Sunday, June 5, 2011

A 5th Birthday & The Zoo!

Last weekend we visited Olympia on Sunday to celebrate Sophia's 5th Birthday!!! We also had a mass dedicated to my dad since he will be going into surgery for his prostate cancer later this month. It was quite comical having the grandkids at church--thankfully there was lots of space to let them roam while mass was going on. . .Abby kept wanting to get into the Holy Water Pool though. hee hee As usual, Sophia, Griffin and Abigail were VERY excited to see each other. . .here we are walking into church. Abby loves her cousins, aunts, uncles and Grammy and Boppa.Abby really enjoyed herself at the party with all the kids. Here she is on her first date. . .this is Lincoln and they shared a plate of food--sooo cute. :)Some of the fam sittin back and watching the chaos of a 5th birthday party. . .Like father, like son--I mean, these guys are pretty much spitting images of each other. Can't wait to see Baby Don today!! He's getting so big. His Daddy LOVES him soooo much and has a hard time sharing him with anyone--I can't blame him. :)This weekend since we finally got sunshine Zach and I decided we needed to take Abigail to the Woodland Park Zoo! It was a great day in the sun with my little family. We started with lunch at Wallingford Pizza--YUM. We even got to sit outside. Z and I definitely miss all of our fave restaurants in the city. Here is Abby lookin ever so cute in the morning before we left. I just want to squeeze her so much when she's in her cute little jammies.Love this pic of my babes. Abigail LOVED the penguins. . .I think partially because she really enjoys water and because she got to get sooo close to them. Here she is trying to touch the penguin. Every time they came close like this Abby would giggle. Too cute. It was really hard to get her to leave this exhibit and it was our first stop so we still had so much to see. :)Abby and I at the gorilla exhibit. . .well this is of course just a statue but we did get to see quite a few of real ones all just loungin with their feet up. It was so cute. Abby also really liked seeing these guys.

Today we head to Oly again to watch Sophia's first dance recital. We are soooo excited to see everyone and to see Sophes dance. We know she is going to look beautiful and have a wonderful performance!


Michelle said...

Love seeing you both this weekend. You ( Baby Boy) and her are getting very big.:) Great pics of all the events.

Amy said...

She is so cute in all these pictures. This will be a fun summer for you guys with Abby this age, and while she's still the only little one. We need to get to the zoo - it looks like such a fun day!

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun weekend!! I am glad Abby had so much fun at the Zoo...I think that would be a fun day for the cousins to visit the zoo together!! I love the picture of Zach and Abby....I love you guys....(and Grampy loves you as well)....Grammy