Sunday, February 10, 2013

My sweet babes. . .

Holy Moly I am a bad blogger!  I keep telling myself to get on and post but sometimes getting on my computer after working all day is the last thing I want to do and I post on FB so much that I don't want to just do all the same pics. . .but this is my journal, my baby books, our life. . .that I will not remember as well if I don't document so let's just jump into it!
Christmas this year was a blast since Abby was at the age of totally understanding "asking" for presents.  For quite some time leading up to Christmas I kept hearing about the gifts she "needed".  Her top picks were iPad and Big Buzz (Lightyear from Toy Story).  "We" got the iPad as a family gift and she hardly plays with it!  HA. . .I don't mind at all because watching her use her imagination is priceless!!!  As you can see--Ty did not like Santa. . .he did of course stare the cute elf down beforehand.  He LOVES the ladies.  I'm gonna have to teach him that just standing and staring will get awkward someday even if he is cute.  :)
These guys are so cute together!  Don't get me wrong--they have their moments of bugging each other but most of the time I love watching their interactions.  They enjoy chasing each other around the house and giggle the whole time and they dog pile/wrestle with each other and me or Zach and again, giggle all the time. 
Just out for din one night at our fave pizza place in Woody--Station Pizzeria.  They let Abs play with dough--I think she has a crush on one of the pizza chefs. . .she gets all silly and shy around him.  Makes me laugh every time.
 Abs and I have talked a lot about different emotions and the faces that go with them. . .this is her "happy" face!  Oh, and this is Hussey Family Christmas trip to Alderbrook Resort & Spa in one of the cottages. . .LOVE being there during the holidays--so festive!
Ty DID NOT want anything to do with Santa yet again so Big Sis took care of him.  Gosh, I love these guys.
One of our family night outs to Bellevue for Snowflake Lane and dinner.  My fam looks a little "zoned out" in this pic. . .I think everyone was a little overwhelmed by all the entertainment and people!
 Another night at the Pizzeria!  Just hugs and kisses galore.
New Year's Eve this year was perfect!  We hit up Matthew's Winery for a quick wine taste before going out to din and then home to celebrate w/ the Eastcoast.  This is my little Tin Man.
Abs loves doctors and dentists.  I can't even threaten her with "getting hurt so bad she'll have to go to the hospital" because she WANTS to go!  Love that her little sidekick has to be right there checking everything out too. 
So this shot was taken LATE at night after Ty would not settle down and go to bed.  He was on serious CRACK and I just had to give up and let him release some of the energy. He literally ran in circles laughing and shook his head all around.  I don't know what was up. ..but it sure made me laugh.  He seriously thinks he is SOOO funny  all. the. time.  He is always trying to figure out new ways to make us laugh.
Some little 3 year old is totally potty trained. . .she wears her panties all day and puts a diap on for bed time only.  It was a piece of cake this go around. .. we introduced it to her a while ago and she did good but had a few accidents and then only wanted to wear a diaper and I was not in the mood to push it.. .so glad I didn't cuz she "gets it" this go around and is doing great!  Just rolls w/ the unds in her buns!  love it.
With the holidays behind us, we've had time to just hang out on the weekends as a fam and I absolutely love it.  We are so busy during the week that having no real plans on a weekend makes me sooo happy.  We always just go with the flow and it ends up being the best. . .of course makes me hate Sunday nights and Mondays but WOW do I LOVE Saturday mornings!!!!  My little fam just makes me so happy.  Things are getting a little less crazy, the kids are at such fun ages and Zach and I actually are getting some date nights in.  We still have ups and downs, challenges and stresses here and again but all in all we laugh and smile a lot. 
Today we did a little Valentine art project.  I meant to have it be MUCH smaller than this but the paint got a little out of control and I just had to "let it go".  I'm sooo glad I did--I love what Abby (and Ty) produced!
Tonight these two crazy kiddos were super hyper after bath.  Ty is sooo excited that he can now climb on furniture and jump so of course his older sister had to join in.  Just jumpin around buck A naked. . .kids have the life for sure!
I just had to post these squishy buns and thighs.  Ty is my little tank--cracks me up.  He just runs around chest and tum out first all the time!  (all the clothes in the background are clean--thought the kiddos would help me fold them, not so much!)  BTW--will laundry ever end??? (picture deleted)
And this is how the night with my babes ended. . .snuggled up listening to stories.  Well, Abs stayed up and used her chair as a slide for a bit after this but for the most part they both settled down after their naked jumping.  Before Ty goes to bed I always take him over to Abs and Dad to get kisses and Abby always kisses him and rubs his head, then kisses me and rubs my head and makes me rub her head too (and Dad's).  I don't know how the head rubbing started but I think its pretty cute--we have to do it when we drop her off at school too.  :)  I made the mistake of jumping up into Zach's arms one morning and hugged and kissed him good bye for work. . .I think Abby was just trying to give him a handshake or something so now she likes us to do that every morning as well.  HA
There you go--a quick recap of our life these past few months. . .I promise I will try to be better about updating.  Ty is my little mover and Abs is my little talker. . .well I guess they both move and talk although Ty's talking is more cave man style yelling which then irritates his sister cuz it hurts her ears.  He sure does think he's funny though.  Abby talks and talks and talks and everything she says makes me just want to hang out with her more (well most of the time) because she is so smart and has such an imagination and HUGE sense of humor.  Cheers to the month of LOVE--I love you all but most of all I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!