Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend I had a baby shower to go to on Saturday so Zach and Abby had a fun day in downtown Seattle going to Ivars and the Aquarium. They both love their one on one time together. Even though I missed Abs it felt so nice being able to go to a shower that I wasn't hosting and not have my little buddy w/ me. . .I was able to relax and enjoy hanging out with the gals--a nice little break for mama and a great opportunity for daddy/dot bonding time. :)
Abby is now big enough to get on her rocking horse and rock back and forth all on her own. She will rock and say "wee, wee, wee". She is also a trick rider and often stands on the back of the horse. I keep trying to capture a pic but never get the camera out quick enough. She seriously loves climbing and has NO fear!!Today all the kids/grandkids headed to Oly to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad. My parents both said this is the last time they will ask us all to get together for Mother's or Father's Day as they realize we have our own families and will probably want to do our own things too. While it's fun to all get together it will be fun to start some new traditions with my little fam.

We had brownies and ice cream for dessert after an "indoor style" BBQ. Sophia enjoyed the dessert BEFORE eating dinner and ended up w/ some chocolate on her face and hair--what cares!?!?! :)Abby has totally learned how to say "baby" and knows what a "baby" is so whenever we see one now in the store she will point and say "baby". Here she is saying it to Little Don. I am still using LD to prepare Abigail for what is to come in her near future. :) I think she is getting more and more used to the idea that Mama is sometimes going to be holding another baby.Of course, my mother had to get a family pic of the fam since we were all together. With this many people it is hard to get a great shot of everyone and let me tell you--it is quite chaotic!!! I'm sure we won't be doing another family shot til after Baby Dubs is born. (Baby #2-named that by Cousin Sophia for the "W" in Wyckoff-too cute) It was a nice Father's Day weekend. . .and the celebrating isn't stopping here--The Wyckoff family plans on doing a little day trip to Snoqualmie Falls w/ lunch or dinner at Salish to celebrate with just our little fam next weekend. I love you Dad and I love you Zach--Happy Father's Day to you both.


Amy said...

Poor Sophia, too much dessert before a hot dog for dinner (and after a breakfast at the local dive) = Vomit all over the bed... Other than that, SUPER fun day! Abigail is always so cute and your tummy is so cute, Kim!