Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life w/ the Wyckoffs

This is Abigail's new favorite place to go and play. . .what fun toys. . .and so many!Abby is pretty good about trying new foods. . .here she is having a pickle for the first time. She seemed to really enjoy "licking the pickle". Sophia said that once and we all about died so I couldn't help myself. :)

I love this shot of Abs. As you've probably realized, she really likes looking out the window. I just think the COLD snow outside looks awesome. . .and by the way--we still have snow here since its been so cold. We finally got some melting today.A cute pic of Dad and babe. Abby always tries to type on our computers and is a genius with the remote control. She gets the TV to do things we didn't even know were possible.Over Christmas break we had people over to meet Andrew Yasenak for the first time. I liked this shot since we got 4 different babies and age groups--Abby, Gwen, Anderson and Drew. It was really fun seeing everyone and sorta having a little play date. Abby just loves being around other kids so it was perfect. We signed up for a music class that we'll start going to once a week for the next 10 weeks. I think Abigail is going to love it--I'm so excited.

Just a few random pics I had and wanted to share. Hope everyone's week back after break has been going well.


Carol said...

Love the photo of Abby attacking the contents of the drawer! I think you should frame it and give it to her when she has her first period!

Can you believe this snow and ice that still plagues (ONLY) our neighborhood? I just about crashed into Tom's car!

Marisa said...

Great pics...love that girl!

Amy said...

cute pictures - she needs a log truck to load up the tampons, like Griff! :o) Miss you guys.

Michelle said...

That is a cute picture of all the kids. I remember you taking it. That was such a fun day. Let's hope the snow stayes away for a very long time.