Monday, November 30, 2009

Best Cousins

We had a little photo shoot w/ the cousins in their new Christmas PJ's from Grammy and Crampy. They looked so cute and snuggly.Griff looks hilarious in this pic. . .it's like he's saying "Merry "F"ing Christmas" with a big smirk on his face. Sophia and Abigail--too precious.Santa Abby--Uncle Richie bought a little outfit for Abby and it came w/ this Santa hat--looked so cute on her w/ her big ol cheeks. :)

Apple Cup Weekend

Since I thought I was going to be massively pregnant for Apple Cup this year I decided being at the game would be too much for me so I gave my ticket to Kyle. Instead of being pregers, I actually had a 3 week old to take care of. It would have been fun to tailgate with her but it was windy and cold so better for us to just stay tucked in at home w/ the big screen. Amy and the kids came over and we had a fun weekend rooting for the Cougs. :)
Abs was really into the game. . .she's probably dreaming that the Cougs actually scored a touchdown.Sophia was so cute with Abby. She calls her Baby Abby and always says shes so cute and she's getting so big. The only Coug gear that fit Abs right now. Cute socks from Molly W.--thanks Molls and Go Cougs!Sophia and Griffin in their Apple Cup gear. . .Griff has on a House Divided T-Shirt over his Husky gear and usually if Sophia's dad is around, she'd be wearing Husky gear too but it was just the gals and we were cheering for the Cougs so finally some representation. . .even though the game was horrible. :(

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So much to be thankful for. . .

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already. . .I never thought we'd be celebrating this holiday with our little one but boy how quickly life can change. I am so thankful our beautiful Abigail decided to join us early and is doing so well. I am also so thankful for my wonderful husband and family who have helped and supported us so much this year. . .I'm really a blessed individual.
Grammy bought this new outfil for Abs and she loved it--it was so snuggly. Look how big she's getting!Uncle Richie loved little Abs as well and wanted to take her home with him. They snuck a little nap in after the big turkey dinner. So cute.Abby's Thanksgiving Day outfit--she had to wear a dress for a little while. Aunt Kora got it for her and never thought she'd be wearing it for Thanksgiving. The tights she had on earlier looked like leggings because they were a little big. Too funny.Real partier already--she is a little narco like her mother. :)I had to include this pic. I always make the Apple Pie for Thanksgiving but always have trouble with the crust. This year I finally got it to roll out without any cracks or breaks and it looked beautiful. . .it tasted as yummy as it looked. This is the pie before it went into the oven.Now we get to decorate for Christmas--I can't wait, especially since we didn't really decorate last year since we were moving. I can't believe a year has already gone by in this house. It seems like such a different home than when we first moved in.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big outing

Yesterday Abby went with me for a pretty big outing. I had to go to the dentist last minute to figure out why my tooth was aching so badly. Fortunately, the dentist is my uncle and my aunt and cousin both work there so they were able to watch Abs for me while I was getting checked out. They were very excited to see Abby even though they were sad I was there for a tooth ache. Ends up that I need a root canal--my 3rd one!! All on my front teeth from my little accident years and years ago. . .note to self--don't let your daughter jump on people's backs, they could drop her!! After the dentist we went shopping for Dad's birthday present and for a sweater/tights for Abby's Thanksgiving dress. We had success for all and Abby was wonderful. I put her in the Bjorne since our stroller wasn't here yet and she did great. Tomorrow will be another big trip to Olympia for Turkey Day with the family and a sleep over at Aunt Kora's--we're very excited!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Here are a few shots of Abs with her eyes open. . .she has been staying awake much more lately which is fun to watch. . .except when it's the middle of the night. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

An outfit from Leah. . .

Abs and I had a lactation appointment today so we got her all dressed up in the little outfit from Leah. The appointment went really well, and the lady that was working with us was someone I knew from Pilates!! It was good to see someone from the gym since its been so long since I've been there. . .can't wait to get back! Anyways, Sue thinks Abigail is doing everything correctly, that she just needs to get a little bigger still and she'll have it down. . .so I'll keep practicing with her and soon we should have full on success. Abby is up to 7lbs. 3.9oz. and is actually eating much more than she really needs to so it is okay if we offer a little less --the last thing we had heard was that if we felt like she wanted more bottle then ad a 1/2 an ounce at a time so we did until she hit 4oz--the charts show that she only needs 2 1/2 oz. at her size. I was so glad to hear that because there are times when she only eats 2 1/2 oz. and I was worried she wasn't getting enough food--now I know she is. . .I just wanted to make sure she kept getting bigger but now that she is, we're all good. Our little chunk-o-monk-HA!

We got a fun surprise tonight--Amy and the kids stopped by on the way home from the dentist. It was fun to see them for a bit. . .wish we lived closer so we could do it more often. Can't wait til Thanksgiving when we get to see everyone--Abs will wear her first dress!! What a big girl. :) I think we are going to hit Bell Square tomorrow--should be quite an adventure.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Days & Nights mixed up

This is our little one when Mom and Dad want to go to bed. . .Just wide awake and checking everything out. She did this in utero as well and the docs say that premies are usually pretty content at least until their due date because they sorta act like they are in the womb still. . .crazy!And this is our little one during the day. . ."uhh, could someone dim the lights in here, I'm trying to get some sleep." hmmn

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Abby's Stats at 12 days

Abby had her real 1st doc appointment today to get her statistics. We dressed her up in the snuggy outfit Leah sent home with Lorissa and she loved it--it was so cozy. She looked like a little snow bunny. :)Her stats:

Length--19 1/2 inches--she's grown a 1/2 an inch since her birthday! 25th percentile (you have to remember she is a premie so these stats are for babies that have gone to full term)
Weight--6 lbs. 9 oz.--2 oz. bigger than her birth weight!! 7th percentile :) The doc and Mom and Dad were so happy to hear that she had grown so much. I knew she did because she felt and looked bigger to me every time I would change her.
Head--13 1/2 in. 20th percentile
All in all the doctor is very impressed with our little one. Said she does not seem like a premie at all. . .in fact she said she is a pretty perfect baby--we tend to agree. :)
This pic cracks me up because she is looking at me like she wants to say "What you talkin about Willis?"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our big girl

Abby is getting so big--her umbilical cord fell off yesterday so we gave her a little bath in the bucket so she was all clean for when Auntie Kora came over. We probably could have given her a bath before the cord fell off but I wasn't sure so I waited. She did okay but it's hard to give a bath to a baby because you don't want the water too cold or too hot and you have to be careful she doesn't slip. Abby did love the sound of the running water which I kept going to add some heat in the air.After the bath Abs is all clean and wide awake all snuggled in the softest blanket ever courtesy of Claudia, Nick's mom. When her eyes are open she always has this look on her face like she is really trying to figure everything out. . .and I guess she is. :)Kora took these next few pics w/ her phone so they're a little hazy. Abby actually has her eyes open which is why Kora captured the pic. I think Abby is going to be a night owl because she always opens her eyes later in the evening. This is Abby pre-opening eyes. . .all snuggled up in that blanket just hangin with Auntie Kora. I think Kora held her for her entire nap which Abs loves. Notice in the background--Me, also sound asleep. . .so I'm not the greatest hostest right now. :) I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Sorry Kora.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Bloggin w/ my baby

I'm just sitting in bed with the breast pump attached to me and my baby laying next to my side wide awake just staring. I think this is the longest stretch of time she's gone with her eyes open. . .I love it when she just stares and looks around like "what is all this stuff and how did I get here?" My mom and dad left today--boy that was difficult. My mom was here all week helping out around the house and it was sooooo great. I know Zach and I will be fine on our own but this past week with all of her help was so wonderful, I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was really hard to say good bye. . .all these hormones. . .man, I just cry all the time--usually because I keep staring at Abby thinking to myself--She's so perfect, she's just so perfect.

Here she is in her "I"ve got Daddy wrapped around my fingers" tee. . .It's true too--she totally does!This weekend my family came up to visit and we went dress shopping with Kora. Abigail's first outing besides a trip to the doc. Sophia had us all trying on tiara's. . .even Abs.The cousins meeting Abigail for the first time (well Sophia got to meet her in the hospital but she was scared to do anything since she was wearing her swine flu face mask) I was bawling--it was so cute!!

Our precious baby--look at those cheeks. . .see what I mean? So perfect!So this will be our first week alone as a family. We'll do fine--even though I'm exhausted and hormonal I couldn't be happier. (and by the way--Abby is fast asleep again. . .and I'm on my way and it's only 8:15pm) Good night everyone.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our little one. . .

This first week w/ our new baby has been amazing. Both Zach and I just want to hold her and stare at her all the time. She is absolutely perfect.
Abigail had lots of visitors yesterday--Marisa, Joe, Janice and Aunt Linda. . .so we thought we would give her a little sponge bath. She didn't get in the water but we wiped up under her chin etc. so she was all clean and milk free. She looks so snuggly in her new Husky towel.But this is what she really thought about being all wrapped up in Husky gear. :) hee hee Zach told me to delete this pic but I was laughing so hard when I heard that she was leaving a little treat.Our little snuggle bunny all swaddled up--this is in the middle of the night. I just got done feeding her and was pumping so wanted her to stay warm. At night we do skin to skin to help her maintain her body HEAT (oops, I originally put weight)--very important w/ a premie. . .and fun for mom and dad--who doesn't want to snuggle w/ their little one all night???This is the skin on skin I was talking about. I cacoon her into my shirt and we cover up with blankets and fall fast asleep in seconds. I love looking down at her while she is sleeping.I'll try to keep posting new pics. We take new ones every day. Today Abigail visits her pediatrician for the first time. We can't wait to meet her. When in the hospital we met 2 other doctors from the same practice and the both seemed so nice. Right now Abs is bundled up on the ottoman looking out the window and getting her vitamin D. . .she's a little jondice so we're hoping that helps. I keep telling everyone that "everything is so great" and it is--this has been the best week ever. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Christmas Miracle comes early!

So Thursday night's stormy weather blew in a surprise for Zach and me!!! About 3:30am on Friday morning I woke up thinking I had dribbled in my pants. . .it took me til about 7am to be convinced that I was not dribbling--that my amniotic fluid was actually leaking. We went to the hospital to get checked out and low and behold my water had broken and I needed to get moving w/ my labor before it was too late and infection started. (I really shouldn't have waited so long to call the hospital--oops). Nurse and Doc checked me and I was 3 centimeters dilated and they were going to start Pitocin but weren't convinced baby was head down so we had to have an ultrasound and of course little Abs was breech--c-section on its way for 12:30pm!! Apparently I was having small contractions but I never felt one. I think God knew I couldn't handle that much pain so he arranged things this way. :)
Abigail Kristine Wyckoff arrived on Nov. 6, 2009 at 1:10pm--5 weeks early, holy cow! Weighing in at 6lbs. 7oz. and 19in. long. . .had she gone full term she could have been tipping the scales at close to 9lbs. WOW!In the operating room. Everything went very smoothly. I was scared to death but Zach was such a wonderful support person to have next to me and the docs were absolutely amazing!Our little angel w/ Dr. Stemmerman right after being pulled out of my tum. I got to watch through a plastic window--unbelievably amazing. I think Abigail is saying "Hello World--hear me roar!!" :) Love that pic.The happy family of three. . .a little tired but oh so happy.Of course the fam came up to visit and with the swine flu scare everyone has to be screened before coming in. Children aren't even supposed to be allowed unless it is a sibling but we snuck Sophes in and she had to wear this mask. She was awesome. The first time she saw Abs was through the window of our hospital room because we were on the ground floor. Amy walked her around and we held Abs up close to window so they could say hi to each other. It was really cute.A precious moment. . .Abby laying w/ Dad saying her prayers. Thank you God for blessing me w/ such wonderful parents. :)Fast forward to Sunday and here we are. . .on our way home. Abby did have to be monitored in the nursery right after birth since she was so early but everything checked out and docs and nurses couldn't believe how advanced and big she was for being so young. . .and I amazingly am a milk producing machine so was able to give her lots of colostrum which then led to milk even before I left the hospital. Today I pumped and just got 3 1/2 oz. I'm so fortunate.This is the best dang pic ever. I took it this morning after feeding. . .she is soooo happy. We all are soooo happy. I seriously keep saying I can't believe we have our baby and I am so happy, I could just burst. I will download all the pics onto Kodak Gallery and get added to my blog shortly.

Monday, November 2, 2009

This weekend. . .

Kora and Nick came home from their trip to Mexico where Nick popped the question and Kora of course said YES! Congratulations Kora and Nick. Looks like they are planning a summer or fall 2010 wedding--I can't wait, finally a wedding I won't be pregnant at!! I wonder if Amy will be though--HA (she was pregs at Marisa's wedding and mine so who knows. . .)Zach and his Dad went on a hike in the Olympic Mountains so he was gone all day on Sunday. They got lucky w/ beautiful weather!! While they were hiking I decided to. . . . . .work on Abigail's room. I FINALLY did a bunch of her laundry, hung the pic over her bed and the shelf over her changing table. The changing table is still not done so I can't show you that yet but here's a little glimpse into her room. I am hoping to hang a little mobile or something from the ceiling in the corner but haven't found the perfect item.Terri Pitts painted these blocks and gave me the Raggedy Anne Doll--it is perfect for my shelf. I absolutely love it!All the laundry (minus a few things I hung in the closet already). I love everything everyone has gotten me and can't wait to play dress up with Abs. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of our little lady so you all can see her in your fabulous finds. (The clothes are in the bed because the dresser isn't quite done yet--this week for sure!)