seems okay. . .my next doctor appointment is on July 11th when we get to find out what the sex is--I can't wait!! AND, for some reason I've been telling people my due date is Nov. 22 but really it is Nov. 20--blame it on pregnancy brain. :) Leah, here is a tummy pic just for you. . .I promise to start taking more now that he or she has really popped out there.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My sweet, sweet Abigail. . .

Zach took these pics last night when he was giving her a bath and I think they are too cute not to share. Abby loves bath time, especially now that we have introduced bubbles to her. We kinda got a little too many this time but we shower her off so she doesn't get irritated from all the soap. She is so silly and just wants to eat them! What am I going to do when I need to wash her mouth out if she actually likes the taste?? (ha--like I would ever do that!)
A mouth full of teeth and a bubbly goatee (how the heck do you spell that word anyway??)

Someone wanted to be sitting right on Mama's lap when I was holding Baby Don. I tried to have her sit next to me but she wanted that spot so we did it. What a silly cornball. I just love her little smile in this pic. . .by the end of this year this is really what my life will look like--SCARY! but exciting.Abigail just wanting to check her cousin out. . .I think she is going to enjoy being a big sister and Baby Don is giving her good practice already. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A 5th Birthday & The Zoo!

Last weekend we visited Olympia on Sunday to celebrate Sophia's 5th Birthday!!! We also had a mass dedicated to my dad since he will be going into surgery for his prostate cancer later this month. It was quite comical having the grandkids at church--thankfully there was lots of space to let them roam while mass was going on. . .Abby kept wanting to get into the Holy Water Pool though. hee hee As usual, Sophia, Griffin and Abigail were VERY excited to see each other. . .here we are walking into church. Abby loves her cousins, aunts, uncles and Grammy and Boppa.Abby really enjoyed herself at the party with all the kids. Here she is on her first date. . .this is Lincoln and they shared a plate of food--sooo cute. :)Some of the fam sittin back and watching the chaos of a 5th birthday party. . .Like father, like son--I mean, these guys are pretty much spitting images of each other. Can't wait to see Baby Don today!! He's getting so big. His Daddy LOVES him soooo much and has a hard time sharing him with anyone--I can't blame him. :)This weekend since we finally got sunshine Zach and I decided we needed to take Abigail to the Woodland Park Zoo! It was a great day in the sun with my little family. We started with lunch at Wallingford Pizza--YUM. We even got to sit outside. Z and I definitely miss all of our fave restaurants in the city. Here is Abby lookin ever so cute in the morning before we left. I just want to squeeze her so much when she's in her cute little jammies.Love this pic of my babes. Abigail LOVED the penguins. . .I think partially because she really enjoys water and because she got to get sooo close to them. Here she is trying to touch the penguin. Every time they came close like this Abby would giggle. Too cute. It was really hard to get her to leave this exhibit and it was our first stop so we still had so much to see. :)Abby and I at the gorilla exhibit. . .well this is of course just a statue but we did get to see quite a few of real ones all just loungin with their feet up. It was so cute. Abby also really liked seeing these guys.

Today we head to Oly again to watch Sophia's first dance recital. We are soooo excited to see everyone and to see Sophes dance. We know she is going to look beautiful and have a wonderful performance!