Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Miss Abigail

My little almost 3 year old is out of the tantrum stage--thank God! and into complete adorable stage!  She talks and talks and talks and the things that come out of her mouth crack me up.  She loves to cook, bake or pretend to do both.  Here we are making donuts. . .
 and here we are making pita pizzas--she was so excited to make these tonight because Cailou makes pizzas with Jeffrey and Jason on an episode. . .of course, she always has to cook and taste test.  This was a pizza she got to do whatever she wanted to as we were done with the ones we were going to eat.  :)
 She realized that adding water to the rice was even more fun than just playing with the rice.  Only problem--water and rice = major yuk if not cleaned up and thrown away each day.  She always acts like she is making Ty food.  She just loves her brother--I really hope it stays that way, they are such buds!  He's been teething and was crying the other evening and she just kept saying "its okay Ty, its okay" and then when she was in bed and he was crying she told me to go take care of him.  Bless her little heart.

 Here's my goofball that thinks she is hilarious All. The. Time!  Even when she is getting in trouble she laughs!  Tonight she got total church laugh and couldn't stop. . .deep down it was cracking me up but I had to remain fairly emotionless so that she would start to calm down for bed.  I do love that she already has such a huge sense of humor.
 And my little girl prefers to be naked or almost naked most of the time.  Last week she got to spend quite a few days at Grammy & Grampys (which she absolutely loves) and it was warm enough (well kinda warm enough) for a "bath" outside.  Grammy filled the pool with lots of buckets of warm water and my little sweetheart decided she wanted to go inside for a bath as soon as Grammy was done filling the pool.  Thanks for all the hard work Grammy-welcome to my world!
 While we were in Olympia Marisa's neighborhood had a community garage sale so we decided to head over for a visit because Abby really wanted to see Ris's dog, Lady and follow Grandpa wherever he was going.  She also enjoyed riding on Cousin Don's bike. . .kinda thinking we need to get one of these things!
 For some reason putting on Mom's shoes is the thing to do.  I don't know how she doesn't twist an ankle when she does this.  She thinks she is so cute and funny.
 One last shot of my chef with a big smile.  She was so proud of her pizzas tonight.  I had a lunch appointment with a client today so I had our babysitter, Elliotte, come over to watch the kiddos.  I kept telling Abby ahead of time that Elliotte was coming over to play and she said "and Mommy too" and I just didn't really say anything in return.  Finally I told her I would be going to work for just a bit and she said in an exasperated tone--"okay"  I was worried there was going to be a breakdown when I left but she came out of the room and acted shy at first (for like 5 seconds) and then ran back and yelled "Elliotte" cuz she wanted her to play with her.  She then came out to the kitchen where I was doing a few last minute things and said "mommy go to work"--okay then, I'm outta here!  :)  It made me so happy.  She's just so dang cute lately.  She's soooo excited for another preschool summer camp next week.  It will be an art series.  She can't wait to see her teachers and friends.  She says their names and told me she wanted to go to preschool today so I think she is missing it.  She is also going to get a big surprise (well I told her today but I don't think she tuned in) that her cousins, Griffin and Sophia will be slumber partying with us this Friday!  I can't wait-I love when they are all together.
I love you sweet girl.  Thanks for being such a silly, happy, loving girl.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 months already? Are you kidding me?

I still can't believe my little guy is 8 months old today!  He is so cute, squishy and lovable.  He adores his sister so much.  I love watching them together.  At 8 months old Ty is eating solids. . .I have to admit, I am not the greatest w/ this milestone. . .I hate how messy baby food is and that I have to be the one to feed it to him so he's kind of gone straight to solids.  He loves french fries and honey nut Cheerios.  I do really need to start introducing more "healthy" options for him.  :)  He has also mastered crawling and sitting up on his own.  With Abby I would prop pillows all around her to get her to learn to sit up on her own.  Ty--another story, I tried that a few times but every time he would go forward and then end up on his tummy so I just quit trying.  One day I looked down and he was just sitting up on his own like he had been doing it forever.  We haven't looked back since.  :) I love that he can sit and crawl now--he keeps himself so entertained all over the house, pushing toys and going after them.  Abby and I always giggle when we see him crawling down the hall to find us because he looks so tiny.  He is so strong and is already trying to pull himself up to standing. 
 Abby has had a lot going on lately too--Her preschool offers 4 summer school weeks so we've decided to enroll her in them and she is loving it!  She goes Mon-Thurs 9am-noon and gets to eat lunch with the other kids.  She got to pick out a lunch pail (Toy Story) and a water bottle (Cars).  It is just so cute picking her up and seeing her eating with all of the other little ones.  She seems like such a big girl now--its crazy!

 This green dress is becoming her favorite thing to wear.  When I ask what she wants to put on for clothes today she always says her "green dress".  Hey, at least it is cute!  :)
 Once again, we all celebrated the 3rd and 4th of July at Alderbrook Resort & Spa.  Abby was soooo excited to see her cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandpa, Grandma and of course the fireworks. . .as you can see though she fell asleep mid way through the show!  :(  She was beat.  All she talks about now is fireworks and "Grammas cottage" cuz my parents stayed in a cottage at Alderbrook.  We will be doing it again next summer and I can't wait!
 Daddy is working on getting Ty to love the water as much as his sister.  He dunked him in the pool but Ty did NOT like it at all.  You can't tell by this picture but boy was he mad at his dad just minutes earlier.  We are trying to toughen this guy up. . .he is a little softy compared to his sis.  :)
 Our little crawler finding some fries to munch on!  hee hee, love it.
 Finally we are getting warm weather which meant we needed a pool for the backyard. . .the backyard that is in the process of being landscaped!  I am so excited for it to be done which should be this week.  It is going to be awesome to be able to play back there.  When Zach and I moved in to this house the backyard was a marsh covered in HUGE trees--major difference now.

 Our deck is so huge we have lots of room for the little ones to play and they can't escape!  Ty REALLY wants to play with his sister all. the. time!  Usually she is okay with it but there are times she gets annoyed with him trying to pull her hair and eat her legs.  :)
 This particular day Abby kept bringing toys out to the deck.  I swear we had all the toys from inside out there by days end.  Our cute little cowgirl. . .of course shirtless cuz that's how she rolls lately!
 This is today--Ty's birthday!  He crawled back to Abby's room while I was changing her diaper.  He always wants to be a part of the action.  It is so cute hearing his hands slap on the hardwood floor as he ventures around the house from room to room.  I honestly can't believe I have an almost 1 year old and an almost 3 year old.  Life has definitely settled down a little and my hormones aren't all crazy so heck I'm ready for #3!  Hee hee. . .well, maybe not quite ready.  :)
 Happy 8 month birthday happy boy!