Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She's a talker

Abby is really enjoying the Jump N Go toy. She is entertained in it for quite some time which is great for me. Perfect for when we are making dinner and now I've moved my computer out to the table right by it so we have our stations right next to each other. :) This video clip just makes me smile--such a ham!

She did it!

So quite some time ago my mom and dad watched Abby while Z and I went on a date w/o child and my mother claims she rolled over. . .we never saw it so aren't sure if she assisted in that roll over or what. . .it was like over a month ago if not longer! Anyways, Abby has rolled for us on her own now finally. She doesn't do it all the time but I'm sure within the next couple of weeks it will become an old trick. :) At the end of the video she kinda has a spell--must have been something really mesmerizing outside. hee hee

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful weather means. . .

. . .we get to take Abby on walks! She loves being outside in the fresh air. This morning we ventured out on the Tolt Pipeline trail. It isn't paved so I put her in the front pack and met up with Daddy (he was on a jog) and then he finished our walk w/ us. We got to see lots of horses. It was a beautiful way to start the day.Last Monday ( I think) we got some nice weather so I took Abs on a walk on the Burke Gilman Trail. We start in downtown Woody and end at Willows Lodge--about an hour walk which is perfect. Abby usually falls asleep which is great because she isn't much of a napper these days.A picture we sent to Daddy while we were on the walk.And she is out! I really enjoy going on these walks w/ Abby because it is quiet, pretty and allows me some time to think and say my prayers for the day. . .nothin like being outside when its sunny in Seattle! It's the best.

My babies

Oh hey Mom. . .we love you. :) Aren't they so cute?

The mystery of the Milk Thistle. . .

So we've had this Milk Thistle supplement in our kitchen for months. . .MONTHS. . .and I just thought it was something Zach bought along with all the other supplements he takes. I wondered. . .hmmn, what did he get that for? Well, I finally moved all his supplements to the cupboard above the counter because it was starting to take over our kitchen. Zach was looking for something and so we both ventured out to the kitchen to look together and he asked what the Milk Thistle was all about. . .I said, "You bought that--it's from GNC, I don't go to GNC." He claims he didn't buy it. .. even though the safety seal was broken exactly like all his other vitamin bottles. Sooo, since Zach claims he didn't buy the Milk Thistle and I know I didn't buy it, we have no idea where it came from or why we have it. It does say it helps liver health--I think both our livers are in good shape so I just have no clue. If anyone needs Milk Thistle, let us know--we've got some! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gosh, she makes me happy!

Sooo Big! Abby loves when Auntie Kora plays "Patty Cake" and "So big" with her--she just lights up when she hears anyone start the Patty Cake nursery rhyme. . .it's so cute. Getting ready for bed. . .Abby just loves having books read to her. She totally looks at the pages. . .I think someday she'll be starting her own Book Club!! Can she have a bigger grin on her face? I love this picture. . .how can it not make you smile? :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Bumbo!

Okay, so I love this thing. . .Abby on the other hand is learning to love it. :) As normal, she lasts in it about 10-15 minutes just like every other station aside from the swing--she can be in that longer because she usually falls asleep. Anyways, I love it because it lets her sit up without having to lean her against something and because she looks so dang cute in it. I know you aren't supposed to have it on an elevated surface but Zach and I were both in the room with her when she was up on our bed so we had a close eye on her. Thanks Mom and Dad for this fun gift!Notice the bib--I usually have to put her in a bib before bedtime so she doesn't get her jammies all wet. This cute "A" bib is a gift from Mary Beth and Don Meno--we love it!!

Gosh, my baby is so dang cute! Zach and I just love to look at her and giggle because she has such a personality already. She's actually already a little drama queen fake crying and coughing to get our attention--once she has our attention she is miraculously happy as a clam. She loves when Dad walks in the room and starts talking. She totally turns her head and gets the biggest smile ever. It's really cute.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Griffin Turns One!

Happy Birthday Griffin!

On Saturday Abby, Zach and I ventured to Tenino to the Hussey Corral to celebrate Griff's first birthday. It was a western showdown for sure with everyone in their cowboy/cowgirl attire and fried chicken and fixins to eat. It was a great day with the fam and I can't believe my little nephew is one. The day he was born was the day we told our family about our little bundle of joy--we announced that we would have a little playmate for Griff in about 8 to 9 months. :) How time flies.

Look at those big, beautiful eyes. . . Our babe in her cowgirl shirt from Miss Maureen, it had a ruffle around the butt--Thanks Mo! :) So this was supposed to have more people in the pic but we don't know where they went so it looks like a family pic w/ Kyle, Sophes and I. We thought that was kinda funny. :) Isn't Kyle and Amy's property beautiful?!?! and doesn't Kyle look like a real cowboy? hee hee K, hmmn--I didn't know this picture was being taken. Sure, Richie is gone helping a friend move so you try to steal my husband. . .I see how it is. Hmmn This looks more like it. . .although it looks like Zach and I had a roll in the hay with my hair all disheveled. :) Janice made these shirts for a dance they went to last year and I thought it would be really fun to have everyone wear Griff's first cowboy hat. It's just so funny. Oh hi Gramps and Baby Girl--such a cute picture! The peanut gallery who sat in this corner drinking beers all day--they do look quite cute in their plaid shirts. Oh, there's Griff's hat again. HA, I think it fits Zach perfectly! Three of the Hussey sisters. . .Michelle had to work so was missed. :( Giddy Up! Griff on Papa Dan's lap for a bunkin bronco ride on his birthday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snuggly Day

Abby was so cute and snuggly all day today. She's into taking little cat naps lately instead of one or two big, long naps. . .I admit, I really enjoyed those long naps but with a baby as cute and fun as Abby I can't help but also love the awake times when she is giggling and cooing. It just makes everything better. . .I mean, how can you have a bad day when there is something (someone) so innocent and perfect just waiting for you to talk to her and smile at her?

Here she is taking one of those cat naps on our bed while I was getting dressed.Just snuggling on dad after he got home from work. She likes nawing on her fingers right now. . .I think its so cute that she is just gazing up at him like "gah Dad, I love you so much". I let her stay in her snuggies all day today--why not? It was her birthday and it was dark and dreary out all day!
Amy and Kyle loaned us this jumpy toy to see if Abby likes it. . .so far she is interested in it for about 10-15 minutes and she hasn't quite figured out how to actually jump around in it. I tried to teach her how to do it--which she liked but when I would stop, so would she. :) I guess its one new station for her to hang out in during the day for a little while. I think she'll learn to like it even more as she continues to get stronger. I just want her to sit up and not against things anymore because she is starting to lose her hair in the back and it makes me so sad. I know it will grow back again but I was so excited she hadn't lost it and now she is. :( The top is still rull long though. hee hee

Our Big 5 Month Old

Okay, I almost didn't post this video because I am a HUGE dork in it but hey, it makes my daughter laugh which in turn makes me laugh. Our big girl turned 5 months old today. . .I can't even believe it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

March photos

Check out more pics from March at the link to the right.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Abby's first Easter! The Easter Bunny brought her her first purse. Check out the size of those cheeks! Wow.We had a wonderful Easter dinner w/ Jamie, Luke and Rudy. Abs loved hanging out with all her visitors. Dinner was sooo good. Pork Tenderloin, green bean casserole, salad, butter rolls and garlic mashed potatoes. We all had so much to eat that we couldn't even think about dessert.Here's Abby's Easter basket. She was very excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought her. Abs is all dressed up in this cute little dress from Bird and Avery. It's a 12-18 month and we definitely didn't want it any smaller! It looked so cute on her w/ her chunky legs. It was a beautiful day and a great weekend. Thanks again Mom and Dad for watching Abs last night. Thanks Jamie and Luke for bringing the flowers, wine and tenderloin. Lastly, thanks Rudy for the beautiful flowers as well. I love how the house looks like spring with all my tulips!

1 year ago today. . .

. . .I became Mrs. Wyckoff! I can't believe a year has gone by since that special day. . .What an eventful year. Zach and I celebrated our anniversary with an overnight at the Alexis Hotel while my mom and dad stayed at our house w/ Abby. It was our first overnight away from Abigail. She did great! We definitely missed our little one but it was so good to have a night out just the two of us. Here's to year #2 together. I love you Hon.