Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Snow Day in Woodinville...

. . .or should I say "A snow day in Cottage Lake" because apparently once you left our neighborhood it was a completely different story according to Zach. I thought I better get Abs out in this pretty white stuff before it melted. I'm kind of the ghetto mom with no snow clothes for my child except her nice coat from Daddy. She has no boots and no waterproof clothes and no sled. . .oh well, she did just fine in her leg warmers and Pumas and the tray worked perfect for a dry spot to sit.We ventured next door to Carol's (check out her blog---it's a fun one!) so we could play in the snow with Shasta and boy what fun it was!She snapped all these beautiful pictures for us. I love what buddies Abby and Shasta are. It's so cute. Check out all the pics--the bright, beautiful ones in the link are from Carol and the few others are mine. SNOW DAY 2.24.2011

I think snow days are one of my most favorite things. . .I could just sit and stare at it all day long!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the latest and greatest...

My little 15 month old. . .well not so little--75th % for height-seriously, all upper body though as she wears 2T tops but is still in 12mo. pants, HA, 60th % for weight and a whopping 98th% for head. . .we've got a brainiac on our hands! Her new favorite thing to do is ride in her wagon, sides off and standing! She is popping at least 4 new teeth which means SLOBBER, SLOBBER, SLOBBER. I literally wrang out her t-shirt today and it was gross. I love her teeth though and OMG--Aunt Amy got her an Oral-B Style toothbrush so finally she allows us to brush her teeth and LOVES it. I am so happy that her plaque is finally gone. Here are lots of my fave pics of the week.

The new fave thing to do. . .

Notice the wet t-shirt. . .Valentine's Day--since she wore her V-Day shirt the night before on her date w/ Daddy this was her outfit. She is not happy in this pic--she's looking for Shasta and wants to go play with her soooo badly. uurgh, this pic reminds me I have molding painting that still needs to get done. . .house improvements are never done. Now we are getting ready to re-do bathrooms! I swear, we'll end up being in this house til the kids go to high school. . .Lovin on her bear. Abs is so cute and will put her head on something and go "aaaaahhhhh". She dives into her blankie and does that when she is tired. So cute. On V-Day, Bear-Bear got the love. :)The big windstorm on Sunday! We drove down this road literally an hour, maybe less, looking for parking and when we went back to get coffee we found this! No roots-poor dead tree. Abby LOVED the wind. She also loves the Ergo Pack and so do I. It's so easy. You should see Abs get excited when she sees me getting it strapped on--it's hilarious.No rain and fairly nice winter weather means Abby wants to be outside all. the. time. Oh wait, she'd be outside even if it was raining. I'm tellin ya, we need to move to Vashon just so she can go to the All-Outdoor-Preschool.OMG--look at my babes before bedtime. They're snuggling and looking at pictures of me. :) Kinda looks like the Virgin Mary. . .but I'm not. HALast time we were in Oly again, had to be outside! Sophia reminds me of that comic strip character--the old lady that always had sunglasses and a visor on. SO FUNNY K, that's all folks! Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yeah, it's the weekend!

It's Saturday morning and I just put Abs back down for her morning nap and am about to go get back in bed myself. . .I love that about the weekends--we can veg a little! I really do have laundry and cleaning to do but it's gonna have to wait. It would be awesome if there was a breakfast delivery company because yummy food sounds rull, rull good right now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm very excited for tomorrow evening. . .a night out with a few girlfriends while Dad and daught stay home for date night--I can't wait! Here's a few pics that I love.

Look at this ragamuffin! This is her when she was supposed to be taking an afternoon nap yesterday. All she wanted to do was play and her new favorite game is "throw everything overboard!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Someone's walking. . .kind of. ..

. . .as you can see we have to really motivate Abby to get going as she still prefers crawling to everything. A few steps and then. . .a few more.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Urgh--her first cold!

Abby has had a cold for about a week now. . .just when I thought it was going away she all of a sudden seemed to get worse. :( She of course is still in pretty decent spirits but I just hate all the snot!!! Now Zach is home w/ a cold and I feel like I have a little one too. Usually I can fight a cold off pretty fast so hoping that is the case this time. . .especially since both my babes are down and out.
Here's a shot of Abs before her cold just investigating the pantry once again---Little Miss Bag Lady wouldn't ya say? :)This past Sunday we decided to go to the Fremont Market. It was a fun day but we were not quite expecting it to be so cold--we did a much quicker walk around than originally planned. Abigail loved it--seriously being outside is her favorite thing right now. She actually cried when we put her in the car to go home. I try to get out with her at least once every day while the weather permits. . .I think we both look forward to it.My sweet little sunshine getting a pic from the I-Phone. As I've mentioned before she loves looking at herself and looking at pics on the phone and camera so I did the flip feature on the phone and she could watch herself while we shot the picture-HAM!Finally a little video to show you how Abigail deals with her cold. She usually doesn't whine like this but I guess when you're not feeling good you just want everything to be easy. . .ummm, all I could do was laugh though.