Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Cougs!

Someone's ready for the big game today! She looks so serious in this pic--hilarious, I just love her little mouth.Thanks Dave and Carol for the WSU tees!!

No to the bows

I don't know why this picture flipped sideways but it did, sorry. Anyways, here is our little one looking like a total red head w/ a bow in her hair thanks to Grammy. I am not in love w/ bows in Abby's hair but my mother just loves them so when she was watching her she put it in her hair for the day. Silly.

So sleepy. . .

I found Abby this way the other day. . .(it actually scared the crap out of me cuz I thought she was suffocating) but she was fine. She just likes nuzzling her nose in things--like my armpit. :)


After a few days of "Bottle Boot Camp" Abigail remembered that the bottle isn't so bad. Thank Goodness! I had success, Dad had success, Auntie Risa had success and Grammy had success so we are all good. Such a good little girl. :)

Abs looks so cute in this little jumper from Janene who we met for lunch yesterday. Her chunky legs kept popping out of her Baby Legs. heehee

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chunky Monkey

What a great weekend! I love the sunshine. Friday night we had Lorissa over for dinner since we weren't able to celebrate her birthday with her in January. It was really nice catching up with her. . .I feel like I haven't seen that girl in forever! On Saturday we went out to breakfast to one of our favorite spots--Woodinville Cafe, and ran into a gal that was in our birthing classes. Her baby was born on Dec. 10th. . .Abby's due date! :) Abby was all dressed up for the Husky game. . .since the dang Coug's are never on TV. She ended up pooing out this shirt shortly after the pic was taken. Our big girl has officially moved up to size 2 diapers. . .the size ones were basically little g-strings they were so small!!Do you see why she has moved up to the Size 2? Check out the chunk on those little leggers. I just want to squish and kiss them all the time. This cute little elephant tee is from Molly W.--we were going to go to the zoo so I thought it fit that she wore this shirt. It's a 6mo. and totally fits perfect!! We didn't end up going to the zoo though because we had a lovely lunch w/ Great Grandma Joye at Chinook's in Ballard. We even got to see Billy! It was very yummy and fun to visit with GG Joye. We went and walked Green Lake after lunch--it was packed but beautiful. Abby loves being outside and in the car so she was great all day.I have made our little girl a bottle snob though. :( I could just kick myself for letting this happen since she took only a bottle for the first month of life. I didn't think it would be a problem but as the breast feeding got easier and quicker I fed her via bottle less and less and now she likes to have a fit when I try it. She'll thrust her tongue out like get this thing out of my mouth or she'll sorta bite around on it, then gag, then cry--total DRAMA. Sooo, now I get to work on that every day or else Grammy won't watch her and Daddy needs the bottle to be an option as well when I am not around. . .like when I go to Book Club this Thursday. She did take the bottle last night finally so we'll just keep at it and I'm sure she'll be fine. . .then I'll have the fun task of introducing the crib at night to her in her own room. Can't wait for that--NOT. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

3 1/2 months and counting. . .

Is it Jackie-O? No, it's just Abby-O. These are her new sunglasses. . .it just makes me laugh.I love, love, love Abby in jeans. . .maybe its because I love wearing jeans so much. This was a dress originally but I thought it would look cute as a shirt now so I tried it on her and it does!1. I love her smile in this pic and those fat-o-licious cheeks and 2. I love this snuggy outfit from Leah. . .of course by the end of the day she was in a different top because she slobbers all over everything now!! Literally bubbles come frothing out her mouth all the time.So at about 3 1/2 months I can't even believe how much has changed since Abs was first born. I remember thinking "oh my gosh, this is so hard--it's crazy to think we will be doing this again" but now only a few short months later I have to admit I can't wait to do it all over again!! The overwhelming feeling of being soooo tired quickly goes away and the massively overwhelming job of feeding becomes a piece of cake too--well at least for me. A few breakdowns and tears later and things just sorta fell into place. She coos all the time and has really noticed/recognized her hands a lot more. I could just talk to her forever and listen to the sweet sound of her coos and caas. NOW, we have to work on getting Abby to sleep in her crib. . .I am a total sucker and let her sleep w/ us because there is nothing I love more than looking to my left and seeing my husband and my baby sound asleep next to me. . .it melts my heart every time. . .BUT, as much as I love having her near me it's probably time to make her sleep in her own bed and her own room. . .or else there may never be a little brother or sister--HA.

This time last year. . .

It was just the two of us. . .but not for much longer. heehee--how quickly things can change.

Beautiful cousins

Last weekend Abby got to spend the night w/ her cousins at their house for the first time. Amy had a little Valentine's party and then we stayed over. It was so much fun. I know these three (and however many more cousins come along) are going to be great friends for life!!

Before Sophia went to bed Zach and I had to go kiss her good night. We reminded her that we would be sleeping downstairs too and she wanted us to sleep in her room. She became quite the salesperson telling us that her room was not scary at all because of all of her butterflies and princesses and. . .it was really cute--we told her that we would be sleeping in the family room this time so she said ok, but if you get scared you can come sleep in here w/ me. :)

What little, happy cutie-pies! Ris took this pic. . .it's so beautiful.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart's Day!

I was going to make Valentine's cards to send out with some of these pics on them but I have been so busy with work that by the end of the day the last thing I want to do is get on the computer again so here is the V-Day card blog style. :)
I couldn't ask for a cuter Valentine. . .

Marcy got Abby this dress and I've been dying to get her in it for Valentine's Day. What a sweet little girl.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Thanks again Amy and Kyle for hosting such a fun V-Day celebration last night. We loved staying the night with you all!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cute Pics from the weekend

Hmmn, can't tell these two are related. . .Hi chunker monker--she had a fun day watching the games...I'd have her in a Coug tee but I don't have one small enough, they're all for when she is bigger.I love my snugglies.So sleepy. These snugglies are from Grandma Mary, they're so cute.

Grammy Time

So this is what happens when Grammy watches Abigail--she sleeps while Grammy works on her computer and talks on the phone. . .hmmn :) Notice the Abby Cadabby wand in place--she loves that thing. Sophia told the priest at Abby's baptism that she was inside my tummy w/ a wand. So cute.