Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A fun weekend

Last weekend we celebrated my Dad's 58th birthday. It was a simple birthday get together with just our family, Janice and my Grandpa and Olita. We were dancing around to Michael Jackson and Sophia wanted to take her shirt off. She's at the stage where she could wear her undies or nothing at all. . .all the time. It's pretty funny. . . She ended up slumber partying with me and woke up the next day at 8am on the dot saying "wake up Kim, the sun is up". It was really cute and an 8am wake up time is pretty normal for me so it was no problem. I'm just glad it wasn't at 6am!! Dad and Sophes blowing out the candles. . .you can't see it in this pic but she is just wearing her undies on the lower half--who needs a skirt when you have princess underwear? Sophia and Marisa marching around the front yard singing "It's A Grand Ol Flag" Ris really enjoys doing this and Sophia found it to be just as fun with her little flag. . .again--undies only! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

15 weeks (17 LNMP)

I had my 15 week or 17 LNMP week (LNMP stands for Last Normal Menstrual Period) check up today. I have gained 4 lbs since my last appointment making that a total of 5 so far which the doc said is pretty normal. The baby's heart beat sounded great and they measured my uterus a few inches below my belly button which is also totally normal so everything is looking good. I'm so excited for my next appointment on July 28th because we will get to find out the sex of the baby!!! I'm feeling better although I still get tired and I feel like this baby can't get any bigger. . .which is horrible because I know he/she is going to grow a lot more in the next 5 1/2 months. I just have that feeling like I have eaten too much all the time which can be pretty uncomfortable. I can't wait to feel the baby move which should start happening in the next few weeks. The only bad part of my appointment today was that I had to get pricked by a needle twice. . .the first time they couldn't get any blood from my vein so then they had to go to the other arm. It was not my favorite thing in the whole world as I hate shots so won't look while their taking blood. Since I don't look I didn't know what was going on and kept thinking "holy cow, how much blood are they getting today" only to find out not one drop had entered the vile. The girl said she was so sorry and I just told her it was okay, it is just making me tougher . . .that I used to cry every time I had to get a shot, even in college so I figure now that I am having a baby I need to quit being such a baby! I still kinda wanted to cry though. :)

Here's my belly a week ago.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I can't believe it. . .

. . .Just Joey is graduating from high school tomorrow!!! I still can't believe it. I told Zach the other day that he wasn't ever supposed to grow up and get big--he was supposed to stay this way forever!Notice my awesome eyebrows!! Wasn't he just a cutie???
This is a fashion show he was in with me when I was in high school--so weird that he is older than me in this picture now.

But he did grow up and get bigger. ..and now he's a handsome young man ready to take on the world. . .well maybe not totally ready but gettin there. :)
Joey Hussey Graduates! Joey Hussey Graduates! (He won't get this but I know my friends will. hee hee) Boy how time flies, it seems like not long ago my mom and dad were sitting us all down to the table to tell us they were having another baby--so weird and kinda sad. . .my little baby brother isn't so little anymore (still a baby though) :)
Set your goals and dreams high, work hard at everything you do and never give up. This next step in life is challenging but so fun and so rewarding--enjoy it all! I love you Joe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A House Divided. . .

. . .Makes for a baby divided. Poor little baby is going to be confused right from the get go. My parents got us these adorable sweater and hat sets and I bought the bib while Christmas shopping two years ago--HA! I knew then Zach and I were in it for the long haul so I couldn't pass it up. The high chair everything is setting on was my dad's. He got it from my Grandpa's house and cleaned it up as best he could so we can use it for our family. When my sisters and brothers and I were young we used to sit in it out at my Grandma and Grandpa's so it will be fun to have my babies use it too.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Leah's Shower

We celebrated Leah's wedding shower this past weekend. Most people wore green and/or wrote an Irish blessing with their gift to honor the fact that Leah and Mike met on St. Patrick's Day at the Owl N Thistle. It made for a very festive evening. Leah's dad even stayed and enjoyed the evening with the ladies--too cute. :)

Ashley made the rehearsal bouqet--it was beautiful! A shot of the crew while Leah was opening presents--we had a full house! The two hostesses and the guest of honor. A pic of the food--in the background you can see a few tables set up on our deck--it was really cute. I'm so excited for you Leah--what a fun and festive time in your life. Enjoy every moment. Love you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sophia's 3rd Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Sophia's 3rd Birthday! I still can't believe she is three years old. It was a beautiful day for her party so we were able to play outside. She got a swingset and this cute little clubhouse from her mom and dad. My mom and I primarily put the house together. . .with a little help from my Dad at the end. :) I was so proud that I actually read directions and got something built.I think this picture is so sweet. Sophes had just taken a bath and had no nap so was really getting sleepy. Usually she is trying to be silly in all her pics so it was nice to get a calm shot. :)Baby Brother Griff smiling at Aunt Kora. He decided to have a major barf-o-rama on me right before I left. The puke got in my hair, on my neck, down my shirt, down my bra and all over my boobs. It was quite disgusting but all I could do was laugh because there was just so much puke!!Sophia being silly in a pic as I mentioned earlier. She always likes to strike weird poses for pictures these days--I guess part of being 3. She had a Cinderella Blue Castle cake so that is what is all over her hands and face. Happy Birthday sweet girl!