Sunday, September 27, 2009

A wedding at Gas Works. . .

Zach and I went to a wedding at Gas Works Park yesterday for his friends Tanya & Marco. It was a beautiful venue facing out to downtown Seattle. It turned out to be a perfect day--not too hot and not too cold. The reception was at The Canal near the Ballard Locks. The dress I am wearing I bought a month ago and kept trying it on to make sure it still fit since it is not a maternity dress. . .thank Goodness Abby didn't grow any more than she has or I would have been looking at option B for my outfit--which was pants and Z definitely wanted me to wear a dress. :) I had a few sips of champagne w/ the toasts-it was so yummy, I can't wait to have another sip (or two or three or four) to celebrate Abigail's arrival. I've already told Zach that there better be Vueve and my mom's real champagne glasses in the birthing suite after she is born. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Colbie Caillat

You know how Kora gets the hook-ups w/ her work. . .well this time she let mom and I join her. It was a private showing at Star 101.5 w/ Colbie Caillat. It was so awesome. We had lunch and then got to listen to her sing about 4 songs. It was a very intimate setting and we were in the 2nd row. She has such a great voice and is so sweet. . .she talked to the crowd and answered questions as well. Mom almost didn't make it into the pic cuz she's so small. hee hee

When the show was over everyone got to take pics with Colbie by row. I shook her hand and she touched my belly--it was so sweet.Thanks Kora for letting us tag along and thanks to your rep as well. (I'm not even going to try and spell her name) :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new couch

One of our big projects since we moved in has been our basement. It originally had fake wood floors--YUCK , a horrible paint job and disgusting lighting. Zach quickly replaced the two light fixtures w/ canned lighting--thanks Charlie for your electrical help, we had beautiful carpet that is eco friendly installed (made w/ corn and plastic bottles I believe), we ripped off the nasty fireplace mantel and painted the glass doors--(hoping to add a gas fireplace and new mantel sometime this fall so we can be nice and cozy this winter when Abby arrives), we painted the walls and Zach's Dad put in new trim/baseboards that I painted. . .most recently we bought a new couch w/ 2 chaise lounges, one for me and one for Zach. :) I hated our old leather couches because they were really squishy--not good when you have a big baby bump. . .I would never go down there but now I LOVE being down there. The room seems so open and I love imagining a little one crawling around while we are relaxing. You can't see in these pics but there is a big open space that will be great for the kids someday on the end of the room w/ the fireplace. I just hung the wooden flag that was a gift from our wedding--I love it!! I just need to get a few lamps and curtains and we're good to go. The room is a great, cozy family room that is sure to get lots of use in the years to come. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

38 years!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! You both are the best and have shown all of us that true love really does exist. I love you and hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Football Season has begun. . .

Last weekend started off football season 2009. Zach practically wanted to take the week off because he was so excited for the first game of the season. It ended up being a beautiful day and these two silly guys got a little crazy! Zach's friends thought they were brothers. :) I went to the tailgate but skipped the game--it was a looong day. Z and his crew got to the parking lot at 11am for a 7:30pm game! There was no way I could stay that late. . .although I did drive back after the game to get my boys--that was a fun experience, ah to be the sober one. hee heeThe Meno clan was also tailgating just across Montlake so I had to stop and say hello to them too. Sophia, Griff and Amy did the tailgate with us all too. Sophia looked so cute in her Husky gear. I am okay wearing purple to support my husband's team but I won't wear anything that actually says UW or Huskies. :) There were two TV's and Direct TV at the tailgate--it is amazing how pimped out the tailgate parties get. Abby's just poking out there. :)Kyle, Amy, Sophia and Griffin stayed the night with us and hung out most of the day on Sunday. It was really fun. Sophes is just so dang cute--I could have her around all the time. She loves talking about Abby and kisses my tum. . .she is trying to feel her little cousin move in this pic. This week is the Cougar Qwest game. . .Abby and I are excited to cheer on our Cougs. GO COUGS!

New Baby Purchases

So Zach and I finally found an infant car seat we love. It is a Graco Snugride. . .my mom and Amy both have Graco bases so I wanted to make sure I got that as well so Abby can take rides with them too. :) This will also fit on the stroller we want--the Baby Jogger City Mini!! I was able to use my American Express Rewards Points to purchase this so it was free-how great is that?? And this is the crib we decided on--totally different than the two we had the poll with but when we went to Babies R Us we saw this Carters Sleep Haven Single Crib and really liked it. We liked that is was so simple and didn't seem huge. Grandpa wanted to buy it for little Abby so now we have that and just have to put it together. All the reviews on Carters cribs say they are really easy to put together so hopefully we find that to be true. :) Thanks Crampy (that's what Sophia calls my dad) for the crib and mattress!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is what I look at all day. . .

I think Abby is really growing right now which is making my back hurt all the time. . .it's horrible. I just can't imagine getting any bigger and I have 3 months to go. It is going to mean lots of stretching, yoga and warm bean bags on my back. . .I'm about to make a massage appointment that Zach got me for my birthday back in May. I was smart and saved it for when I knew I was going to be bigger and more uncomfortable. . .I think the time has come. :)

Birch Bay 2009

Last weekend Zach and I joined Kristin, Brett, Camden, Hunter, Jamie, Luke, Tom and Terri up at Birch Bay where Brett's mom has a townhouse on the beach--it's beautiful. It was a relaxing weekend with wonderful friends and good food--lots of crab and yummy oysters!! We got lucky with the weather each day which was great so we got to sit outside all day and just soak up the last bit of summer. Here's the crew enjoying the big crab cook out.Hunter played in the paddleboat forever--he had a great time on vacation eating chips and candy. :)Luke w/ the pot of crab--this isn't even all of it. Brett cooking up some magnificent oysters--some people were too scared to eat them but I had three and then I remembered I don't think I am supposed to eat very much shell fish right now. . .I'm still alive and feel fine so I think I'm okay. . .and Abby is too. :)The beautiful sunset and view from the patio--as it gets darker the sky gets even more red--it's amazing. Thanks Brett and Kristin for hosting all of us up at Birch Bay again for another fabulous weekend.