Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks and the Pumpkin Patch

Well I've officially lasted longer than I did w/ my pregnancy w/ Abigail. I'm 36 weeks along and had a check up today. My doctor did a cervical exam to see where I was at and seemed quite shocked at how low Ty's head was. . .I knew he was low because I've been uncomfortable and achey in that area lately and he always feels like he is going to come on out if I walk too fast or too much. She said I was 80-90% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated and that she'd be totally surprised if I went til my scheduled c-section date. With that being said she asked if I would want a VBAC if I went into labor before then. . .up until today I thought I was c-section all the way because it went well w/ Abs and I recovered great etc. etc. . .but all of a sudden I started to change my mind today with the idea that Ty could come early. I've now decided that if I go into labor on my own before Nov. 13th I will have a vaginal birth. . .with an epidural of course and anything else I might need to ease the pain. . .and now I'm actually really excited thinking about it. My next appointment is Nov. 1st. . .if I make it til then. :) We lucked out with nice weather on Sunday for a quick trip to the Pumpkin Patch. . ."quick" being the key word. . .Abby wasn't totally interested which I was surprised about. I thought she'd love touching all the pumpkins but all she wanted to do was be held by me or ride in the wheelbarrow. It was totally muddy there so walking around wasn't the greatest option and Abs really just wanted to walk in the puddles. . .which would have been fine if we had rain boots but all we had were regular ol leather boots. Hey, we got a few cute pics. . .but even then Abs was being a little poop head and wouldn't pose. We tried to get a family pic and she wasn't having any of it. Low and behold, we got in the car and she fell asleep so I guess she was a little tired. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

34+ weeks

Well my 34 week pics were the last I got before Miss Abigail was born so I thought I better get some shots of Little Ty as well. I will actually be 35 weeks on Sunday. I keep thinking he is going to be born then since Abs was but he'll probably go a little longer. I am and have been much more comfortable w/ this pregnancy than I was with Abby but I have to admit that just this week I really started to feel waaaaaay pregers! With Abby I felt it all up high and couldn't breath but with Ty I feel pains low and sometimes feel like he is going to fall out or I am going to pee my pants. :) He is quite the mover but now that he is running out of room, the moving doesn't feel so great!! This last month is going to be interesting since I didn't experience it with Abigail. I actually NEED this last month to finalize things for Ty's arrival. We still have yet to get his room finished. :( I also need to wash up more of his clothes and get the sheets to the bassinet cleaned so we can move that into our room where he will sleep for at least a few months.
I was just looking at pictures of Abigail when she was born and I got all emotional--I'm definitely ready for another baby! My little girl is a stubborn poop head sometimes but gosh I love the heck out of her and can't wait to spread that love to her little brother. It's amazing how much your heart can swell with love for your family--I sometimes feel like mine is going to burst!!
Here are some belly shots Zach took for me last night at 34 weeks. The bottom two are me at 34 weeks w/ Abigail. I definitely think Ty is hanging lower than she was but for the most part the tum looks fairly similar. . .I think. 29 days til the scheduled C-Section--I know that time is going to fly!

I was going to add some pictures of our silly goose but there are sooo many that I love that I thought I'd just link you to my Kodak Gallery. Check out the most recent pics of our 23 month old. . . HERE

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's getting closer and closer. . .

Well I am 32 weeks (almost 33 weeks along)! I can't believe we are getting so close to delivery time. I keep thinking its even closer than it really is since Abigail was born at 35 weeks. . .I don't think Ty is going to come that early although I do have to admit I wouldn't be surprised if he did come a little earlier than the scheduled c-section. My belly is so hard and tight--I think he is really taking up all the space in there and most of the time feels like he is trying to get out!! :) It is sometimes hard to walk as he is sitting fairly low. I had my 32 week check up on Tuesday and Ty's heart rate was in the 140's. My cervix was apparently a little shorter or softer (can't remember which word doc used) than what she would expect but I'm not dilated and she thinks its okay. . .she's not putting me on bed rest, just told me not to take any long walks at the mall. . .ummm, okay?!?!?! So I guess I'll try to take it easy. :)
I thought with all the deck stain drama it would be a perfect opportunity to take a picture on it so you can all see the final product. We finally have a color we can live with. :) Now we just need to add our new outdoor furniture that has been sitting in boxes in the garage for months now! This was taken the day of my appointment at 32 weeks!This was taken the next day. I had to go work a tradeshow so am in some "work" clothes. :) I stood on my feet in heels for 3 1/2 hours straight. . .I was pretty pooped by the end of the day!Sooo, we finally did a few things in Ty's room. . .but not much. :) So funny how different it is with Baby #2. We did get the office furniture moved out and the changing table moved in. We need to paint the molding, put the door back on, put a closet organizer in and decorate. We will add a crib later (when hopefully we move Abby to a toddler bed but who knows--we may just have to get a 2nd crib) and we need to bring in the rocking chair which Abigail loves so I don't want to move it out of her room til we get her a new one. Kind of a lot to do still but I feel good that at least the office furniture is moved. Ty will sleep in the bassinet for 2-3 months in our room so I still have time. :) We even got some of his clothes all washed up!! I'm sooo excited to meet our little guy and still can't believe I'm going to have 2 children very soon. Since we moved the changing table out of Abigail's room, we moved in a new (old) dresser to her room. This has been at my parent's house for years and was at my great grandparent's house before that (I believe). I think it looks really cute in Abby's room.Our little reader. She loves books, books, and more books! Sometimes makes bedtime a little challenging because she wants to keep reading more. :) My next appointment is on Oct. 10th. My 34 week check up, the last appointment I had with Abs. . .hopefully this time I'll have at least one more! :)