Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sooo big

Seriously--Abby is looking so tall lately, I swear she has taken a major growth spurt. I can't wait for her 9 month appointment to see how tall she is now! She is finally eating a few things. . .sugar free slushed up fruit Popsicles, bananas and today she ate a little applesauce. She did gag big time when I tried to give her avocado so I guess we'll have to try that again a little later. She's also been taking about 2 formula bottles a day and I'm not pumping anymore to sorta help close up this milk station. :) I like that I can give her both formula and breast milk throughout the day and not have to pump anymore from feeling so full--pumping was getting really old! I do have to express every once in awhile in the middle of the night. . .usually on a night when Abby decides to sleep all the way through which always makes me so mad since I am still getting up to relieve some discomfort.Abby's bedroom is literally right next door to the office so she plays in there sometimes while I work. I type a little and then go check on her. . .this is how I found her today. She had rolled over to her bucket-o-toys and started pulling it down on her. Boy she thought she was so funny when I found her--as you can see with her ham ball smile. :) Her mode of transportation lately is rolling and sorta scooting backwards to wherever she wants to go. This girl can roll across an entire room in seconds and be into whatever is in reach. I guess baby proofing is on its way!

Ready for the pic

Abby totally loves getting her picture taken but knows when the camera comes out that a flash is going to go off in her face. I have more pictures of her looking like this than I do of her with her eyes open. It is so cute because she sits there blinking the whole time. She also loves watching herself once I've taken a video--it's hilarious. She just sits there so intently and then smiles or giggles.Ah, finally one with her eyes wide open. Love her little mouth and button nose. Go Cougs!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weeding Sunday

Abby and I decided we would wake up and veg for a little while and then head outside to get some yard work done. I put the Exersaucer on the front porch which is always well shaded--thank Goodness, and Abby played in that while I picked weeds. Zach joined us which made things move much quicker. I'm so glad because it warmed up fast. We are pretty much weed free for now (well in the front yard) so we just need to get to the nursery and buy some flowers to give our yard some "pop". I can't wait!!! Zach also nailed in our house numbers finally so I just need to go take an "after" shot of the house since its been painted. Hopefully this week sometime. Cheers to a great week everyone--I'm so excited to see so much sunshine on the forecast!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the simplest of toys. . .

Who knew that tissue paper would make for such a fun toy? I can't wait til her birthday and Christmas. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leah's Baby Shower

We celebrated my BFFAE's baby shower on Saturday. It was a perfect day with beautiful weather, yummy food and great friends!

Here is the guest of honor opening her gift from Bird who lives in the South where everything is monogrammed! Aren't these the cutest burp cloths ever? Leah won't want Drew puking on these ones. :)Abby and Drew having a little conversation. I'm sure they are going to be great friends!The three pregers girls! Carrie just found out she is having a little boy. Corey is having Baby Girl #2 and we all know Leah is pregs with a baby boy as well. :)My co-host for the party--Lorissa! Thanks Lur for all the yummy apps you brought. Everything was fantastic and I really appreciated your help. Co-hosting parties with you is easy as pie-I like. A few of the decorations. We had a blue/green dot theme. One of my swirls fell down with a big gust of wind but at least the other 4 stayed cuz I couldn't get on the table again to re-hang anything since there was a ton of food setting out on it.Congrats Leah and Mike. You are going to be wonderful parents and I know you are going to love this new journey.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A summer BBQ

The Sousley's invited a few of us over for a Friday night BBQ and it was so nice and laid back. A perfect way to end the week. It seems like we hardly all get together anymore since everyone is so busy with work and family so it was nice that we finally got it on the calendar.
I always think it's funny to try and take pictures of ourselves without the help of anyone--as you can see we get a little cut off since I can't tell what I am taking a pic of. It's so silly but Zach and I always laugh when we do this. :)Hilarious. The Sousley children loved yelling out at us from their bedroom. They also really enjoyed pressing their noses up against the screen. Abby thought they were pretty funny.Leah, Jamie, Molly, Jillian, Justin and Luke lookin all cute on the deck. Notice Leah's pregers tum--hello Drew!Look at these beautiful gals just baskin in the little bit of sunshine we got that afternoon.Gwenners and Billy--I don't know if Billy's her father. . .kidding--these two are spitting images of each other--so adorable. :)Thanks Sousley's for hosting such a fabo BBQ. We really had a nice time and decided we need to do stuff like that more often. We loved it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Lovin

Abby has been in the stage lately where she just really loves to be held and entertained. . .I have to say that while I love snuggling with my babe she is a big girl and mama's arms get sooo tired by the end of the day. I also have a hard time getting anything done lately since she whines when I set her down. I decided I would just have to start working around the house with her attached in the ErgoPack. She LOVES it and will just look around and then fall asleep on me. With this 90 degree weather I tend to get a little hot but we just go stand in front of the fan for a bit then.
Here she is hangin out with Daddy this morning after he got home from a night out with the guys. Of course she woke up when we tried to move her. Little pistol.

and she's asleep. . .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Front Yard photo shoot

A few days ago we were just sittin outside in the shade and I thought Abs looked so cute in our long grass so had to snap a few shots. I think she liked how cool it was during our 90 degree weather.

I love this pose. It reminds me of a commercial my sisters and I used to make fun of--"and I woke up this morning. . ." does it ring a bell with you guys? hee hee

Seriously, look at her muscles. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

VOTE for Abigail

Vote for Abigail! She is entered in a Gerber photo contest and could potentially win money towards her college education--We love that! Please vote every day w/ all your email accounts and send this link to all your friends and family. Wouldn't it just be fun if she ended up being the next face of Gerber? :) okay, so I'm being dramatic--I don't think that is what she'd be but she is a perfect Gerber baby.
Click here to cast your vote

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another great 4th on Vashon

I always have to work at the resort for our big firework show which usually falls on the Thursday or Monday around the 4th. It's a late night so this year we decided to stay the night as opposed to driving all the way back to Woodinville with a baby at 11pm. My parents also stayed so it was fun to see them. The show was absolutely amazing. . .if only the weather was a bit warmer beforehand. We always have yummy food and live music so the whole day is just really festive and fun.
Little Miss Abigail loves to touch her toes and put them in her mouth. It makes her laugh. She had a great time hanging out with Dad and Grammy and Grampy while I worked the gate!Here she is all decked out in her 4th of July t-shirt. I forgot her cute dress on my bed before we got on the road for Vashon. . .I was soo mad but it was too cold to wear anyway. This tee looked so cute as well.The 3rd of July--I love this picture. Abby is just so happy! All the kids loved her and were so cute with her. It was a fun weekend once again! It definitely takes a lot more energy packing with a baby--we had the XTerra packed to the top and we were only gone 3 days!!The whole fam overlooking Puget Sound and Seattle. A great view for fireworks across the water. Our crew does a great little show themselves--thanks Brett and Luke for always being the designated firework picker-outers. . .they are always beautiful!!On the 3rd we were able to meet up with Zach's mom, Mary for dinner at the "Hardware Store" restaurant. It was great to see her and the food was delicious! All in all a great weekend. We came home to the painters prepping the house for paint which is almost done. I will post before and after pictures soon!

Thanks again Jamie and Luke for hosting us all on Vashon and thanks everyone else who came for all the awesome food all weekend. We always love our Vashon trips. :)
Check out the new photo albums to the right for pictures from May and June.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

He made my heart melt. . .

So for the last week or so little Miss Abigail REALLY wants to be entertained and held pretty much ALL day--mama cannot take this! I am worn out by the end of the day trying to keep her happy while also working and doing the day to day housework. Of course, I would love to play with Abs all day if I could but I can't--just isn't possible. She doesn't cry real hard or anything, just has this annoying little whimper/whine that I can handle for a little bit and then I feel bad and have to make her laugh or pick her up. I'd try to have her sit on my lap while I work but she reaches for everything now so that doesn't work either. Today I had a Pilate's class at 6:15pm and was waiting for Zach to get home so I could race out and as I was trying to get dressed Abby was doing the whimper/whine like why do I have to sit here?? I made her a bottle and started to feed it to her and then realized I needed to grab a burp cloth so the milk didn't drain out on my work out clothes and when I went back to feeding her she didn't want anything to do with it. I mean, c'mon--I had the bottle in her mouth for like a second and she seemed into it but it just wasn't going to happen the second time around so I got to pull up my layers of work out clothes and tight sports bra to try and breastfeed the little poop head all while I am irritated because I should be in the car on my way to class and Zach was running late. He gets home and I basically hand off Abigail and run out. As I look back Zach says "Oh looks like someone peed" and I was really confused as I saw Abby's pant legs all wet--realized it wasn't her pee, it was Zach's sweat from working out! Totally gross but oh well. I felt horrible that I was so frustrated and almost skipped class since I was running late but knew I really needed "ME" time badly. I am soooo glad I went. Class was great and when I got home my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter were standing at the top of the stairs waiting for me. Abby was bathed--thank God since she had Z's sweat all over her. :) Zach had dinner cooking and a glass of wine poured, raspberries cleaned and in a bowl for me to nibble on and a Safeway chocolate chunk cookie for me to eat for dessert since he knows they are my weakness right now. On top of that he bought me a Washington Hills BOX of wine to leave in the fridge. That's right--box...don't judge til you try it and seriously--how convenient?!?! Anyways, the babe is asleep and all is good. I am so thankful for my husband. He knows when I need that extra bit of lovin and tonight was one of those nights. As a mom I did have to shed a tear on my way home for letting myself get so aggravated when my daughter is the cutest, happiest most perfect baby anyone could ask for. She's just going through that "clingy" stage right now. I'm sure I'm not the only mom who has felt this way. I did have to go to the Baby Boutique at the hospital and purchase an ErgoBaby Carrier so if Abby does indeed NEED to be held all day I can put her in that in the front, on my hip or in the back and it is so supportive that my body can handle it. It's great--much better than a Bjorn because there is more support so not as much strain on the shoulders. Anyway, I'm rambling but just had to give a shout out to my hubby for being such a great help. Thank you hon. I love you and Abigail to the moon and back and with that I am going to sip on my glass of wine and relax. . .and get to the kitchen clean up tomorrow morning. :) Good night everyone.