Monday, January 26, 2009

New Furniture

Underhills is closing most of its stores so Zach and I took advantage of the huge sale! We bought a bedroom set, a coffee table, end table, dining room set and entertainment stand. We love it all and couldn't beat the prices. Underhills has beautiful furniture if anyone is furniture shopping. :)

Look at our huge A bed!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saying good-bye to more trees

Sorry this video is sideways. . .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What we came home to. . .

This is what was happening at our house while we were on vacation. The crew will be back this week to do the backyard and clean up. I will be measuring the windows immediatly so we can get blinds!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whistler Visitor. . .

I've been in Whistler since Tuesday evening. Everyone skiis or boards and I work during the day then meet up for the nightly festivities. It's been very fun and beautiful. Last night some of us girls decided to stay in and watch movies. We went to bed, one gal on the couch. . .non eventful. . .until about 5:30 in the morning when we realized some strange guy was passed out in front of our fireplace a few feet from the gal on the couch. Luckily the guys were back so we weren't scared and we could tell the guy was drunk beyond belief. I guess we left our sliding glass door unlocked and he was mesmorized by our warm fire. We tried to ask questions of where he was staying etc. but he just couldn't remember so Marv let him stay in our condo. He slept out there with him to make sure nothing crazy happened. We woke up this morning and he barely remembers anything but luckily did remember that his hotel is above a liquor store in the village. He didn't have a cell phone so we hope he found his way back. We thought about calling the police last night but felt bad for the guy and could tell that he was harmless. He was really thankful. . .all he wanted to do today was snowboard. Poor little 22 year old UW SAE. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

More changes. . .

This weekend was spent mostly painting and making numerous trips to Home Depot. Friday night Zach painted the ceiling in the basement. We woke up, went to Home Depot to get supplies and came home to paint the walls only to find out we also needed a second coat on the ceiling. We got to work and by 4:30 or so we were all done and very proud of how awesome everything turned out! It was my first painting job and I have to say I was quite impressed with my skills. :) I absolutely love the color we chose. . .Ralph Lauren--Cottonwood, not too dark but not too light. I also painted the fireplace doors black--the gold just had to go. We still want to do some more updating of the fireplace with a new mantel and update on the brick but this is a start. Another big accomplishment--we came to an agreement on carpet so we should get that installed in 2-3 weeks. Once that is in we will get new moldings and window coverings and should be close to done with our soon-to-be cozy family room. I'm so excited.

Notice the concrete, the red stuff is the old floor padding. Zach ripped this up in about a 1/2 hour--sweat was dripping off his forehead!

The fireplace before I painted it and before we took the blower off--it's an eye sore and we will never use it!

The fireplace in phase one of it's remodel--doors with new paint

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Woodinville House

The move happened. . .FINALLY! We were scheduled to move on the 27th but due to snow got postponed a day. Our neighborhood in Woodinville had/has quite a bit of snow so it made moving very difficult. My poor car even got stuck at the bottom of the hill for a few days. . .and just when we think its over--its snowing again!!! Anyways, we are in the house now and getting settled. We've already started a few reno's. Zach installed a new shower head, kitchen sink faucet and he and his cousin Charlie installed canned lighting in our basement. The basement is our first big project. In addition to the lights we are going to paint, add a wood stove insert, reface the fireplace and add carpet, new molding and window coverings. We are very excited for all the changes. Next will be cutting of lots of trees on our property for safety and cleanliness--we have pineneedles everywhere and its driving me nuts.

Zach working on the install

The new faucet--I wish I took a pic of the old one, it was horrible!

The old lighting in the basement, there were two of these, one at each end. One didn't even work and as you can see the lighting was still dark and dungen like.

The new canned lighting, softer already. We have them on dimmers as well so we can make them as bright or as dim as we want. The fireplace will look totally different in a few weeks. . .hopefully. :) We also will need to patch up the ceiling--obviously!

Christmas 2008

So, I know its well past Christmas but I'm just getting around to downloading my pics from the day. I had tons more but thought this one was funny. Zach being the "new guy" got positioned in the "garbage corner" so every time we opened a gift we threw our paper towards him. :) hee hee, it was pretty fun. He was a great sport. Happy New Year everyone.