Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woodinville Wine Tasting

Last weekend Zach, Abby and I went wine tasting in Woody with our good friends Mike and Molly. We did the STP with them a few years ago and now have the pleasure of living very close to them! Since I didn't go to Napa a few weekends ago we thought it only necessary to indulge in our neck of the woods and what a perfect day it turned out to be. Abby was sooo good and everyone loved her--in fact one gal wanted to hold her and kiss her--thankfully Zach politely said "I don't think so". :)
The GalsThe guysAbby is enjoying a cork (well for one second until I took it out of her mouth) since she couldn't drink--the lady in the background with the light blue shirt on is the one that wanted to kiss Abs--ummm, I don't think so.My cute husband--I love this pic of him.Mike chillin with Abigail. A few seconds later Molly gave Abs a lesson on how to hold the wine glass by the stem. Seriously, Abby was a perfect angel while we were out. I fed her right before we left which I think was a great choice and I think she just loves being outside and/or where there are people and action. After we were done wine tasting we all came back to our house for dinner. A great day!

Chillin w/ Grandpa Rudy

Zach's dad Rudy built our deck and front porch so has been at our house quite a bit in the past month or so which Abby loves. I stick her in a station for a bit so she can watch her Grandpa work away and vice versa--actually I think Rudy enjoys it even more than Abs. Here they are on the new front porch that just needs to be stained. I absolutely love this picture. They are both just looking at each other so intently. So dang cute.Rudy--thank you so much for all of your hard work and your donation to Abby's college fund. She has the greatest Grandparents ever! We love you and will just have to keep doing new things to the house to ensure you HAVE to come over to visit. :) XOXOXO

Saturday, June 26, 2010

4th of July photo shoot

Last weekend when Abby and I were in Olympia Amy and I had a quick photo shoot with the kids. We got lots of pics of Abigail but by the time Griffin woke up and Sophia decided she would join us she was sorta over taking pictures so the group shots were a little difficult to get. :) Guess that is what happens with kids. The dresses are from Janie & Jack and Griffs cute outfit is from Gymboree--all thanks to Grams and Gramps, again. :)Griff loves his big Sissy and Abby is mesmerized by something on her dress or the bed.I love how Abs is looking at Griff in this pic. She has the cutest profile--just all cheeks with a little button nose.The sweet little girls.Look at this little guy--his nose scrunches up sometimes when he smiles or laughs--it is so adorable.

Mama and her baby girl. . .in another Janie and Jack outfit--seriously, we should buy stock.I'm so cute.

Check out the Kodak gallery for all these fun pics: 4th of July

Pics from my phone. . .

Yeah, we got Abigail's new high chair and LOVE it! It is so tiny and portable AND looks great with our wood floors. She will be able to use it as a booster seat til she's 5 which is awesome. . .it just scoots right up to our table (and of course you take the tray off).We had to try on Abigail's swim suit in preparation of summer. . .well if we ever get one. This is a 12-18 month suit and I'm really glad we didn't go any smaller. There are ruffles on the butt too--soo cute and of course, from my favorite store and Abby's :) Janie and Jack! Thanks Grammy and Grampy. The day we got the high chair--just trying it out. She looks so dang big. I keep telling people its so fun to experience a milestone but it is sad that she is growing up so fast. I can't believe she is almost 8 months old--holy cow!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hmmn, eating solids. . .

kind of. . .Abby still isn't so sure about the taste or texture of solids. It's actually pretty funny. She's so dramatic.

A great weekend!

This weekend was supposed to be Napa but I just didn't feel ready to leave my little one for so long. . .not because I was worried she couldn't handle it--it was me! I knew I would miss her too much.
Here we are on the only half way decent day this weekend out on my parents deck. It is always so beautiful and relaxing sitting out there in the evenings. Abby loved pushing around with Joey's walker--I know a lot of people don't like them because they can be dangerous but I'm getting one, Abby loves it!We got lots of time with the cousins which was so much fun. Here is Griff hanging in the sink while my mom cleans the kitchen. What a cutie!All the cousins. I love this pic because 1. It reminds me of pics of Michelle, Kyle and I and 2. I think it's so cute how Griffin and Abigail are just looking at what Sophia is doing. They love their big sissy and cousin. I had the three kids while Amy went to ballet so I got to dress them--of course that means I am going to put them in outfits I got them. :) They all looked so dang cute. .. I could really see myself being a mother of three. hee hee I'm sure Zach will just tell me to take care of them again when I have that feeling that I need just one more. :)While I had the kids Amy and I switched cars and met at my Mom's work--she always loves showing off her kids and Grandkids. It was actually kind of fun driving the big Cadi and Amy vacuumed my car out while she had it and filled up my tank a bit--I scored! Thanks Amy!hee hee--this pic cracks me up. Since I had all three kids I had to put the two little ones in this stroller just to get to my mom's office. She was laughing when we rolled around the corner. Isn't Amy and Kyle's double stroller cute? I swear I have a picture of myself looking exactly like this--just chunky and hammin it up. Abby is the biggest ham ball and totally knows the camera. She starts to blink her eyes when I get out in anticipation of the flash going off.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad. It was so fun hanging out with you and Mom this weekend. Abigail loved slumber partying at Grammy and Grampy's! I love you.Happy Father's Day Hon. Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to our baby girl. She is so blessed to have you as a Dad and I am so blessed to have you as a husband. We love you so much.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just another cute pic. . .

Abigail is just getting more fun every day. She has quite the personality and seriously must have sore cheeks from smiling and giggling so much. I just love her to death and want to kiss and hug her all day long. I mean, look at this little girl...just pure muscle! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sophia Rose Turns 4

My little God Daughter is getting so old! She turned 4 on May 29th and had a Mermaid themed birthday party with her family to celebrate. Sophia had her mermaid dress on... if you look close there are sequins which definitely give it "mermaid" status! Here she is showing off the present her Mom and Dad got her--her first bike. . .I love that she wanted blue.You can't have a birthday party without a pinata filled with yummy candy. The kids really whacked at this one but in the end had to pull the strings to get the loot to come out.And of course I have to throw in a few pics of my sweet baby girl in her "sailor" style outfit to sorta go with the mermaid/water theme. :) She's doing her favorite thing in this vid--blowing bubbles and making more slobber than I ever thought imaginable.A cute pic of Auntie Ris and Abigail. Ris doesn't get in very many pics these days since she is the family photographer so I thought it a perfect opportunity to spotlight her. :) I mean how cute is this pic? Abs is mesmerized by the ceiling fan. . .I'm telling ya, if you don't have a mobile for your child to look at just install a fan--they can't keep their eyes off of them. Happy Birthday Sweet Sophia. Your Aunt Kim, Uncle Zach and Aaaby, sweet little muffin love you so much!!!

Abigail's fave video

Abby loves watching this video of herself. She giggles every time. Zach doesn't understand the "Hussey gene" of loving to watch themselves immediately after filming and can't believe Abby has picked up this trait already. She 1. loves the camera and smiles whenever I bring it out which is often and 2. loves to look at the picture after I take it or the video clip after I film it. I think its hilarious. Here's our girl just being silly one night.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A trip to Met Market

Yeah, a new Metropolitan Market opened up in Kirkland so Zach, Abby and I had to venture out for a visit today since it is our fave grocery store. The Eastside doesn't have any Met Markets so we were really excited to hear they were opening up in Houghton. It is a small store so not as fun as West Seattle or Lower QA but still better than nothing. I love their flowers and their deli--a great place for lunch or dinner!! Abby was a big girl and got to sit in the grocery cart. . .she loved it.

A weekend w/ the cousins

Last weekend Zach went on a bike ride in Bremerton so Abby and I drove to Tenino to have a slumber party with Grammy, Grampy and Sophia and Griffin. Kyle and Amy were at Alderbrook celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary--can you believe its been 6 years??? Time flies. Anyways, Saturday was so beautiful out so my mom, dad and I sat outside on the driveway so the kids could play in the sunshine and get some Vitamin D. Grampy wanted to fix the training wheels on Sophia's new bike so Sophes and Griff decided to help. It was so dang cute. My mom and I wanted to run to the outlet stores in Centralia so we packed up Griff and Abs and Sophes stayed back with Gramps. By the time we got done shopping it was 8pm so we had to race to get the kids fed and in bed. I got Abs in the bath while G & S ate. Abs was done, dressed and on couch w/ Gramps. Bath #2-Griff, done and hand off to Grams. Bath #3-Sophes, she got to play while I fed Abs and got her down then Sophes got out and got in jammies, brushed teeth and in bed for story and prayers. She was out. Last but not least--Griff had to be put to bed. He wanted to be cuddled and every time he got close to falling asleep on me he would bounce awake so I finally just put him in bed which he did not like so we had to let him cry it out for a bit. Went back in about 10 minutes later and picked him up and he immediately fell asleep. Phew--kids in bed so glass of wine for Auntie/mom. :) Grams and I were laughing about it all but hey, it was a great system.

Here are the big cousins loving on Abigail. Sophia drew Abs a picture and sat and stared at the clock before we got there because she was so excited for us to show up.This is how the weekend ended. Abby was pooped out after such an eventful slumber party. We had so much fun and the kids were great. . .even if it did take a little extra time to get Griff to sleep. :) Once we got him settled (at 10:15pm) he ended up sleeping til 6am which was great!

Deck Update

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted. My laptop got a virus and is with my IT manager so I've now become accustomed to using our home computer. .. which is probably better for this type of stuff anyway but gah I hate change and everything on this computer is different so its taken some getting used to.
Here are a few pics of the deck. It is so beautiful. We will get caps for the posts and of course it will be stained but already it is so fun to just stare at. Abigail is going to have the biggest play pen ever pretty soon.