Sunday, April 8, 2012

Griffin turns 3!

Yesterday we took a trip to Tenino to celebrate cousin Griffin's 3rd birthday! What a beautiful day for a drive and a birthday party. We actually got to play outside even though it was still a bit chilly. . .hey, in Washington we'll take what we can get and if that means bundling up so we can soak up the Vitamin D, then we will!

Abby and Griffin are only about 7 months apart so when they are together they look like little twins and they LOVE each other sooo much. Griffin is a "workin man" all the time hence the hard hat--gosh, even workin on his birthday--no breaks for him! :)
Abby loved playing with her cousins toys and being able to run around outside--she zonked in the car on the way home.Daddy helped get the kite up in the air!Since Abby started preschool she won't stop jumping so how much fun was it that Griffin and Sophia had a trampoline?!?!?! Here she is jumping with Lincoln. I love that her ponies are flying up in the air!Now here are just some cute pics of my beautiful family that I couldn't resist sharing. The kids LOVE their daddy and of course Dad is pretty smitten with his babes. :)

My happy baby boy, always smiling!Abby is reading bedtime stories to her little brother. . .they are so dang cute together!


Marisa said...

It was such a fun day!

Kora said...

Love the pics of Abby and Ty. Totally bummed that we missed the party.