Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My kiddos and their milestones. . .

My bigga-boy finally had his 2 month check up today. We were supposed to have it last week but w/ the big storm we had to reschedule. He is doing great and gave the nurse and doc lots of smiles. . .already trying to win over the girls' hearts. :) He is 24 1/4 in. tall (95th%), 12 lbs 10 oz. (65-70th%) and head circumference 15 1/2 in (60th%). His height is primarily his upper body since both Z and I are pretty long wasted w/ short legs--HA and his head is much smaller than his sisters. Abs got Daddy's head and Ty got mine. :) I am anxious to see if Ty resembles me more than Abby as he gets bigger--we'll see! He is so dang cute with all his smiling--I just love it.

Abby got a new big girl bed and has slept in it 3 nights in a row. I am so excited to get the crib all set up in Ty's room so we can finally put his bedding out and have it look like a real nursery. We ordered a rocking chair from the Land of Nod forever ago and it is being delivered tomorrow so the whole room is really going to come together. I can't wait. Ty seemed to like his sister's bed too!Speaking of sis, she experienced her first sledding ride last week as well as her first snow angel. It is so fun to see the excitement in a child's eye about something new. Abby can definitely get excited for things. Zach told her she would be going on an airplane ride soon for our trip to Hawaii and she wanted to put her boots on and get in Mama's truck to go right now. She doesn't know what it means to have to wait for something. :) She is going to have so much fun in Hawaii with her cousins and Gramma and Grampa--we all can't wait. A much needed vacation for sure since I didn't really take maternity leave.
Here is Abigail in her new bed with all of her stuffies. I don't have a comforter because she refuses to cover up with anything so its a bottom sheet only. Once we get the crib out of her room I'll get her toys and books more organized--I CANNOT wait for that. . .I like organization. :) The last few nights Abs has wanted me to sleep with her so its been a struggle getting her to understand that its her bed and mama has her own bed. . .cuz I don't want to get in the habit of always have to lay with her til she falls asleep. Transitions are always difficult for about a week and then it always seems to get better--hope that's true with this too. :)
I know I say this all the time but I can't believe how fast time flies. I can't believe my baby girl is in a big girl bed and that my little guy is 2 months old--Life is definitely crazy but I wouldn't change a thing. . .okay--I lie, I would change one thing. . .I'd be a stay at home mom MINUS the full time work from home part. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A snowy 2 month birthday

To warn you--there are a lot of pictures because I just couldn't limit myself. There were so many cute ones! This pic got deleted and I couldn't put it in the same spot it was originally but I just had to share still.On Sunday our little "buddy" turned 2 months old! I can't even believe that it's been 2 months since he was born. . .time goes so fast and babies are what really help us see that. Ty is getting so chunky. I just want to squeeze his little leggers every time I change him. ..which is pretty much all day long! We go thru so many diapers at the Wyckoff home. Ty's toots are so loud that I always think he has blown out his diaper but so far he is a pretty clean little pooper. . .unlike his sis who blew out her diaper and clothes all. the. time! :) Ty loves to smile and is now talking to us quite often. I love his coos and caas. He is a very easy going little guy most of the time. The only time he seems to get upset is in his carseat at times. I have to really time when we put him in it because if he gets upset in the car, it is very hard to soothe him and it makes for a very joyous car ride--NOT!At first Ty just wanted to be snuggled and held but we have gotten him a little used to the swing--thank goodness! He will sit in that for a while and even sometimes falls asleep in it. His favorite spot is still in mama or daddy's arms though. :) Speaking of sleep, Ty is starting to sleep thru the night--last night he slept from midnight to 9:30am. . .wow!! I was definitely ready for him to wake up so I could feed him, yikes!I think Ty looks like such a little boy, not baby, in this picture. He is so strong and will already stand and push off of us when we are holding him.Abigail is seriously the best big sister we could have asked for. She is so nurturing already! She loves to hold Ty and is always checking on his where abouts. She'll say "Hi Ty, Ty. . .Hi Buddy" I guess she hears me say that quite often. :)Going out to eat has gotten a little easier now that we have the Kindle Fire. It keeps Abby pretty entertained most of the time which is nice since Zach and I like to dine out here and again. Abby also loves to sing and dance--this restaurant had a little band playing and she kept trying to sing her ABC's louder than their music. It was hilarious.Abby also LOVES to cook/bake w/ us. She is very in to cracking eggs so we make an egg every morning and its a MUST that both she and I put our aprons on. She is Grammy's Grandaughter for sure. :)Ahh, our little man again looking ever so old. There are times when I think he looks so much like Zach and other times when I think he is definitely a mix of both of us. His head is longer and skinnier than his sister's but they both got the shorter legs and longer torsos much like both their parent's have. HAAs I mentioned earlier, Ty loves to smile at us. He is just really starting to enjoy his activity mat, as you can see! Last night he smiled and had a full on convo with Daddy for the longest time--it is so cute to watch. I just wish I knew what those two boys were saying to each other. . .their little secrets and special bonding time though. :)

We got Ty snow for his 2 month birthday which was so much fun. It's dumping again right now so it looks like we'll be nestled at home for a few days! Abby had her first go at trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue. She LOVED the snow and stayed out in it much longer than I thought she would. . .maybe because we had such a great snow outfit for her courtesy of Sophia's hand me down closet. :) Thanks Sophes.

Abby's first snowman. . .just a little guy--perfect for Mr. Potato Head's hat!Ty didn't seem quite as excited as his sister about the snow. HA The Wyckoff Family on Snowed-In Sunday. . .what a fun day for us all! Happy 2 Month Birthday Buddy. We have Ty's 2 month check up on Thursday and I can't wait to hear how he's grown.