Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 weeks and she's still a girl! :)

I had my 25 week doc appointment today. I had requested another ultrasound to hopefully get a better shot of our little one since last time there was a question mark about the sex so I got to see her again. Fortunately, Abby is still Abby!! :) We would have been okay if they all of sudden surprised us by saying she's a boy but once you find out the sex, you really get attached to it and the name so it would have been a big adjustment. Doc said everything is looking great, my blood pressure is good, her heartbeat is good, weight gain is good (I've gained 17 lbs total)etc. etc. so my next appointment is in a month and I'll do the glucose test then--hopefully that is good too. Here's a little profile shot of Abs. I don't know how they get these shots because the tech said she is breech right now with her head in one spot, butt/back in another, one leg over here and one arm down there-sounds like she is all contorted--can't be comfortable. It's still early enough that breech isn't a worry because she will most likely move a ton before her due date. Her hand is sorta up to her mouth in this pic but it's hard to tell. I can feel her move all the time and Zach does too--we can even see my stomach move now every once in awhile which is absolutely crazy!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crib Choices--Taking a Poll

These are two cribs that I really like for Abby's room. . .and of course Baby #2's room and possibly #3's if we decide to go there. :) We have an old white changing table that we are re-painting and adding new hardware to so the crib definitely has to be white but we want it to be unisex as well in case we have a boy someday. Give me your vote--which crib do you think is more unisex? I personally love #1 the best but I don't want that to persuade anyone's vote. I like that it looks a little more old fashion where the second one looks like all the cribs out there these days. Try not to look at the decor in the pics--just the cribs. This is just preliminary so who knows--we may find a completely different crib to get in the end. . .but I'm keeping my fingers crossed one of these is chosen. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

24 Weeks

I finally started prenatal yoga and loved it. There were 6 other pregnant gals in class w/ me all at different stages of their pregnancy. I really needed the stretching because my mid back has been starting to ache throughout the day from sitting at my computer so much. . .well and probably because Abby is growing generously. :) After yoga I ran into Redmond Town Center to get some new tanks at Lucy--2 for $30 and they are great because they are so long and not tight so they fit around my expanding tum. I also found two new pairs of yoga pants on sale!! This is a pic of me in my new tank and pants showing off our little girl--she's really popping out there and I have to admit. . .I stare at my stomach all the time, it's just so amazing that there is a human being growing inside me.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Zach and I went to see Harry Potter yesterday at the IMAX so we got these awesome glasses to wear. The pic is pretty bad because it was taken w/ my phone but we thought we looked so funny--like we had scuba gear on. It's kinda crazy because only the previews and the first 10 minutes are 3D so then you get to take them off for the rest of the movie.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They're blood. . .

Those are my sisters alright. . .lookin their best. :) I just got some new pics from Leah's Bach party and this one just made me LOL so I had to post. We played dress up and did a skit which was hilarious. Yah, Kora's outfit is a one piece jumpsuit. Awesome.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Roche Harbor Wedding

This past weekend we got to attend a gorgeous wedding in Roche Harbor for Preben and Nicole-friends of Zach's from Vashon Island. It was amazing--a total Martha Stewart/InStyle Wedding!! I've never seen anything like it except for in magazines. Friday night we had a welcome reception, Saturday was the wedding and reception and Sunday we attended a going away brunch before loading the ferry home. It was a beautiful weekend. The wedding was very personable with Preben & Nicole each reading each other a letter at the ceremony--totally made me cry. :) It was just perfect. . .now they are on their way to Australia for their honeymoon! Congrats to the happy couple. Check out the "Roche Harbor Wedding" link on the side for more beautiful pics.

The gang at the cocktail reception before the real reception.
The view from the end of the dock at Roche Harbor.
Nicole & her Dad as they approach the ceremony.
The table settings--amazing!